A$10 Million dollar Bra!!!! Better come with a $10 million dollar pair of boobs.


Ready to put our lives on the line……..or in bed.

It’s true. “Victoria’s Secret,” the people who make all those sexy lingerie stuff for women and then, because they really can’t keep any secrets, like the Secret Service, tells everybody that ya bought that stuff. Well, at least the mailman who delivers the VS catalogs and figures out what the hell you’re up to. Or, at least your spouse or girlfriend.


C-C-C-Candice S-S-S-Swanepoel wearing one of Victoria’s Secrets $10 million dollar boobs…um…sorry…I meant “bras.”

But a $10 million dollar bra! Really. Like I said, there better be a coupon included when ya buy that bra so that you can redeem if for a $10 dollar set of boobs. If there is such a thing. The boobs and not the bra.

Unless it’s Lady Ga Ga or Katy Perry’s, boobs considering both of them are worth over $10 million dollars. Just a guess.


Ga Ga and boobs….definitely $10 mil


Katy Perry…..maybeeeee $10 mil

So what makes Victoria’s Secret’s “Fantasy Bra” worth $10 million dollars?

Does it come with a set of AAA $10 million dollar batteries? You know, to go along with a $10 million dollar vibrator or something.

Nope. The price reflects the workmanship that it took to make this bra. It took 500 hours, 12 men, and four months to build. AND…it’s covered in priceless gems.


Oops…sorry dear..um…I just brought my work home with me

No wonder. Put twelve guys in a room with a busty model to construct a $10 million dollar bra and, because the work is sooooooo tedious, it’s gonna take them four months to build. All that perfection and measuring stuff.

“Hey Charlie, gimmie a hand or two here. You too Ralph and Harry. Here, hold this boob just right and you other guys hold the other one while I slowly measure both of them to get the perfect alignments. Be patient guys, this may take us at least four months to get it right…heh heh.”

The bra, which was designed by some guy, named, Mouawad, (guess he just has one name) said that it’s very hard to sell these bras. Considering over the last 12 years he’s designed 7 other bras and no one has bought any. Also, and I’m not a rocket scientist, but the fact that he designs each bra “boob specific” may be a problem.

Which basically means that when he makes each booby holder it is custom-made for one person’s body. Duh!


Such as those worn by Secret Service agents

But neither the price nor the “boob specific” drawbacks have prevented anyone from at least looking at it. The bra, not the boobs ya damn perverts.

According to the a manager at Victoria’s Secret, who, obviously can’t keep any secrets either, he said that the bras have traveled to various stores across the country and signed autographs.

Um…no, sorry, bras aren’t able to sign autographs. But people are able to view them.

One brave woman who works for “Yahoo’s OMG,” which highlighted this story, and tried on that bra, Breanne Heldman, (which begs the question, “Did that $10 million dollar bra she tried on “hold them”) said, after trying on a bra specifically designed for Gisele Bundchen in 2005, “the boulder holder was heavy.”

Not knowing if Breanne’s or Gisele’s boulders were of equal weight, it’s kinda hard to determine if combining the weight of both women’s boobs and the weight of the bra contributed to her “boulder holder was heavy” conclusion.

After all, we all know that all boobs are not created equal. As demonstrated in the examples below. Shown for scientific purposes only of course.

(DISCLAIMER) MisfitWisdom can not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to viewing these boob photos where you may run out and blow your life savings buying a $10 million dollar bra. Keep in mind, the cost of that bra is NOT determined by boob size.


Sheyla Hershey gives us an example of the OMFG! boob example….or examples.

On the other end of the spectrum……….


Keira Knightly displays the “small is nice too” set…(pant)

So, you can see that with the various sizes of boobs how it would be totally unreasonable to simply make a bunch of $10 million dollar bras in various sizes.

And why would you want a $10 million dollar bra anyhow? It’s not like you’re gonna walk around everywhere just wearing a bra ya know. I don’t give a rats ass if it is worth all that money, I, personally, if I were a woman that is, would not walk into a Wal-Mart wearing just a bra.

Unless I dreamed I was a woman and I was wearing a “Playtex” bra…..which, a lot of woman did long ago when Playtex ran that ad. Can’t say I ever saw an actual woman walking around wearing her Playtex bra and sleepwalking. Gave up looking for one ages ago.


Then again….another reason I don’t hang out at Victoria Secret stores

But, I’m seriously considering hanging out in front of Victoria’s Secret stores just to catch a glimpse of that $10 million dollar bra.


And the boobs too.


On second thought….maybe not

Just sayin.’

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5 Responses to A$10 Million dollar Bra!!!! Better come with a $10 million dollar pair of boobs.

  1. Doc says:

    This is my 12,517th visit to your blog, and I haven’t eaten all day (although I’m now very hungry)….haven’t even moved from my chair…

    And here I thought I was a boob man, but my wife replied, “You’re an ass, man….”
    So I guess I’m an ass man.

  2. Sven says:

    What??!? NO jewel in the belly button???

  3. Doc says:

    Hey Sven, my wife says you’re an ass man too.

  4. Sven says:

    Tell your wife THANKS, Doc, but I’m really a leg man, or more precisely, an ankle man (call me crazy). And I absolutely LOVE Katy Perry.

    My only question is, how do they watch, er wash the bra? and maybe lose a jewel or two? Hey!! I wonder about these things.

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