Who knows what a new nose can do? The Chinese nose…um, knows.


Basically, I myself would have a major problem if I had to have a new nose. Only because traditionally Italians, such as myself, tend to have big noses. Well, most of us.

This is caused by years and generations of Italians inhaling pizza aroma scents which tend to expand our noses so that we can savor the essence of pepperoni and sauce to its full extent. Along with inhaling the scents of different perfumes that women wear, following that scent till we locate such woman, and then using our Italian genes to seduce such woman…..after eating that pizza.nose5

So, take away an Italian nose and we’re in big trouble. Just like the Pinocchio family would have been in trouble on a recent outing if it were not for their noses.nose6

However, now there is a solution for anyone who has a nose problem. Be it a bigggg nose, small nose, or no nose at all. Which everyone knows could be a problem, as not having a nose goes.

In China they have found a solution to this nose problem by simply nosing around in their labs and coming up with a way to create a new nose. And Heaven nose, um….knows, this is a Godsend.

The Chinese have perfected a way to grow a new nose on your body while you still have your original nose, which may not be functional and you need to have it replaced by a new nose. For example, take a look at this guy’s new nose which is presently attached to his forehead and will at some point be detached and attached to where a nose should actually be. Which is under your eyeballs.


The new nose which will replace this guys old nose which we now all knose is growing on his forehead

Of course, if you’d prefer to have it stay where it is in the above photo, that’s fine too. You could always freak people out by standing on your head and painting a pair of eyeballs on your forehead thereby making it appear that you are just some bald guy with a beard and an inverted nose. Good for a laugh or two I suppose. (example below)nose11

The Chinese surgeon who nosed around and came up with this procedure to grow a new nose used a man’s rib cartilage and implanted it under the skin of his forehead to prepare for a transplant in probably the first operation of its kind. But who nose….um….knows for sure.

Perhaps reporters know for sure when and if they nose around a bit.


Fox News noses confront Rolling Stone Magazine nose regarding nose leaks into who nose what about what

Alexander Seifalian, a professor of nanotechnology, (has nothing to do with Mork from Ork  “nano nano” technology) at the University College London, says that it was unclear why the Chinese team built the nose on the forehead rather than its proper position.

He went on to say, “They could have made the nose and just  put it on the nose, not on the forehead. “I don’t know why they put it there.”

Unless it has something to do with the way Chinese write. You know, up and down instead of across like we do here in the states. My guess anyhow. OR….one of the surgeons had a severe allergy attack, screwed up when it came to placement of the nose, and it was too late to change things when he discovered his error.nose9

Which also makes one wonder how they would do an eye transplant if they figured out how to regrow eyeballs. Like would they grow a set of eyeballs on your forehead too and then put them where they actually belong later on, or would they transplant them on top on one another…..as I said….like they write.

Tough call for optometrists making eyeglasses if ya ask me. Which then raises the question, where then would your nose go to hold up your glasses. Lot of crazy possibilities there.

Well….when ya think about it, they laughed at Frankenstein too. And he went on to lead a perfectly normal life married to Madeline Kahn.


Was it good for you too dear……..

I guess if I had a problem with my nose, such as that guy pictured, who by they way lost part of his nose in an accident and did not have immediate reconstruction surgery, I might consider having a nose, or two, grown on my forehead as well.

I’m having so much fun making my other half laugh with the nose that I presently have, just think of what I could do with two or more noses.nose12

Not only would I be able to enjoy smelling the essence of life, (pizza for Italians) but I’d make a perfect detective by being able to nose around crime scenes and detect things before regular noses could detect them. Not to mention the number of eyeglasses I could wear on my multiple noses just to look somewhat intelligent.

Just don’t get too close to me during flu and allergy season however.

The “ACHOO!” factor.

With two or more noses growing on my forehead it could be verrrrry messy.

Just sayin.’

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