Narcissism. Or…Hey! This Isn’t About You…It’s About Me!


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Over the years, and I’ve been through many more than I want to count, I’ve heard the term, “narcissist” and for some reason its definition never sticks with me. So when I saw an article on “eHarmony” entitled, “Ten Signs You Are With a Narcissist” I immediately checked it out.

Personally I thought a narcissist was one of those radical political parties. Then I realized those were the Nazis. Narcissist’s have nothing to do with Nazi’s, but, there could have been some narcissists Nazis. Meaning that some Nazis members may have narcissists if you read the definition of a narcissist below. (damn that word is hard to spell)narc3

“Narcissism is a term that originated with Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. Currently it is used to describe a person characterized by egotism, vanity, pride, or selfishness.”


Oh Gawd I love you….

Ok…so this guy Narcissus falls in love with himself after seeing his image. What a freakin’ idiot. So I’m guessing he lived a long and lonely life. But went swimming a lot. Maybe took a lot of sensual baths alone too.

So, now that all that’s been explained, what are the signs you may be living with some guy or girl who is a narcissist? Well, according to the “eHarmony,” staff here are the signs.  (with my additional comments as usual)

Nazi’s were not mentioned in their research.


Oh Gawd……I love you

1. He exaggerates his achievements. Like, “Hey dear, congratulate me, I remembered to put down the toilet seat.”

2. She’s preoccupied with fantasies of ridiculous success, money and power, and she seeks applause for a living. Which I figure is an addiction to playing the “Monopoly” game and arguing with you over who gets the cat token and you get stuck with that damn thimble or wheelbarrow.

3. He’s envious of others. WHAT! You’re a narcissist if you envy others! Crap! Does that make ME a narcissist because I envy some 95 year-old guy who bought a Powerball ticket in Podunk, Kentucky and wants to save it? Maybeeee not. Only if I call him and tell him I just opened a new bank and he should deposit all that money in it.


HEY! I resemble that remark!

4. She only wants to do what she wants to do, and does everything on her terms. HEY! Isn’t that EVERY woman. (I rest my case)

5. Every conflict is your fault. I’m assuming this point refers to men only. As we men all know that EVERYTHING is our fault. Which, seems logical, as any woman will vouch for the fact that even if a woman is not around, (mainly when a man is in the woods alone) and he thinks he’s right, he, for the most part is wrong. (Men, if you accept this fact, life living with a woman will be a lot easier)

6. The rules don’t apply to your date. “eHarmony” says that your significant other has no problems cheating on taxes, in the workplace, or on you. (justifiable homicide if you are in a relationship with someone like this is totally acceptable)narc7

7. She’s not dependable. Meaning that she’s too self-preoccupied to be there for you. Like if you’re walking down the street and a mugger holds you up demanding your wallet and instead of kicking the livin’ ass outta that mugger, she’s running like hell down the street screaming.

8. When you speak up about your needs, he gets defensive or dismissive. Narcissists always put themselves first. (refer to woman above in number 7 list running down street screaming and insert guy running down street screaming instead)narc2

9. She has a sense of entitlement or unreasonable expectations.They say that arrogance and haughtiness are attitudes often associated with narcissism. Does she expect to be treated like royalty under all circumstances? (excluding Queen Elizabeth of course…who, if she’s reading this, is, of course, excluded)

And, does he expect sex in return for a fancy dinner because he deserves it? HEY! WTF! Damn! Of course we men expect sex if we take our women out for a fancy dinner for cripes sakes. If go out and spend $12 or $15 bucks at McDonald’s or Burger King I damn well wanna be rewarded for my efforts. It ain’t every day I can afford to take her out to a fancy restaurant ya know.narc9

10. When tough times come, he says goodbye. Why is it I’m beginning to feel this “eHarmony” story is slanted towards us guys being narcissists. Ya think it’s only men who can’t take commitments in a relationship and when the going gets rough we get going.

Ok…ok…so when the going gets rough we get going. But hey….when the going gets good we DO come back. Doesn’t that count for something?

Anyhow, those are “eHarmonys” Ten Signs You Are With A Narcissist.” For more on this you can go to “” and search their site. You can also visit a great blog site which is about one person’s views on narcissism at “”

Or…you can simply just ask your partner why he or she is a narcissist.

If you have a death wish.


Or if you’re Todd Palin

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