The Perfect Age For A Woman Is 53. REALLY!

According to a New York City psychotherapist, one of those people who therapists you when you’re in need of being therapisted, the perfect age for a woman is 53. Which obviously is gonna make a lot of lounge lizards, both male and female, have some second thoughts about who they hit on, considering the perfect age for men is 47.woman2


The psychotherapist, Robi Ludwig, (no relation to Ludwig von Beethoven) conducted a survey of 2,242 women with the help of “Harris Interactive,” and came up with those age numbers for women and men.

You’ll notice they only interviewed women. WTF!

Ludwig tells “Yahoo’s Shine,” that, “This is really developmentally the time that women plug into themselves, (not with vibrators) and respect themselves, listen to their own voice, and develop their own voice, so it makes perfect sense that they would really feel good, because they’re doing that.”

The voices they develop are a lot different from the voices they had when they were younger. Such as, “Hey you lazy SOB, take out the freakin’ garbage and when you’re done mow the damn lawn.”

In deference to, “Honey sweetie pie, could you (smooch) take out the garbage, mow the lawn and then we can boh de oh doh, if ya catch my drift.”woman3

“With age comes wisdom. Women in their 20’s today are still very much young-minded. They almost see themselves as kid like. As they’re into their 30’s, they’re beginning to make more adult choices that will serve as the foundation of the future, but there’s still a bit of wanting to please parents, wanting to please bosses, be culturally in sync.”

So basically it’s not a good thing to hit on woman under the age of 53. My take anyhow. Unless of course you’re a shallow slug type of guy who doesn’t give a rats ass about any intellect in a woman and just wanna jump their bones. That works too I guess. Falls into the, “all men are pigs classification.”


Then again, if you make a mistake, there’s always an option

So why is 53 the perfect age to, as I say, hit on a woman, and as “Shine” says, is the perfect age for a woman to also be able to slap you with a karate chop if you hit on her. Because at 53 if she still looks hot, and you, the guy, do not, because you’ve been wasting your time on young bimbos, she can be choosy.

Well, that’s not really the reason. But it was my first thought.

The actual reason is that at 53, most woman have already put that having children thing behind them and are looking forward to retirement. In other words, no distractions. To quote “Shine,” “There’s really a sense that this is my time, mine and my spouse’s time.” As well as “Howdy Doody Time” if you’re into those old kiddie shows that is.

Forget about looking up Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring. She’s already retired and living in an assisted living facility home in Encino, California.


Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring today. Unable to walk without the need of strings.

Many women in their 50’s have reached a point in their career where they’re making good money. (good point to keep in mind if you’re a free loading lowlife looking for a woman to support your ass) They also have disposable income, and can start planning vacations for when they retire.

Which is another good point if you’re one of those slugs who spent all of your money hitting on babes in bars and tuning up your Harley-Davidson.women7

Regina A. Corso, of Harris Interactive, who did the survey says, “Fifty-three is still young enough that you’re healthy, you can travel and see the world and start crossing things off your bucket list.” Like crossing off those guys that wanna hit on you because you’re hot looking at 53 and have lots of cash stuffed into buckets all over your house.

The “bucket list” from a 53 year-old woman’s perspective……full of losers names that keep calling her.

There wasn’t much mention as to why 47 is the ideal age for us men. Maybe it’s because it takes that long for guys to cut themselves off from mommy’s apron strings. Or, it may take them that long to get over the effects of those really good drugs they did over the years and finally realize that women look a lot better when you’re not stoned.

Or worse, that you actually married one of those women when you were stoned outta your tree and now that you’re clean, even 65 year-old women look better than the one you’re married too. Sorry pal. That’ll teach ya to do on-line dating when your high on that good stuff.women 8

Now the areas where you can do some really great 53 year-old women scouting are as follows. Senior centers, McDonald’s, Burger Kings, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts and any local firehouse bingo on a Saturday night.

Not really, but it does seem that way sometimes.

The article says that the perfect age also varies slightly depending on the region in which you live. On the East Coast, 53 is the perfect age. Must be that sea air from the ocean. You know how salt preserves things. Hey…did ya ever see a freakin’ fish with wrinkles?

In the South, 51, 50 in the Midwest and 47 in the West podner. So, all in all not much in the difference in age depending on where you live.


Hot chicks on wheels area in Florida

Unless you’re in Florida where EVERYBODY is freakin’ old. After all, they do call it, “God’s Waiting Room.” So, if you’re residing in Florida ya might wanna make your moves on some single woman pretty fast. Depending if you can find one still intact and at the age of 53.

Otherwise, ya gotta beat God to the punch.

Just sayin,’

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