Who Can Forget The “Lady In Red.” Those lips……(pant)


Time to take our monthly trip back in time to the 1980’s and remember one hot lady. Kelly LeBrock.

First, that iconic photo of Kelly which may have been the inspiration for Chris Deburgh’s song, “The Lady In Red”(1987)


(L) Kelly back in the 80’s, and Kelly, (R) today. Um….red still does it for me.

By the way, if you check out this months issue of “Playboy Magazine” you’ll find a photo layout of Chris Deburgh’s daughter. Which means that if you remember that song by Chris you’re an old dinosaur like me and will feel twice as old when you see his daughter’s photos.

And, of course, here’s that song: (I chose the Spanish version because it’s quite sensual, has a quick advertisement for wine, which, as we all know, goes along with sensual stuff, and the woman in the video appears to be Kelly LeBrock)

And that hot panty scene with Kelly from “Weird Science.”

Kelly still has it as far as I’m concerned. Here’s another photo of her from then and now:kelly lebrock2

I’m tellin’ ya it’s those lips. (for you women out there who are into “lips,” just think of Kelly’s lips as similar to that of “Aerosmith”s” Steven Tyler’s lips. Guys…..Liv Tyler’s and, of course, Kelly LeBrock’s)

So, because Kelly was highlighted on the web this past week as still being one of a handful of hot babes, I somehow managed to get into the “lip” aspect on today’s blog.

Which, of course, led me to thinking about other women who have hot lips. (you’ll note that for once I’m NOT into the boob thing)

So, who else besides Kelly, Liv and Steven have a really good set of hot lips? (for the record I’m concentrating on women’s hot lips and not mens)

Only because I have this image of 70-year-old Mick Jagger imbedded in my brain and I need to purge it out by concentrating on women’s lips.jagger

Well, we can cite Angelina Jolie for one. Who of course inherited her lips from her dad, Jon Voight, who most likely excited women in his day with his own set of lips until he got eaten by that giant Anaconda snake which had its own pair of hot lips in the movie “Anaconda.”


Never ask for a hug from an Anaconda

Yuk……sorry Jon…..RIP.

But, he did manage to sire Angelina before that no good snake ate him:


LIPS! LIPs! Ya damn perverts….you’re supposed to be looking at her LIPS!!!

And of course we have to show Liv Tyler’s lips as long as we’re highlighting lips:


Geesh. You’re not looking at her lips either are you….

And one more “hot lips’ set stands out. From the TV series “M*A*S*H,” who can forget Loretta Swit as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan. Now I KNOW you’ll immediately just focus on HER lips in THIS photo:


Um….maybeeee not……(um…does this mean I actually DID mention boobs?)

Ok…..then how about this one:


HAH! This one worked!

So those are some of the best sensual lips, next to Kelly LeBrock’s, that I came up with. Feel free to submit your own set of sensual lip candidates.

That said, and of course making my point about how hot Kelly LeBrock and her lips still are, I shall leave you with this image:horse lips

And only because it was the only cartoon I could find about lips that wasn’t perverted. HEY! If ya think THIS cartoon is perverted, go do a search on the Internet on “lips” and see what the hell comes up!

Trust me….it ain’t the kissin’ kind of lips.

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2 Responses to Who Can Forget The “Lady In Red.” Those lips……(pant)

  1. walter stewart says:

    I have heard rumors that Loretta posed for playboy, does anybody know which issue?

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