Should Animals Be Allowed To Marry Each Other? * (*the four legged kind)


HEY! What’s this “WE” stuff?

We’ve come a long way as a society here in America. Recognizing gays and same-sex marriages. Equality for all. The right thing to do. At least in my humble opinion. If you tend to disagree with me, as I said before, “Hey…this is MY freakin’ blog and if ya don’t like it, take a damn hike!”

Oh yeah, there is a comments section somewhere on this blog if ya click on the blue title above where you can leave any kind of uncensored comment you’d like to leave.complaint

I love comments. Especially idiotic ones. AND….considering today’s blog is about allowing animals to get married to each other, idiots….puleeeese step, or crawl forward.

At least those idiots in Sri Lanka who are presently all bent outta shape because their police department allowed a group wedding ceremony for sniffer dogs.

(sniffer dogs are not to be confused with males who walk into a singles bar and sniff out any woman they can possibly hit on)


Do you Rover take Fido here as your faithful loving companion till death do you part…..

These dogs are real dogs employed by the Sri Lankan police department. Nine of whom were joined in matrimonial bliss in a ceremony this past Monday dressed in shawls and surrounded by loved ones while hats and socks, like those used in traditional weddings, were placed on a decorated platform in the Sri Lankan town of Kandy.

Their marriages were registered by an official in the presence of a crowd of veterinary surgeons, medical doctors, top police officers and the public.

Even local television showed the dog couples being driven away after the ceremony in a police jeep decorated for their honeymoon.


The nine lovely couples being escorted to the altar

Personally I see nothing wrong with animals getting married to one another. Even animals who are not of the same gender. Or perhaps make and model. Like a dog marrying a cat, or, dogs, of the same-sex, as well as cats, of the same-sex getting hitched. What’s the big deal.

As that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said, “Animals are people too.”

(which is why Seamus, Romney’s dog, always gets a first class seat on the roof of the family’s car)



So why are some Sri Lankan’s getting ballistic over this?

Well, it’s a cultural thing.

Cultural and Arts Minister T.B. Ekananayake, (I guess pronounced ekk-canna-a-yak-a, which I assume they might call him either “Ek” for short, or “Yake” or simply T.B. rather than screw up pronouncing his last name and piss him off even more) said that the ceremony undermined traditional wedding rituals and should be strongly condemned. He called for an investigation.

No dogs, as of this writing, have been arrested, impeached, or have had to hand in their police dog badges or service bones.


However, that may be an impeachable offense in Sri Lanka

Hmmm. Doesn’t anybody in Sri Lanka have a damn easy name for cripes sake?

Police spokesman Buddhika Siriwardena, (see what I mean) apologized for any damage to the country’s cultural heritage, saying that the goal was to breed sniffer dogs domestically.

Which marriage, as all of us know, helps dogs to cope with everyday domestic problems. Such as being trained to take out the garbage, mow the lawn, leave the remote alone and accept it when their dog spouses say, “Not tonight dear I have a headache.” Works for us humans doesn’t it.

So why not allow these dog sniffers the same opportunity as us human sniffers. When ya think about it, how many times have ya heard a woman refer to a man as a dog. Yep…my point exactly.

Culture or no culture, it’s just damn wrong not to allow dogs, or any other animal the right to get married to each other. Or to other animals of a different gender.dog12

If its good for “Lady and the Tramp,” its gotta be good for all dogs.

I mean it’s not like Sri Lankan city halls across that country are suddenly gonna have an influx of dogs storming their marriage license offices. And so what if they do…if they’ve got the cash to fork over for a marriage license, who gives a rats ass.

Unless it’s a rat that’s applying for a marriage license. HEY! Equality for all.


Yet another argument for rats being able to obtain marriage licenses

Like I’ve always said, marriage is a great institution….if ya like being in an institution, which obviously many of us do, otherwise those idiots in Congress would have banned it eons ago. Come to think of it, the way many congressmen screw around on their spouses maybe they actually are considering banning marriage. Ya never know.

Mark Sanford… home…..quick.

So all in all I think it was a great idea to let those sniffer dogs get married. Sri Lanka needs to cut those police officers, and dogs, some serious slack here.

There are too many other important things to worry about as far as I’m concerned.

Like if rats ARE actually allowed to get marriage licenses in Sri Lanka.

Only because, unlike dogs, you can never trust a stinkin’ low down no good nik rat.

As once said by that famous Sri Lankan philosopher, Don Vito Corleone.don

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3 Responses to Should Animals Be Allowed To Marry Each Other? * (*the four legged kind)

  1. knovalie2012 says:

    You gave me the giggles with this one. Seriously why would anyone be against animals getting married? Do they have nothing better to do than complain about things that can NEVER directly influence or affect their lives in any way possible?

    • misfit120 says:

      knovalie: You would think that they would object to the “two legged” kinds of animals getting married considering the divorce rate. We have 3 cats that live together and not one has asked to end their relationships in over 8 years. Go figure.

      • knovalie2012 says:

        Marriage isn’t an institution anymore, for those with two legs, it’s more of a joy ride! Hop in when you young dumb and full of, well you know. Hop out when you get sick of the company your in so you can find another joy ride and start all over!

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