The “Westboro Bozo Church” Strikes Again


Can’t “think” if ya don’t have a brain

It’s been a few months since the “Westboro Baptist Church” has been in the news.

“OMG! What to do. We haven’t been in the news recently. Gawd….call Sarah Palin and ask her how we can get some attention here for gawds sakes!”

Then, a brainstorm must have hit them. Or some spiked holy water. They decided to jump all over country music singer Vince Gill. Hey, when everything else fails, pick on country music.


11th Commandment: Thou shall zap idiots.

So what exactly is the Westboro Bozo Church upset about now? Well they were upset that Vince divorced his wife, singer Amy Grant back in 1998 and then remarried her in 2000. So they staged a protest outside of the performance center where Gill was performing.

Um….wait a second here. Let me see if I understand this correctly. Gill divorces Grant in 1998 then remarried her in 2000 and NOW the Westboro Bozo Church is protesting?

WTF calendar do these people have. One left over from the Mayans.

Boy, finding things to protest about must be falling on hard times. Especially when ya have to go back to 1998 and 2000 to find something to protest about.


Got a light?

But Gill didn’t take this protesting stuff sitting down while playing his guitar. Nope. He decided to confront those idiots by taking a stand against them. So the confrontation between Gill and those wackos took place in Kansas City at the Kauffman Center’s Muriel Kauffman Theatre.

This Twitter post may have been what fired up Gill:westboro

So basically, things being rather slow in the usual stuff the Westboro Bozo Church does, like picketing the funerals of soldiers and being very anti-gay as well as against marriage between consenting animals in the forest, I guess they felt jumping all over Vince Gill was an option. I kinda like the quote above……and thought I’d expand on it a bit.

(do ya have to  talk with a lisp to say the quote above so that it sounds kind of churchish)westboro5

Um…let’s see.

“Whosoeverith protestith againstith somthing thatith is wayith outdateith needith toith havith theirith freakinith mindith checkith.” (Misfit 18:16) (18:16 being the time, 6:15PM that I thought about that quote)

Gill says that everyone needs to know about them, (those bozos) and the harm that they continue to cause for people. Of course going outside to confront them also gives them the publicity they so much crave.

Gill was fired up over the comments that had been said and felt that he needed to intervene, which then caused a scene, which is what the group tends to want. All of the publicity simply helps them and they even took to Twitter, (post above) to celebrate.


The MisfitWisdom motto

From my own personal perspective, it would seem that instead of acting like a bunch of crazed idiots and protesting stuff that is idiotic, as well as outdated, and which no one on the face of the earth, with the exception of them, care about, they would be well served to all subject themselves to being lobotomized and start all over again.

Worked for Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. Which may explain how the Westboro Baptist Church was founded in the first place. Most likely in Transylvania by Frankenstein haters after initially protesting against Dr. Frankenstein for using a less than perfect brain implanted in his creations head.


“Um Dr. Frankenstein.”

“Yes, what is it Igor?”

“Um, so now we’ve created this huge 8 foot monster, now what we gonna do with him?’

“Brilliant question Igor. I figure we send him off into the village below and have him spread the word.”

“Um….what word would that be doc?”

“That people with no freakin’ brains can spread whatever word they want to, look completely stupid, yet gain national attention.”


Yeah right doc…..but now I can NEVER be head of the Westboro Bozo Church

Hence, the formation of the Westboro Bozo Church. (formally named the Transylvania Bozo Church)

My suggestion to the members of the Westboro Bozo Church would be to stop all of this inane protesting stuff and concentrate on more important things that would enhance their reputation and possibly gain them some sort of respect.


Considering the cartoons I used in here today, I suspect this will be their next protest

Like possibly forming a high stakes bingo operation that would really gain them some of that attention they so much crave.

Hey…..worked for all those Native American Tribes.


“B-6?…….B-6? I protestith that last number elder Frosdnerk!”

“Protestith? Why isith thatith?”

“Becausith therith no B-6 on my cardith!”

“OMGawdith! Quickly my flock. Man thy protest signs and let us protestith!!!”

Which, to me, would then be a noble cause. Because, as we all know, whenever you play bingo and you’re waiting for that one stinkin’ last number for a bingo, it NEVER comes up.

And surely, no one in their right mind is gonna object to THAT cause by the Westboro Bozo Church.

Obviously something worthith protesting about.

But, Westboro Bozo Church….be careful…… verrrrrry careful, you may offend someone in the future that you need help from………westboro3

Justith sayinth.’

(UPDATE) No response to my “eye blog” 9/11/13 re: donations. Soooo, I’ll keep on writing until that is no longer an option.

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