To Sea…um….I Meant To “SEE” Or Not To See. THAT Is The Question.


You know what happens when you get old? You die. Actually there are no options other than that available. Yet. BUT…if there were, Medicare definitely would NOT cover it. Because who the hell wants a bunch of old people hanging around just taking up space. My theory anyhow.

I agonized over writing today’s blog because it deals with my own problems with my eyeballs. Two of them to be exact. Mother Nature, that old bitch, refuses to cooperate with my eyeballs. I’m assuming that the old broad has something to do with eyeballs. You know, pollen, dust mites, allergies just to piss everyone off and make those drug companies a lot richer pushing their various drugs to help you with allergies.


Take two doses of “Kibbles N Bits” and call us in the morning

However, besides having severe allergies, (marriage being one of them, but NO drug other than cyanide is available) I have a lower eye bag problem. Yes, I know you have no freakin’ idea what that is. So I’ll explain.

An “eye bag” (similiar to a small suitcase) forms under one’s eyelid and retains fluid. This causes problems with your eyeballs which burn, water, ache and give you blurred vision and extreme severe headaches. Which in turn make you irritable and you start grousing about things that you would normally not grouse about.

Like cats jumping on your laptop while you’re writing. Your other half constantly interrupting you telling you the house is on fire while you’re trying to write a blog. Having to take a break from writing to go to the bathroom because Mother Nature says so. (bitch) And stupid stuff like sleeping every night when there’s more important things to do.


I’m getting to this point

Now normally those things don’t bother me. But because my eye problem is getting worse, I’m more testy. I NEVER kill a bug. EVER. Yet this morning I pulverized an innocent ant walking across my laptop table, and now I’m feeling great remorse thinking about its family that no doubt will now have to do without a crumb earner.


Sob….and he was so young

So ya see, I’m getting to the point that I think my days are numbered as far as being able to write this stupid blog without some sort of surgery….which… all their infinite wisdom, Medicare refuses to cover.

So what’s their logic? Simple. Unless your eyes are obstructed by an eyelid and you can’t see, you’re not covered. Or have something more evident, like an arrow sticking out of your head. Unless you can actually function with an arrow sticking out of your head….then its not covered. So, short of pasting my eyelids shut with super glue and sending photos to Medicare, I’m basically screwed.

So says my ophthalmologist.


Or I could be murdered

So, what to do. Option one: Wait it out until I can no longer bear the pain of writing with headaches, blurred vision, and killing innocent ants. Or, hit the lottery and come up with the $1,800 dollars to have surgery. Option two: There is none.

Now, in comparison. Consider this fact. (this is the serious part of today’s blog) You’ve all heard about that “Cheshire, Connecticut” home invasion where two dregs of the earth broke into a home, murdered three people and eventually went to trial and were convicted. BUT….the State of Connecticut will now spend $7 million dollars of taxpayer money to provide appeals for those two murderers, YES….$7 million dollars of YOUR money.

So, with that in mind, do ya think Medicare would spend $1 800 to provide coverage for anyone with my problem. If you said, NO, you’re correct.

What’s wrong with this picture?


Um…um…er…….MOUSE! Yeah…it’s a mouse

So, in a rare moment of insanity, I thought I’d write about my plight today and mention that if you donate to the MisfitWisdom blog, (link below) and I can raise enough to have this surgery, and this blog can continue until I drop. From old age. Unlike that ant that I’m still grieving over.

Then I can continue writing without all those symptoms and tell Medicare to shove it. Now, that said, (I’m grovelling here) anything over the required funds needed to have that surgery will be donated to the “Humane Society” of Connecticut going toward the care and well-being of homeless animals needing food, medical care, and basic needs. Maybe severely injured ants as well.


And eyeglasses for cats

So that’s the bottom line. Which I’m having trouble seeing.


My last eye exam went very badly when I guessed one finger

I’ll continue writing on a daily basis for as long as I can withstand this eye problem regardless of if I make my goal of $1 800 or not. I realize this is NOT a priority as far as a lot of people are concerned. But I thought I’d give it my best shot.

Like I always say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Tomorrow back to my usual nonsense, and, hopefully, no killing innocent bugs. Depends on my mood.

Thanks for any consideration folks.


What can happen if you do not have your vision corrected

(NOTE) Should my grovelling plea actually work I will post daily updates as to reaching my goal)

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2 Responses to To Sea…um….I Meant To “SEE” Or Not To See. THAT Is The Question.

  1. santostom says:

    Well Mr. Misfitted, all’s not lost. You will be eligible for a talking computer, if nothing else it’ll give you someone to talk to (besides your better half, who isn’t listening anyway). And you can move to Iowa and get a gun permit. How bad is that?

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