Canada, Ohhhhh Canada…Um, WAIT! It’s, Ohhhhh My Gawd Canada.


Um, d-d-d-do you-h-h-h-ave a h-h-h-horse?

You see that photo of that woman up above. Well, she does NOT have a horse and that whip she’s holding isn’t for swatting pesky insects.

(is it me or does she kind of resemble former “Ronettes” lead singer Ronnie Spector)


Ronnie Spector….minus any whip singing, “Be My Be My Baby”…..for $20 bucks

Either way, if you engage the services of this woman you’ll be singin’ “Oh Canada,” thanking the government for striking down the country’s anti-prostitution law, or perhaps, to go along with the moment, “Whip It” by Devo.

Now show me any red-blooded American, or Canadian guy who’s against legal prostitution and I’ll show you a guy who’s working for the vice squad and enjoys busting prostitutes and their customers so that they can get fined big bucks and their municipalities can rake in the dollars.


Damn pervert….

Otherwise who gives a rats ass if prostitution is legal. Other than crusading woman with pitchforks who always have headaches.

Now think about this seriously for a moment. Prostitution has been around since, and I really hate to mention this again considering I’ve mentioned it two times already this past week, but prostitution has been around since cavemen times and Ron Perlman in “Quest For Fire.”

Sooooo, what are the odds that it’s EVER gonna go away. Zilch! Kinda like the odds that Sarah Palin will ever go away.



So live with it folks. Which is what Canadians have decided to do. Because prostitution isn’t illegal in Canada, just some of the activities associated with prostitution. Like maybe getting your prostitution receipt punched so that you get free parking or something.

So, in Canada they recently struck down the country’s anti-prostitution law which is a victory for sex workers who stepped forward in their fight for safer working conditions following the serial killings of prostitutes by a pig farmer in British Columbia in a story by the AP.

What the fact that this guy was a pig farmer had to do with this story is beyond me. Other than perhaps prostitutes should stay away from pig farmers.


This could be a photo of that perverted pig farmer, but I’m not 100% sure

The laws that were struck down were, keeping a brothel, living on the avails of prostitution and street soliciting.. In essence it struck down the ban on brothels on the grounds that it endangered sex workers by forcing them onto the streets.

Which can be quite dangerous if you’re a prostitute soliciting out in the streets what with huge semis and busses zipping down the road while you’re trying to have sex… the middle of the road I guess. Hence…..soliciting in the streets. You would think that would have read, “soliciting on the sidewalks.” Which is a lot safer. Except for an occasional skateboarder.


Um, after all, tis the season

The Canadian Supreme Court stated that, “A law that prevents street prostitutes from resorting to a safe haven such as “Grandma’s House” while a suspected serial killer prowls the streets, is a law that has lost sight of its purpose.”

“Grandma’s House” is NOT the same grandma’s house as depicted in “Little Red Riding Hood” although it is easy to understand how that could be confusing considering prostitutes generally used red lights to advertise their businesses and Little Red Riding Hood did wear red all of the time.


YES….speaking of prostitutes

In actuality “Grandma’s House” was one of the houses where prostitutes went to do what prostitutes do. Which, I assume is prostitute. Where granny comes into play is beyond me, but, my guess is that some grandma who had a few extra bucks decided to open up a place where prostitutes could conduct their business rather than taking a chance on opening a grandma’s cookie house where business might not be as lucrative.

Not too much demand for cookie houses these days what with Keebler, Nabisco, and hundreds of other cookie manufacturers having the cookie market sewed up. What the hell is a poor cookie making granny gonna do otherwise.


The Keebler elves do not like any competition

The Supreme court also struck down the law that makes living off the avails of prostitution illegal, rejecting the Ontario government’s argument that it is designed “to target the commercialization of prostitution and to promote the values of dignity and equality.”

I guess what they meant by “commercialization of prostitution” was that perhaps they feared it would lead to billboard, newspaper and TV ads.

Like, “Special today at Big Momma’s brothel. Two for one. Rent one hooker for an hour and get the second one free.”

OR…considering that prostitution is legal, giant neon signs atop brothels, “Sadie’s House Of Ill Repute”……Come on in and get in.”


Yes…this is actually a hands on book store for special interest subjects….like “The Study of Hookerism.”

Canada’s take on prostitution will obviously piss off many of the puritans here in America. We’re still freaked out when someone uses the “F” word. Gawd….think of how many more centuries it will take until that’s accepted. Never mind prostitution.

Canada, congrats on seeing the light. Um, not the neon one, but the light, as in the light bulb over your heads that if prostitution has been around for eons, might as well go with the flow and adapt to the fact that it will be here for many more eons. And treat these working woman as human beings and deserving the protection they need from obviously demented individuals. Bravo.


Look at the sign, think about it, and if you think it’s a bus stop, you’re an idiot. 

In conclusion, I’ll end today’s blog with my favorite prostitution story. Just to lighten things up a bit. No charge for this service.

On a cold frigid 20 below zero winter’s night a guy walks up to the front door of a house of ill repute. He knocks and the madam answers.

“Hi, I’d like to come in and spend a few hours with one of your girls.”

“Oh, I’m sorry fella, but all our rooms are completely filled.”

“But I’m willing to pay top dollar just to get in outta the cold and get warmed up with some really hot sex.”

“Look, I just told ya that I have no rooms available.”

“Ok…ok…um, how about up on the roof then?”

“Up on the roof….in the freezing cold?”

“Yeah, if I’m gonna have some hot steaming sex I won’t even notice the cold. In fact, the both of us might even melt the snow.”

“Ok…your call…come on in.”

So the guy and the hooker head up to the roof. Strip down and go at it. A few minutes into torrid sex they both freeze up in an embrace and fall off of the roof and land in a pile of snow at the entrance to the brothel frozen solid.

A few minutes later a drunk comes strolling along, happens to notice the frozen couple in the snow, rushes up to the front door of the brothel, knocks, and the madam answers.

“I’m sorry sir, all our rooms are filled.”

The drunk replies, “NO NO, you don’t (hic) understand, (hic) I just wanna tell ya that (hic) yer sign fell down.”


Ok..Ok….I thought that was a bus stop too. Actually it’s a walk-in mini brothel in Zürich, Switzerland. I guess to catch a quickie and then the bus.

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