End Of An Era. The VW Bus Gets The Deep Six. (sniff)



Yes, sadly, it’s true. The place where many of us were conceived in moments of Volkswagen bus passion is coming to an end. No longer will any future child born be able to list, “Place of Birth” – “Volkswagen bus.”OR….at least, place conceived. (Check the birth records 9 months after “Woodstock” in 1969)

So here are some pics of various Volkswagen busses and some “You know you are a VW bus driver” whenisms.

You know you are a VW bus driver if you are pulled over by a “bike patrol”


A VW bus moment in time…..including Woodstock (happy 44th birthday John)

Speaking of Woodstock…………….


Should we name our first child Victor Woodstock or just call it VW honey?

You know you are a VW bus driver when shifting into 4th gear includes the use of a bungy cord.

No more picking up the classified ads and coming across this one:



Unless it’s a used one like the 1972 VW bus listed above. But, it just won’t be the same. If another “Woodstock Music Festival” comes along there won’t be many VW busses left to get stoned in or produce the next generation. (sob)

You know you are a VW bus driver….You convince your insurance company
that your nose mounted spare tire doubles as an “Air bag”

Volkswagen just announced that it will cease production of the VW bus on December 20th after 56 years. This could have many ramifications. For one, replacing the Popemobile.


May the Schwartz be with you….

Never again enjoying those moments on a back country road while your behind a VW bus with no passing zones for 50 miles.vw5 You know you are a VW bus driver when you let your hair grow long just so you can be an appropriate accessory to your vehicle.

Never again lying back in the grass on a lazy Summer afternoon, gazing up at your VW bus, and thinking to yourself, “Gawd….why is it I’m having images of women with big boobs?”


Damn! There’s either a huge fat woman with big thighs standing on top of me or I’ve been hit by a VW bus.

Yes, there could be other vehicles that could take the place of the VW bus. Regular sized vans or perhaps even the Hummer. But it just won’t be the same. Back in its hey day if you used that old line when referring to the 60’s, “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” I always thought it should have read, “Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and a Volkswagen bus.”


And hamburgers……

You know you are a VW bus driver when your rocking your body back and forth to get the extra speed up a hill!

My very first encounter with a VW bus was the one pictured below. Being rather unique, many radio stations used the VW bus for doing remote broadcasts as well as publicizing the radio station. This one is from Providence, R.I. radio station WICE in the mid 1950’s.


But all good things must come to an end. With the exception of sex, drugs and rock and roll. And hamburgers.

So those of you who still own a VW bus, might wanna hang on to it for old times sake. If only to have your great-grandchildren observe where most of the sex in the 60’s took place. Along with how your parents or grandparents came to be.

“Grandpa, can I ask you a question..um, it’s kinda bugged me all these years.”

“Sure Johnny, what is it?”

“Well, grandma has this tattoo on her back that looks like the letters “VW.” What does that stand for?”

“Um…well son, it was a hot summer afternoon when we were at the Woodstock Festival and we were hoopin’ and hollerin’ and’ runnin’ around naked and stuff and high on weed when all of a sudden Janis Joplin got up on stage and belted out her hit, “Piece of My Heart,” and we all went freakin’ nuts and then I dragged yer grandma over to the front of our VW bus and gave her a piece of my..um…..er…..well, um………..”

“WHAT Grandpa….WHAT!”

“Um, well, as I said we wuz naked and in the heat of passion, and being naked of course, I didn’t realize I had granny pressed up against the front of the VW bus where that “VW” insignia is and, bein’ real hot that day, that there insignia was real hot and her back was against it and it kinda acted like a brandin’ iron.”

“OMG grandpa! You were a damn pervert!”

“Um, no son, just high on sex, drugs and rock and roll.”


RIP VW bus….sniff

And one more for the ol sentimental road………….


Although some things never change

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to End Of An Era. The VW Bus Gets The Deep Six. (sniff)

  1. katydidknot says:

    I love them for that feeling of safety: You’re two inches away from the windshield and there is NOTHING in front of that. A determined seagull could probably manage to spear you, and forget walking away from a head-on collision.

    Didn’t Hitler plop down the money to start this company?

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      I do believe that Hitler had something to do with affordable cars for German way back then. Which is how VW came into being.

      Yep…BTW….still have that mounted seagull on my desk.  : )

      1937–45: People’s Car project becomes Kübelwagen

      Model of Porsche Type 12 (Zündapp), Museum of Industrial Culture, Nuremberg Volkswagen was originally founded in 1937 by the Nazi trade union, the German Labour Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront).[3] In the early 1930s German auto industry was still largely composed of luxury models, and the average German rarely could afford anything more than a motorcycle. As a result only one German out of 50 owned a car. Seeking a potential new market, some car makers began independent “peoples’ car” projects – Mercedes’ 170H, Adler’s AutoBahn, Steyr 55, Hanomag 1,3L, among others.

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