Outer Space Research? WTF Why? Beam Me Back To Earth Scotty.


Which is what NASA should only be spending money on

When it comes to space exploration I am of the “WTF” mind-set. I personally have enough problems trying to find a parking space at a Wal-Mart when it comes to “space research” as it is. Do I care if the government spends all kinds of taxpayer dollars to explore outer space? YES!

Because as far as I’m concerned they should be spending money elsewhere, like trying to explore why is it we don’t have enough space here on Earth…to park for one.

All ya hear is that the economy sucks and millions of people are outta work. OH YEAH! Then why can’t I find a freakin’ parking pace that isn’t 30 miles from the front entrance to a damn store if so many people are outta work and have no spending money?

Why is it I can’t even find a parking space at my local casino? Figure that one out ya jerks.

Soooooo what is the government spending all kinds of our money on? Yep…exploring other distant planets like Mars, Venus and beyond. Stick that space exploration stuff up Uranus you damn idiots.


Obviously all that’s needed to sustain life

Um…sorry. I got all bent outta shape today listening to PBS and a bunch of scientists explaining why we need to go to other planets. AND…not one of them ever mentioned exploring where exactly the “Daily Planet” is. You’d think after gazillions of episodes of “Superman” someone, anyone, would want to know where the Daily Planet is for cripes sake.

So I’m thinking to myself, as I do on many occasions, because no one else ever listens to me, why are we spending all this money on outer space research? I don’t get it. So, like, what do we get for sending space vehicles to do research in return for the gazillions of dollars it costs to do that.

Wouldn’t it be much cheaper to simply say to ourselves, “Hey….Earth is kinda a nice place, plenty of air, green forests, and on occasion, a vacant parking space, so why don’t we all just be content with that!”

But nooooo. NASA and all them brainiacs are into exploring outer space. And for what? Parking spaces? We don’t need no stinkin’ parking spaces on other planets you idiots. Mainly because there’s no shopping malls or casinos there anyhow. So why the f**k would I want to park there in the first place.

Not to mention no air to breathe. Or a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, MacDonald’s, or Burger King….all the essence of which to sustain life here on Earth.


Oh yeah….and Coke

Ya know. I have yet another burning question. Remember when man landed on the moon, looked around a bit, and said, f**k it,” nothin’ here but sand and rocks”. Well how is it if ya look through a giant telescope you can’t see all that space junk like the lunar lander we left behind.


Then again…….

To me, that would indicate either we didn’t land on the moon, or, perhaps there is life on other planets and they’re a bunch of hoarders who landed on the moon themselves and scooped up all that space junk and resold it on some other planet.

Now think about this for a moment. How much money does it cost to send all these space vehicles in search of other planets? My guess would be trillions of dollars, not to mention the cost of gas, along with the number of nerds it takes to decipher what the hell those space vehicles are transmitting back to Earth,

Wouldn’t it be more logical to take all that money used in exploring space and use it right here on Earth? Um….WAIT!  No, sorry, that’s logic. Can’t confuse the issue with logic can we.


What really happened to Amelia Earhart as well

Ok, we went to the moon, completely ignoring that cow that jumped over the moon, and found nothing, and then we too found nothing. A few craters and a nice view of the Earth. No cheese either.

So now we’re exploring Mars. Same thing. Lots of nice mountains, a few craters, lots of open barren space, and no intelligent life to speak of. Kinda like Texas.

Now what? Um, maybe we should just send a space exploration team to Texas considering Ted Cruz is from there and I WAS speaking about finding intelligent life. Come to think of it, Rick Perry is from there too. Damn! Forget it NASA, there is no intelligent life there either.

Bottom line? It’s time we stop all this space exploration stuff. It costs taxpayers waaaaay too much money and so far we haven’t found any signs of life out there. And even if we do, what’s the point. Most likely they don’t speak our language and might be pretty ugly people….or creatures. Then what?

We wind up feeling sorry for them because they’re ugly, don’t speak our language, and most likely homeless, (space is barren) and before ya know it we’re sending aid to yet another place, such as all the money we send in aid to Pakistan and Egypt to name a couple.

And what do we get in return? I’ll tell ya, “Yankee Go Home!”


Yes…..sex exists on other planets too

I’m imploring all of you today to bang out a letter to your Congressmen and tell them to cease and desist all this useless space exploration stuff. Bring up the lack of parking spaces here on Earth, the fact that none of us lowly peons give a rats ass about travelling to other planets, other than perhaps Texas, and that it’s all just a waste of taxpayer money.

Or….just forward today’s blog to them. Maybe they’ll get the picture.

Then again, many Congressmen are already from other planets because they sure as hell can’t relate to the rest of us normal earthlings.

Maybe THAT’s what NASA needs to explore when it comes to finding intelligent life here on Earth…………

Congress.space 13

Just sayin.’

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