Raquel Welch Plays An Aunt! OMG!! I’m Freakin’ Old!!!!!


Even animals could not resist eating Raquel. (get your minds out of the gutter ya damn perverts)

Ya know, it’s bad enough when you finally accept the fact that you’re a dinosaur. Yep, just one step away from paying real close attention to those”Scooter” ads on TV. One step away from paying real close attention to those ads that advertise insurance policies that will cover your burial expenses. And, one step away from  really considering getting one of those “first alert” thingys that hang around your neck so that you can push a button when that old scenario happens to you:

“Helllllllllp! I’ve fallen and I can’t get the f**k up!”


I have “first alert” devices on my cats

But, considering I’m NOT quite at that point “yet” it is a bit discomforting to just think about how old I really am and what lies ahead. Besides death that is. Which, when you think about it, is sort of “lying” ahead…..literally…..on your back, six feet under.

(do they ever bury anybody lying face down?)

Anyhow, what got me on this “old” kick today was a news release by “The Inquisitr,” which is yet another source of useless information I subscribe to. Only because I thrive on useless information. Which is one reason I follow politics closely. For the useless information.

So the news item that caught my eye was that Raquel Welch, (72) will be starring in an upcoming “Lifetime” movie entitled, “House of Versace,” based on the book, “House of Versace: The Untold Story Of Genius, Murder and Survival.”

(House of Versace is NOT about a real estate agent selling high-priced homes)


2010 Photo of Raquel (Wikipedia)

Gianni Versace was an Italian fashion designer who designed clothing for many celebrities. He was murdered outside of his home in Miami Beach in 1997.

So now “Lifetime” will be bringing the story to the tube. With Raquel Welch having a part in that story. Welch will be playing Aunt Lucia who had a key role in saving the Versace company after his death.

I’m somewhat delighted that we’ll be able to see Raquel once again. However, my images of Raquel are NOT that of a 72-year-old woman…..playing a 72-year-old aunt. Only because I remember Raquel as a (pant) hot looking “give me one night alone with her and I can die totally happy” women. Meaning that if I had one night alone with Raquel and had the big one, (heart attack during torrid sex) I’d die happy.


Aunt Raquel. Um…..auntie…..can I have a biggggggg hug.

So it’s kind of discomforting to think about her playing an aunt. Unless…..she’s still totally hot looking, at 72, and I’d still be able to envision my dream of dying a happy death if I had one night alone with her having torrid sex. At 72.

Because, I’m 71 and ANY sex at my age is torrid as far as I’m concerned. Cripes, torrid sex with Betty White or Helen Mirren would be torrid as well. Ya just can’t be too choosy at my age.

(inserting torrid sex photo of Helen Merrin…..HEY!…..it’s torrid to me!)


H-H-H-Helen M-M-M-Mirren

I hate to bring up “cleavage” here, but you all know how shallow I am. Besides, ya have to cut me a bit of slack on this one. Only because I have to mention that Welch has been busy otherwise by writing a book entitled, “Raquel: Beyond The Cleavage.” Which is on the “New York Times” best seller list and has nothing to do with kitchen cleaving or bringing in the sheaves.



The “Lifetime” movie will air on October 5th at 8pm. An added plus for those of you over 70 who would like to watch and then test out your new prescription of Viagra.

Just sayin.’

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