OMG! IS THAT A GIANT PENIS???? Oops…censored again on Facebook. Damn!

Look folks, I don’t make it a habit of searching for off-color news items. Um…..on second thought, yes I do. Only because, as I’ve stated before, most of my blog readers are a bunch of perverts and I get more hits on my blog when I write about boobs, cleavage, nudity or anything with the word “sex” in it.


Card that Hallmark should have

But, that said, here’s yet another one of those news items that I couldn’t resist.

Wanna go to church this Sunday and REALLY get into things? Like maybe worshipping in a building that kinda resembles a giant penis. Or perhaps just going to church knowing that you’re actually sitting, uncomfortably, in a church that resembles a giant penis. But, there are some advantages. Like if the pastor so much as preaches to you about how sex is disgusting, you can always reply to him, , “OH YEAH!” Well I’m not the one preaching about sex inside of a freakin’ giant penis!”

When the church fathers, or mothers, (not to sure about that one) at a church in Dixon, Illinois decided to “erect” their church they had no idea that it resembled a penis. A GIANT PENIS!

But, leave it to those folks at “Google” to spot something perverted when they see it. Either that, or the folks at Google are the perverted ones for thinking that the church resembled a penis…..from the air.

Actually, to me, it looks like a giant sculpture of a banana gone bad. My thought anyhow. But from the air, as you can see from the photo below, it does kinda resemble a penis. A bigggggggggggg penis. If you’re mind kinda leans toward perverted stuff. Otherwise, like me, you’ll think it’s a big brown banana gone bad.


Martha! Look out the  airplane window here!  It’s a giant brown banana.” “Herman, don’t screw with my mind, I know a giant penis when I see one.”

(NOTE) If you look quickly at the above photo it almost looks like the “penis” building is standing up straight, when in fact you’re looking at the length and shape of the building itself. Um….unless it is “erected” to make it look “erected” from the air. Kinda like an “erection optical illusion,” so to speak.

According to the news report by CBS you can “Google Earth” the church and see the building from the air yourself and make your own determination. The Address is: Christian Science Society, 324 West First Street, Dixon, Illinois.

Now the reason for the shape of the building is so that it depicts how you have to bend a giant penis to get a giant condom on. Um…….I just made that up. Sorry.

The reason for the shape of the penis….um…..building, is because the church wanted to work around a big Oak tree on their property, and to do this correctly without harming the tree, had to bend the penis, um…building in that manner.

Now to what church officials decided to do about all this. After all, ya can’t have people just flying all over the church in airplanes or Googling it on the Internet and getting all excited about coming across a giant erect penis.

Solution? Yep….somehow put a giant fig leaf over the image. Which makes sense to me. I do believe Adam & Eve also wore fig leafs, and as we all know, most churches carry an ample supply of fig leafs. Which are usually used in the annual church presentation of “The Story of Adam and Eve On The Fig Farm.”


Inset photo shows leaf green, but in the first Google Penis Earth image it is brown. Unless they actually did paint it green. Nah…..they superimposed the leaf for laughs.

Actually, this whole story seems kinda weird to me.

I mean, why just single a penis? Why not give equal rights to vaginas too?  Where the hell is Gloria Steinem and the women’s rights movement when ya need them?

But, who am I to question the church. After all, maybe there’s some hidden meaning to having a building that resembles a giant penis. Who knows!

You know how it is when you read all those scriptures in the Bible. They can be interpreted in various ways. Kinda like trying to figure out the Da Vinci or Morse code. Except Da Vinci was Italian and a Catholic and liked writing things in code, and Morse was of the Calvinist faith. Which I guess worshiped former President Calvin Coolidge because he wasn’t into those confusing Da Vinci code secret messages and Tom Hanks. MY interpretation. See what I mean.

Hmmmmm, as long as Facebook is gonna censor me, might as well go full hog with this cartoon:dixon3

So, if you’re into searching for giant penises, other than “The Hulk’s,” and you’d rather see one from the air, just go to Google Earth and key in that address. DO NOT key in the word “penis” when you are searching Google Earth as you will not find that church building.

Maybe “The Hulk” sunning himself naked in his back yard, but definitely not that church one.

Just sayin.’

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4 Responses to OMG! IS THAT A GIANT PENIS???? Oops…censored again on Facebook. Damn!

  1. Charlie says:

    I don’t believe that penis story! Who would do that?

  2. Katy says:

    Is it only the body and body functions that facebook has a problem with?

    I mean, could you post something that is, say, pro-cannibalism and get by with it?

    More importantly, how many people does facebook have assigned to you now?

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      I suspect Facebook has hired an entire office full of people to make sure I’m on the up and up. Which is why I carefully worded my link on FB today and not mention the word “penis.” You know how freaked out they get over there at FB.

      Thanks Katy.

      Click here for my daily blog.


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