NCIS Does WHAT To Star Cote de Pablo? (Ziva)


Cote de Pablo. No relation to Pablo Casals

That’s the burning question all televisionaphobiacs are asking themselves in light of a recent comment by “NCIS” executive producer Gary Glasberg.

Which is, “Hey, WTF ya gonna do with Cote de Pablo? Knock her off in a hail of bullets or somethin’? Have giant snakes squeeze her to death? Or, a fate worse than death, have her run for Congress?” OMG!!!!!

Cote de Pablo of course plays the role of Ziva, not to be confused with the role of “Reva” played by Kim Zimmer in the now defunct TV soap opera “Guiding Light.” Sometimes ya just have to make things perfectly clear when it comes to characters in TV shows.


Reva (Kim Zimmer) flashing for Misfit

The answer to that question of what happens to Ziva, not Reva, will be revealed in a two-part “NCIS” series premiere on September 24th when the entire population of the United States and its possessions will be watching to find out. Because, as we all know, our lives revolve around what the hell happens on TV series.

Um, did they EVER find out who the hell killed Rosie whats her name on “The Killing?”


At this point I don’t give a rats ass who killed her. Call in Jesse Stone for cripes sake…he’ll figure it out.

In an open letter to fans, according to “,” Glasberg conceded that de Pablo’s decision to exit the show after a decade, “was a shock to everybody,” but added, “change happens. Writers move on. Actors move on. (movers move on) Life, for some, interferes with work and then we rise to the occasion and adapt. Very often extraordinary creativity comes out of adjustment. And so we find ourselves not dwelling on the past, but eager to guide you into the future of “NCIS.”

So basically what he said between all those lines is, Cote figured it was time to move on and get on with her life and not have to deal with terrorists, murders, drug dealers and all the other unsavory characters in each weeks NCIS episodes. Including DiNozzo, (Michael Weatherly)  constantly hitting on her. Which most likely was the major reason she’s leaving the show.

Damn….they could have knocked off DiNozzo in one of their episodes and it wouldn’t have been that great of a loss compared to de Pablo’s leaving. I mean, come on, who looks better in a dress….DiNozzo or de Pablo.


Pablo de Cote….hands down

Glasberg says that, “The amazing resolution you’re going to see, (two episodes) is pretty damn heart-wrenching and we’re incredibly proud of it.”

Hmmm…..ya mean like the last NCIS person ya knocked off, “Kate Todd” (Sasha Alexander) when a terrorist shot her in the freakin’ head. Yeah, that was damn heart-wrenching and I’m sure you were also incredibly proud of  THAT ending.

In case you missed that episode, click on the link below, but duck when you hear gunfire.

Geez…..wonder if there’s some connection with DiNozzo hitting on Kate and her getting shot and now Cote leaving and Gawd knows how they’ll end it all for her.

(Note to Cote de Pablo) Might wanna consider getting it on with DiNozzo lest you get shot.

However, there is good news for Cote if they do knock her off. There IS life after getting killed on a TV show. Take for instance Sasha Alexander, whom I mentioned above. After getting shot in the head, and pronounced dead, she was later revived by some sort of Frankenstein procedure and given a new identity as Dr. Maura Isles in the TV series “Rizzoli and Isles.”


Igor flunked “Tools 101” class

I assume she went into the Witness Protection Program after getting shot in NCIS, given a new name and identity, and moved to Boston, Massachusetts and took up her new identity as a medical examiner.

Of course Rizzoli, (Angie Harmon) has no freakin’ idea of her past. Which may eventually surface in and episode of “Rizzoli and Isles” if Shasa, (Maura) ever decides to leave the show, gets knocked off, and Rizzoli has to solve her murder.

Just sayin.’


The former star of “Happy Feet” goes into the program after being hounded by fans of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Of course the goal of the producers and Glasberg is to make that last show with de Pablo a memorable one. After all, no one likes to leave a show by simply saying, “Hey, great time, but I gotta go…see ya.”

Glasberg says, “Prepare yourselves for a moment in television history. Images that will end up in the archives. (archives mean re-runs) I couldn’t be happier with how my NCIS family stepped up and did some of the most emotional work we’ve ever done.”

Which leaves one’s mind open to imagination.

Like just how are they gonna end her tenure on NCIS?

Knock her off with style. Like maybe having Mark Harmon, (Jethro) accidentally run over her as he’s rushing to a crime scene. Ziva, completely stressed out from her last case and totally exhausted, falls asleep in Dr. Mallard’s autopsy room, (David McCallum) and he performs an autopsy on her by mistake. Or….on purpose.

Let us not forget that Dr. Mallard was also in the Witness Protection Program and was a Russian secret agent under the name of Illia Kuryakin before given the new identity of Dr. Mallard.


Now Dr. (Ducky) Mallard. (source: Russian KGB files)

Soooo, the plot thickens. One never knows what evil lurks in the hearts of evil TV producers.

Tune in on September 24th for the first of two episodes of NCIS to find out.

My money’s on Ziva, being of Jewish decent, solves the dispute between the Jews and Arabs, then peace comes to all of Israel and the Arab world, she then runs for President of Israel, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Which is a bigggg plus for all of us who are not Jewish.

Because, on the plus side, that ultimately means that we will no longer have to hear that guys name again and immediately think of a website………….

Benjamin Netanyahooooooooooooooooo!


Yahooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Um…..that would be me.

BUT, on the minus side, that Cote de Pablo’s new name could be………..Tirzah Twittertirzat.

Just sayin.’

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4 Responses to NCIS Does WHAT To Star Cote de Pablo? (Ziva)

  1. santostom says:

    Thanks Mr. Misfittered, you did a good job. i for one am truly sorry to see her leave. It will spoil my Tuesday night Fantasies. I will no longer be able to see her wonderful body, sorry face, each week, watch her beat up the big bad guys. I think she and Tony should have sex, and Tony kills her because after all the teasing she just wasn’t that good. What a way to start a season off, with an ending. Good luck to her, hope we see her on another successful show.

  2. swedenole13 says:

    Aw, I will miss Cote, she is wonderful in the role. But, there is something just as charming about DiNozzo! I kinda like his bad little boy image! It’s a great show, if they don’t pull something off with her gone to entice viewers….sigh

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