WTF! No More Nasty Anonymous #$#!&%$#@! Web Comments!!!!!!


Geez…if I’d have known you were coming I would have baked a cyanide cake

OMG!!! Anonymous has just taken a big hit. You know who anonymous is. We all do.

Let me fill you in if you haven’t met him or her yet.

Anonymous is a person or persons who like to post those vile comments on the Internet in response to news items or comments that some other sane person makes using facts, which as we all know tend to cloud up the issues, and otherwise just spouts off using as much foul language and slurs as they possibly can.  Then signs their name……”anonymous.”

Reality Internet

Reality Internet

Then, for the most part run off to their bathrooms and get themselves off in another way because that’s their mentality. I say that because if you don’t have enough gonads to post a comment using your real name, or facts to support your argument, then obviously you’re bored outta your tree and like to stir up the ol pot (Internet) and when everyone realizes you’re a freakin’ nutcase the only satisfaction you can get is in your bathroom.

Sorry if I offended you anonymous people. But I’m not alone in getting on your case. Now some websites have started taking action by making it mandatory that you sign your real name if you’re going to comment on something.

OMG! My real name!!! Holy crap! Now WTF am I gonna do? EVERYBODY will then know what a damn idiot I am. Um….WAIT! I am an idiot. Oh what the hell, I’ll post my real name and at least get credit for being an idiot.

Which I myself do on many comments that I make. The only difference being is that I DO NOT use any slurs or profanity when making a comment. Unless you consider “WTF” using a profanity.


And sign it anonymous

Nope…the only profanity I use are facts when making a comment. Which tends to piss off those anonymous people. (um…is “piss off” a profanity?)

Hmmmm. Not sure if using profanity on a blog site is considered nasty. Maybe not, considering I’m NOT commenting on someone’s comments and calling them a name. I suppose if I were directly commenting on someone’s comments and commenting on their comments where in turn they commented on my comment using profanity and then signing it anonymous with regard to my comment in response to their comment in which THEY used profanity and slurs, and I did not, then it might be kind of a slippery slope type of determination. As far as making comments using profanity is concerned. (this is sooooo confusing)


Well, just “bear” in mind they don’t know who you are either

Many websites are now employing the use of moderators, people who moderate things, like profanity and hate posts, like those posts by anonymous people, in order to restore civil discourse. It’s even got to the point where some websites are dropping the comments section altogether.

According to an article by the AP one of the most juvenile and grammatically incorrect comments are posted on “YouTube.” So last month YouTube, which is owned by “Google” started requiring people to log into “Google Plus” to write a comment. Which I believe requires using your real honest to goodness name.

You’re probably asking yourselves why now…..why all of a sudden are Internet sites cracking down on these anonymous people making vile comments. Well I’ll tell ya. It’s been all those comments on the “Affordable Care Act,” dubbed “Obamacare” by people who absolutely hate it. Rather than make sensible comments and sign their names, it’s a lot easier to just spew out nasty stuff. But what really takes the ol cake is another thing that pushed the powers that be at various websites to crack down.

Something so innocent and every day as a “Cheerios” commercial. YES….a freakin’ (sorry) Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family eating, OMFG, CHEERIOS! The deprivation of it all! How dare an interracial family eat Cheerios on TV. We all know Cheerios are one color. Damn! Shouldn’t they be eating an interracial cereal like “Lucky Charms” or “Trix.” All them various colors ya know.


Not to mention the slurs against rabbits eating Trix

The comments regarding anonymous responses to that commercial prompted “General Mills,” (not a general in the Army) to shut down their comments section on their site. Is that sad or what? And a lot of people say racism does not exist in America today.

Clue. When you get all bent outta shape over an interracial family eating Cheerios you need your damn head examined.

You may recall this cartoon posted in the “New Yorker Magazine” almost two decades ago as mentioned by the AP. I think this says it all with regard to those anonymous people who feel free to spew their hatred. Excluding the dog in this cartoon. Unless it was towards cats. Then that would be completely understandable.

Anonymous dog

Anonymous dog

Some other sites clamping down. “The Huffington Post,” “AOL,” and many newspapers in their “Letters To The Editor” sections.

In conclusion, to all this inane use of expletives and slurs by anonymous people, it’s about time media outlets and the Internet took action. I’ve always said that if you’re going to make a comment about something you disagree with, be upfront, post your name, and for gawds sake use facts to support your argument. Even though, as I’ve always said, facts tend to cloud up the issue when you’re swearing your ass off.


What a typical anonymous person does in their spare time when not posting nasty comments

Now if someone, anyone, could somehow clamp down on hate e-mails. Especially those I get from my ex wives.

BUT…heh heh, I KNOW who they are even though they sign their names anonymous and use all that #!^#*$#! language.

At which time I usually reply to them….#@^%$##@!#%$# and sign it anonymous too.


Just in case it’s in 3-D

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to WTF! No More Nasty Anonymous #$#!&%$#@! Web Comments!!!!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I like the anonymous commenters who threaten violence, like, “We REAL Americans have had enough of gay people complaining. We are going to cleanse the country of them soon!”

    Why make such a brave statement but not take credit for it?

    The truth is, I think, that the anonymity makes people stupid. In the real world, I am not rude to everyone in part because I would have to see how sad they look when I tell them what i think. On the net, I don’t have to see their faces, and if it turns out my insult was based on a false premise, I can run and hide and act like it was someone else who said it.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m filling out a petition for change of name. “Anonymous Commenter” is going to look great on my driver’s license!

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Hmmm…..Katy Anonymous. I like it.

      Click here for my daily blog.


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