Sooooo, What’s Wrong With Having A Full Figured Barbie?

Ok, so Barbie has been over doing it a bit on the “Twinkies” ever since they started making those snack deserts again. So What! Even I went hog-wild by over doing it on those Coffee Cakes. And yeah, both Barbie and I put on a few extra pounds, and now…yes now, because there’s a debate going on over a Facebook image of her as a “plus size” some people are going bonkers.

So here’s the photo image of what the web site “Worth 1000,” came up with in their makeup of what a plus size Barbie could possibly look like. Should, of course, other toy companies, besides the one that makes Barbie, decide to go along with making plus sized dolls.


Hellooooo baybeeee….this is the Big Bopper callin’……you know what I like…..

So what happens when they suggest that perhaps this might be a great idea? Yep, because she has a thicker waist and thighs, plus a triple chin, some people got all bent outta shape. Including this one overweight woman who stated, “Get rid of the chins! Not all fat folk have multiple chins!”

Except of course those three little pigs who were famous for uttering, “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin…or chins.”

Another woman wrote in, “Ya, the triple chin is too much. Most overweight people, me included, only have a double chin no matter what size they are. This Barbie is inaccurate.”

There was no mention as to if Barbie herself chimed in on all these comments.

And there were other comments as well, like this idiot. “We shouldn’t encourage people to be unhealthy. Maybe we should make a heroin addict Barbie too.”

Hmmm. Well, I personally wouldn’t go as far as that, but perhaps a “hooker” Barbie. You know, just to piss off all those politically correct people. Oh yeah, and a “Ken” (Barbie’s boyfriend)  “pimp” doll to go along with Barbie.


Or this one……

I can see those people reading this saying to themselves, “Misfit, you’re a damn disgusting pervert.” HEY! It’s no worse than that idiot that suggested a heroin Barbie. I’m just showing how ridiculous all this is. Cut me some freakin’ slack here.

But, there were defenders of the idea of a plumper Barbie. N.J. Governor Christie For one.


Oops….WAIT! Hold up production on that Governor Christie doll guys…..

Um, no, he didn’t actually support the idea but it would be nice if he did. He’d at least get the “Weight Watchers” and “Jenny Craig” peoples vote.

A supporter of the idea, (a woman) said, “It’s a great idea. Most American woman, including me, feel bad about their body image, and this is partially due to the media and how some parents teach their own children what to portray as a healthy body image. The original body shape of Barbie, while very beautiful, is so inaccurate to the proportions of the human body it is actually physically impossible to duplicate without surgery.”


Or this one…..

So there ya have it. Both sides of the coin with regard to the pros and cons of this Barbie doll.

I personally support making a Barbie doll that is plus sized. In fact, why not make Barbie dolls in all kinds of shapes. Short, tall, skinny, fat, some with acne and bad hair, and perhaps even wearing removable dentures. Might as well go full-hog when it comes to depicting what everyday normal people look like.

Now if I walked into a “Toys R Us” and came across a Ken doll that was short, balding, bags under his eyes, and hair growing off of his ears, I’d immediately be able to connect with that doll. Considering it might come close to resembling me. So why not go with the plus sized Barbie then for girls that also may be able to connect with it? Makes sense to me.

And you’ve all seen other dolls this past year that project far worse things than being overweight. Like that doll that gets pregnant and has a baby. WTF is with THAT! And you’re gonna complain about a plus sized Barbie for cripes sake!


Um it’s ok Sally, this is REAL life…..not like those disgusting overweight Barbie dolls.

Hey, wait till some doll manufacturer comes out with a freakin’ Viagra  or Cialis doll. You know what the hell THAT doll is gonna have don’t ya! And I’m NOT talkin’ about plump stuff here either. Ya gonna get a rise outta that!

Doesn’t make a difference to me if Barbie is portrayed as plump or skinny. Seems to me that’s the choice of the manufacturers if they want to go that route. Same as it seems to me that, as a parent buying a Barbie or a Ken, or whatever, (like that pregnant doll) it would be up to you to make that decision to buy that doll or not.

Otherwise how does this affect your life? Because you think it’s sending a message to little Sally or Johnny, (yes, some boys are into dolls…even some biggg ones) and they might actually realize that OMG! plump people DO EXIST!

Yes Virginia, there are plump people.


I’m personally waiting for doll manufacturers to come out with old people dolls. I kinda feel slighted that at my age no doll company has made a senior Barbie or Ken doll.


Barbie at 80


Ken at 85

After all, even though little girls grow up to be mature women, they sill might like to have a doll or two around. And maybe a doll that ages with them. Nothing worse than having a Barbie doll around the house that never ages while you’re getting old and she doesn’t. WTF is with THAT! Might offer some comfort to women knowing that damn doll is getting old too.

Which is the main reason that whenever I search those exotic x-rated toy catalog sites for giant inflatable dolls I always look for a senior one which has been approved by AARP.

The satisfaction of having a doll my age that never gets a headache and can relate to all of my aches and pains and know who the hell “The Big Bopper” is, is somewhat comforting.

Besides, it’s more realistic having an old doll to mess around with. And much more believable… least in my demented mind.

Hey “Mattel,” give me a call…I got a great doll idea for ya!doll1

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