Psssst……Ya Wanna By A 1959 Chevy Bel Air…only 9 miles on the odometer.


Sandra Hoppenferger back in 1959 with some hot dudes Chevy

Such a deal….a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air with only 9 miles on the odometer. OMG! I CAN go back in time and play, “Wake Up Little Susie” on that car radio in a NEW car with only 9 miles on the odometer AND possibly find that song on the car radio AND maybe even have Susie sitting next to me just to bring back them good old days.

Um, except Susie doesn’t have 9 miles on HER odometer. More like 60 or 65….in years. (sigh)

The Chevy in question is NEW when ya think about it. Because it DOES only have 9 miles on the odometer and that’s it!

How can this be you say?

Well here’s how. Along with a 1960 Corvair Monza and 500 other vintage cars that for the most part, other than a few miles, have never been driven that have been stored in various places in Pierce, Nebraska. Where ya gonna find a deal like this?  Other than going to Cuba where vintage cars are still running but have mucho miles on them.


Or….store it in my garage till 2013

In Pierce, Nebraska it’s been seventeen years since car dealer Ray Lambrecht closed his Chevrolet dealership. But, according to this story by the AP, he had a big secret. Which was that he had stashed cars all over the place that didn’t sell right away.

This guy stashed these cars in warehouses, at his farm and at other places around the town he worked in for 50 years. Like how about a rare Chevy Cameo pickup which might bring in a six figure bid when this treasure trove of cars goes up for auction next month.


Auctioneer Yvette VanDerBrink stands in front of a “brand new” 1963 Chevrolet Impala and a “brand new” 1958 Cameo pickup truck. (NATI HARNIK/AP PHOTO)

(I see Cubans standing in line to get visas to the U.S. to replenish their inventory of classic vintage cars)


As sure as my name is Fidel, I’ll make you a car deal you can’t refuse

OMG! Just to be able to tool around town again with the radio blasting from my vintage 1963 Chevy Impala.

Ya see, I couldn’t afford a 1963 Chevy Impala back in 1963 so that I could tool around town and impress the babes. Now’s my chance to do just that.

Yeah, I remember cute steamy hot looking Sandra Hoppenferger and that enticing pointy bra she used to wear with that white pull over sweater. Damn! She never even gave me a look when I’d drive by blasting, “I Wonder Why” by Dion and the Belmonts in my 1949 De Soto.

Come to think of it, no hot babe would even glance at me when I drove by in my De Soto. Go figure.


1949 De Soto. HEY! Is THIS car a babe magnet or what!

But…it might have been because all those other cool guys had Chevys, and souped up Fords and Corvettes. Ya think?

Somehow, hearing “Runaway” by Del Shannon coming from a hot looking Chevy, Ford or Corvette might be more impressive to a babe then coming from a four door 1949 De Soto.

OH YEAH!  Well wait till I bid on one of those vintage cars. First thing I’m doing is finding a really good oldies station, (those cars did not have cassette or CD players) and waiting till a hot song comes on, say like, “Fun Fun Fun” by The Beach Boys, and then drive by Sandra Hoppenferger’s house and I’ll bet she’ll really be impressed then.

Providing of course that Sandra can actually hear me drive by her house with the Beach Boys blasting considering that now she’s in her 70’s, might be wearing a hearing aid, OR… in an assisted living facility where they don’t allow loud radios blasting.

Then basically I’m screwed.

Hmmmm. Maybe it’s not a good idea to go out to Nebraska after all.


But Grandma……what a neat tattoo of the Grateful Dead ya have on your arm

But. If you’re crazy enough, and have a lot of money of course, to want to bid on any of these cars, you can do an Internet search on this story or track down the former car dealers daughter, Jeannie Stillwell, and get the details on the auction. Which I believe can also be accessed on-line for bidding.

A few of the classic vehicles do have some minor damage to them. They were stored in a warehouse until a heavy snow collapsed the roof and some of the cars sustained damage. They were then moved to another location but are all still well-preserved.

Like maybe Sandra Hoppenferger. One can only hope.

The two-day auction will feature mostly unsold Chevrolet’s that have sat untouched for decades. (unlike Sandra Hoppenferger) They will go on the auction block in as-is condition. 50 of them have less than 20 miles on the odometer. (unlike Sandra Hoppenferger) Some of the cars are so rare that no one has established a price.


Sandra Hoppenferger today…(sigh)

So, if ya have a lot of bucks just lying around and you’re into vintage cars with low mileage, and possibly have “Sandra Hoppenferger” envy, ya might wanna check into this auction.

Good luck car aficionados.

(NOTE) Sandra Hoppenferger. If you’re by chance reading this blog, forget about me buying one of those vintage cars and tooling by your assisted living facility. You had your chance back in 1963 when I had my hot De Soto. And besides, your pointy boobs and pull over sweaters don’t do it for me anymore.

I’m into Betty White who can still appreciate a really hot looking De Soto.

Just sayin.’


Actual photo of my 1949 De Soto outside of radio station WRIB in Providence, R.I. in 1963

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