“TIME” Magazine’s Person of The Year? WTF!!!

It’s that time of the year again when “TIME Magazine” gets to tell the rest of us who they think is one of the most important people on the face of the earth. Yes, someone who has undoubtedly contributed to the well-being of all mankind. Someone who has touched our heartstrings deeply. Someone who has given of themselves so that the world is a better place.

Perhaps someone who unselfishly gave of their body to help little children learn how to spell…….


Stephanie Gabriella Germinotta

Um…..maybeeee not…………

And finally, someone who can show the rest of us that it’s ok to appear on national TV, stick your tongue out, grab your crotch, make obscene gestures, and make the word “twerking” part of our everyday life.

YES!  TIME Magazines “Person of The Year” may be none other than Miley Cyrus. Which will lead most of us to say to ourselves those infamous words upon learning of this great honor: OMFG!!!

So far she’s leading in the magazines readers poll. Go figure.


Pffffft……Oops, sorry…..it must have been that burrito I ate before the show.

Which is also what I said to myself upon learning of this great honor bestowed upon such a great and influential person. “OMFFFFFFFFFFG!!!!!

After all, she is now ranked right up there with the likes of other famous honorees such as, “Pope Francis.” (although I do not think he ever twerked at any time to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square) President Barack Obama, who may have twerked a number of times while in a heated discussion with Speaker John Boehner or Senator Mitch McConnell. Or it may have been that he just stuck his tongue out at both of them. Not sure.

There was no mention in this news release as to if the Pope or the President will appear at the ceremonies honoring Miley’s TIME Magazine induction as Person of The Year if she actually gets enough votes from readers to make it.

(NOTE) For the ol record, “GQ Magazine” named Cyrus as one of the most “least influential” people of 2013. Which I’m sure went up TIME’s butt considering they may give her their honor which may have led them to say GFY to GQ Magazine.

Now considering, in my own humble opinion, TIME Magazine has lowered its standards when it comes to selecting a “Person of The Year,” to adorn their cover, I wondered to myself just who Miley could have beaten out. I mean there were a lot of other notable people who TIME could have considered that surely made our lives seem worthless in comparison to the accomplishments of Miley.

Um….lets see who Miley could have edged out.

How about Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford. After all, he did make an impression on all of us that it’s ok to be a complete idiot by smoking crack, having a huge crack, (he’s slightly overweight) swearing and knocking over old ladies. Obviously setting an example for the rest for us that it’s ok to be a stupid ass and still be respected.


NO….Three hundred pounds of idiot and two and a half men is back.

Hey….how about Senator Lindsey Graham. (R-SC) Ya all know that guy with that deep Southern drawl that makes ya wanna rush out and order up a bunch of grits and some black-eyed peas. Yep. he definitely would have been one of my choices. Remember when CBS’s Laura Logan reported on that Benghazi story, which turned out to be false, but Graham jumped on it like a bunch of rabid fleas on a dog and vowed to hold up any Presidential appointments because of that story. Then, after the story was revealed as false, still held his ground.

Yep, he’d be my second choice for TIME’s Person of The Year. Only because I’d love to see a photo on TIME’s cover of an actual ass***e. Body parts just do not get the recognition they deserve. With the exception of penises which DID make it into the news quite a bit this year.


Why ah yes…it IS this big, ah admit it, but ah do have a bigggg set of balls

Next would be Justin freakin Bieber for outstanding contributions to society on how to appear completely brain dead, next to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, by constantly showing the world that it’s ok to do stupid stuff while in other countries thereby making American celebrities look like brainless amoebas.


Perhaps exercising when you’re alone

Basketball star Dennis Rodman for all of the outstanding diplomatic efforts in going to North Korea and solving all of the World’s problems by attending a basketball game with Kim whats his name. And then showing his diplomatic skills by appearing in a pistachio commercial. My guess, yep, he’ll be up for a recommendation as Secretary of State in the next Presidential administration.


Standing next to both of you would make ANYONE appear less crazy

Person or persons of the year is yet another TIME Magazine option as well. I say “persons” because I was so deeply touched at the trials and tribulations of the “Honey Boo Boo” family this year that I actually went to my dentist and asked him to remove two of my front teeth so that I could fit in with that family’s image. Oh yeah, and gain 200 pounds and search for a real butt ugly woman to pass off as my mother.


Damn NSA bugs….they’re everywhere!

Damn…there are so many well deserved people out there that can beat out Miley for TIME Magazines honor. Boy, those editors at TIME might be spending weeks during the elimination process. How the hell they’re ever ever going to narrow it down to their final decision is beyond comprehension.

Then again, they could go with Cyrus and blame it all on their readers. All of the same 200 readers who vote over and over again.

Do little teeny boppers who are voting for Miley read Time Magazine? Doesn’t EVERY teenager?

Cripes…I myself could have made it on their list when ya think about it. Four years of writing this stupid blog, three donations for my efforts from over 112,000 yearly blog readers, and yet I continue to stupidly write this inane stuff. NOW THAT’s worth being selected as TIME Magazines Person of The Year. Under the most stupid and least influential writer of the year category.Image005


Oh sorry. I just paused for a moment and called TIME Magazine and asked them why I wasn’t considered for their Person of the Year award as the most least influential. I also called “GQ Magazine” and asked them the same question.

Their response. I was beat out by that security contractor and author of a book Dylan Davies who lied in his account about Benghazi and managed to get CBS news reporter Laura Logan and a producer temporarily sacked by CBS.

Actually I did understand their reasoning on that. But when they told me that I was also beaten out by that #!##%$#! grumpy cat……boy was I pissed.grumpy cat

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to “TIME” Magazine’s Person of The Year? WTF!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I was thinking Ted Cruz… he got a lot of attention, at least.

    Or maybe some sort of weird mesh of Ted Cruz, Miley Cyrus, and Rob Ford? A fat, crack-smoking thing that shuts down the government and then twerks in front of the Senate?

    Or maybe just the person who set up the Obamacare website. “If you like your 2013, you can keep it.”

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      All great possibilities……..I still would have chosen me…….simply for the stupidity factor.

      Click here for my daily blog.https://misfit120.wordpress.com


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