Ted Cruz Is Having Bunny Sex? OMG!!! A bunch of tiny Cruz rabbits.


The secret’s out Anderson

In case you missed Anderson Cooper’s, “Anderson Cooper’s 360” program on CNN, which I’m assuming is named after the host, Anderson Cooper, you missed a moment that would warm the hearts of all bunnies who ever wanted to have sex with Congressman Ted Cruz.

In a conversation with GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, (for which those castanets thingys might have been named after) said that Ted Cruz’s tactics when it came to shutting down the government can be compared to him having “bunny sex.”face cruz

Anderson was kinda taken aback by Castellano’s comments because obviously, unlike the rest of us who know what bunnies do, Anderson doesn’t know what bunnies do.

What bunnies do Anderson....duh!

What bunnies do Anderson….duh!

So Castellanos attempted to explain to Anderson what it is exactly bunnies do.

“In nature, there are boom and bust cycles,” Castellanos said. “The snowshoe hare, every ten years, multiplies sixfold.”

“Are you high?” Cooper asked.

“I’m high,” Castellanos replied. “I wish I was,” he said, pressing forward with the analogy.

“The snowshoe hare — I thought it’s a marvelous explanation — every ten years, multiplies sixfold. Bunnies like sex apparently. But the boom produces a bust. They press their food supply, they invite predators. Right now, Ted Cruz, what’s he’s doing, feels good. He’s growing his supporters. It’s leading the Republican Party, I think, into a bust.”

“I think you’re digging a ditch, Alex,” Cooper said.


Anderson….for cripes sake….bunnies…..bunnies….figure it out!

Soooo. To prove that he was indeed digging a ditch, and in yet another attempt to try to explain what bunnies do, he scrapped the bunny sex thing, which was good for Cruz, otherwise they’d be a Congressional investigation into Cruz’s sexual orientation along with a protest from the “National Association Against Bunny Discrimination.” (NAABD)

In an attempt to explain himself, with regard to Cruz’s tactics, he went on to say, “Cruz drove the entire Republican Party thru a car wash in a convertible and everyone got wet but him.”


Unless Castellanos got it wrong and Cruz was actually driving a Chevy Cruze hard top, (named after Ted) and they actually didn’t get wet

I did check as to whether Cruz owns a convertible and lived near a car wash but I couldn’t confirm that. However, I did manage to find an intimate photo of Cruz taken in his bedroom. (below)


Eat your heart out Anthony Weiner

But, after Castellanos made that second attempt to communicate the point he was trying to make, which apparently, to me, was that Cruz, if given the chance, would have sex with bunnies, and then, to cover things up, run his car thru a car wash, Anderson, unlike the rest of us who completely understood all that, he still was puzzled.

Which obviously means Anderson knows nothing about bunnies and apparently has most likely never heard of the Easter Bunny either. My guess anyhow.


The Dishonorable Bunny Cruz

When Anderson still looked confused, Castellanos told him, “We’ll have a man to man talk later.”

I’m just totally blown away that Anderson has no freakin’ clue what bunnies do. Or what Ted Cruz would do with a bunch of bunnies.

Damn Anderson. Isn’t it obvious for cripes sake?


Anderson! Here’s another freakin’ clue !

If Cruz is having sex with bunnies it can only mean one thing. He wants to shut down Easter so that little innocent kids won’t be able to participate in the annual White House Easter egg hunt. Just to blame it on Obama. Because, as we all know, EVERYTHING IS Obama’s fault.

And if you have an in with bunnies, offer them a great deal so that they won’t produce those multi colored Easter eggs, SHAZAM!…no Easter or Easter egg hunt. The country will be up in arms, kids will be screaming their fool heads off, moms and dads will be going ballistic, and then…..then…..because of the intimate relationship Cruz has with bunnies, he steps in with millions of Easter eggs and saves the day.

Thus being a shoo-in to run for the Presidency in 2016.

Unless someone, anyone, can come up with a photo of Cruz driving a convertible thru a car wash with the entire GOP in the car with him. Even better with some bunnies in the car too.

Or…..even worse…..if anyone can come up with a photo of Cruz having sex with a bunny. Or even any compromising photo of Cruz which might suggest he’s into bunnies.

Geez…….what are the chances of that!



Frankly, I think even if Castellanos does sit down and have a man to man to bunny talk with Anderson, he still might not get thru to him what this bunny sex stuff was all about.


Ok…..I give up. You might wanna give up too if ya don’t get it by now Anderson.

I’m just gonna wipe my self clean of this whole Cruz/bunny/sex controversy.


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2 Responses to Ted Cruz Is Having Bunny Sex? OMG!!! A bunch of tiny Cruz rabbits.

  1. Katy says:

    Had Castellanos been talking to a hetero CNN host, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so confusing. (Are there any hetero CNN hosts left?)

    As it stands, this whole Tea Party thing might be a lot more exciting than I thought:

    Step One: Shut down the government! (Check!)
    Step Two: Bunnies! (Check!)
    Step Three: ?
    Step Four: World Domination!

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      OMG! The greatest idea ever. AND….we wouldn’t have to worry about the debt ceiling as currency would be obviously carrots.

      Click here for my daily blog.https://misfit120.wordpress.com


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