Teacher Poses Nude. Sooooo, um, who do ya think is upset?


“Yeah…..new online computers to see our teacher naked!”

Yep, a Dallas, Texas school teacher posed nude on “Playboy Magazine’s” online site waaaaaay back in the year 2011 AD and the whole country and um…..er…..WAIT!

Sorry, I got that wrong. It isn’t the whole country that’s totally freaked out that 21-year-old Nicole Deweese posed nude when she was 18 for Playboy. Um, it was one parent, and I’m assuming, who had a child who attended “Rosie M. Collins Sorrells School of Education and Social Services” in Dallas.

Whom most likely has been traumatized for life after seeing his or her’s teacher nude. Yep, would have traumatized me for life too. Only because most of my female teachers resembled old ladies who could have passed for guys considering the way they dressed as well as the distinctive facial hair under their noses.


Photo of the unidentified freaked out parent

Anyhow, this one, (unidentified) parent…….had this to say. “Are her male 16 and 17 year-old students looking at her without picturing her nude?”

Of course they are you freakin’ unidentified idiot!  ANY kid is gonna picture her nude. In fact, ANY male kid is gonna picture ANY teacher who’s hot looking in class as nude. Cripes, I used to do it all the time and none of my females teachers were in Playboy. Except for picturing that one with facial hair under her nose that is.


Knock it off ya jerk…I used Nair this morning

Do you, (unidentified whining parent) think that male kids don’t picture lots of women naked? Get a freakin’ life you unidentified parent. (this parent most likely is one who writes letters to the editor and signs all of them anonymous)

On top of all this nonsense, one must consider that the school Deweese teaches in serves students in the ninth through the 12th grades.  Hey, if you’re a male kid in the ninth through the 12 grade and you haven’t seen a photo of a naked woman by then, you’re either blind or into same-sex relationships.

My apologies to any male in a same-sex relationship. Just trying to make my point here for that unidentified jerk.

Look, I for one had my hands on Playboy Magazines, (no online Playboy site back then) when I was around 9 years old. Do I look freakin’ traumatized to you. Well, maybe a bit, but it has nothing to do with seeing naked women. Any one of whom could have been one of my teachers, (excluding the facial hair one again) or my dentist, store clerk, or the lady at my local library.

Come to think of it, I did once see a woman in Playboy Magazine that did resemble one of my local librarians. I immediately renewed my library card.


It was only then that my mother realized I was only taking books out of the library to see that sexy librarian

BUT….I still was not traumatized every time I took out a book and ogled her. And neither will any of those kids at the school DeWeese teaches at.

Deweese goes by the much sexier name of “Christy Nicole,” which is quite understandable considering I go by the much sexier name of Misfit. It’s great for both of our images.

Initially I thought those photos of her were in the actual paper copy of “Playboy” and I went to the MisfitWisdom archive library, (a huge plastic “Tupperware” tub in my basement to search out the February 2011 edition of Playboy so that I could research Nicole’s photos) but then I realized they were talking about the “on-line” version of Playboy. Damn!


Nicole Deweese aka Christy Nicole aka a school teacher

(I only save the past editions of Playboy for research purposes. That and the fact that I am up in years and if I EVER wind up in a rest home, half brain-dead and drooling, I want to have my own reading material, old Playboys dating back to 1988, rather than old “Readers Digest” magazines that they give you to read in those rest homes)

The students at that school on the other hand seem less concerned with Deweese’s photos. Some have taken to “Twitter” to defend her by telling critics, like that unidentified idiot parent, to stop bothering her.


And they’re worried about a teacher posing naked in Playboy

School district spokesman Jon Dahlander told the “Dallas Morning News,” (they only report news that happens in the morning) “This is a personal matter, and it will not be discussed.” BUT….higher up in the food chain, a spokesman, for the Texas Education Agency, Debbie Ratcliffe called all this “a murky situation.”

She went on to say, “It wasn’t an illegal activity, but it raises the question about whether that action violated the “Educators’ Code of Ethics.”

WHAT! What freakin’ “Code of Ethics” Ms. Debbie does Dallas? Cripes, Deweese posed for that photo shoot back in 2011 for cripes sake. Get a damn grip!  This is Deweese’s first year at your school and NOW you’re getting all bent outta shape!

I might add that when Deweese posed for those photos she was NOT….and I will repeat that again….”NOT” employed by the “Dallas School Department.”

Look at it this way concerned parents and concerned school board lack of common sense people. She posed nude in 2011, Believe it or not, (old Ripley’s saying) this is….(gasp) 2013. YES….2013. Soooooo, if any kids saw her in 2011, online and naked, and that kid was in the 9th or 12 grade, I thinkith that now those very same kids are two years older and if they haven’t been traumatized by now, forget it.


THIS would cause your kid to be traumatized


Or even worse….THIS. Which is why to this day I have a fear of dark places…..and old ladies

Hey Dallas School Department………..it’s ancient history. Damn, go on-line and I’ll bet if you go back far enough you’ll find a naked photo of Betty White or Cloris Leachman somewhere. WHAT….are ya gonna ban your kid from watching a Betty White sitcom or Cloris Leachman in a Mel Brooks movie?

There are worse things than seeing your teacher naked. How about your kids watching people decapitate other people on video games for one. Are ya bent outta shape about that Ms. Or Mr. unidentified parent?

“Oh noooo Mr. Misfit. I like little Johnny and little Suzie to play those decapatation video games. Who knows, one of them may grow up to be a butcher in a meat market….such a great learning experience.”


“Mom! Mom! Come look. I just scored 1,000 points decapating someone on my “Mortal Kombat” video game

Final point. I, for one, do not think seeing a naked woman has ever contributed to having a kid traumatized. Teacher or no teacher. Unless it WAS that teacher with facial hair.

So in conclusion Dallas School Department and unidentified parent idiots, this is nothing about nothing.

If anything, Ms. Deweese, who teaches Spanish will get more students in her class, mostly male I’m assuming, who will ultimately learn how to speak Spanish because otherwise they might have never enrolled in her Spanish class.

Comprende hombres?

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(NOTE to the Dallas unidentified parent. Might wanna search the MisfitWisdom archives for naked photos of woman dating back to 2009. Now THAT may be worth getting offended about)

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