Part 2: Filner….Are You Nucking Futs!!!!! Subtitled: But Grandpa…what big groping hands you have.


The zoo’s newest attraction

No, I’m NOT on a San Diego Mayor Bob Filner kick by doing two consecutive blogs about this guy. Um….ok….ok….I’m on a San Diego Bob Filner kick by doing two consecutive blogs about this guy.

Why you ask?  Because no sooner had I written yesterday’s blog about how “Hooters” and Glenn Beck had managed to get some of those “Hooters” chains to ban Filner from their restaurants, lest he grope a waitress or a hamburger, or both at the same time, now a 67 year-old great-grandmother, (kinda like the one you’ve read about in “Little Red Riding Hood”) came forward and accused the mayor of sexual harassment.


Cripes….I wonder why his sex therapy sessions aren’t working?


Um….this could be one reason



Oh puleeese….puleeese…..

Filner’s groping and feeling and Gawd knows doing what to a 67-year-old great-grandmother has even made wolves in the forest who did in “Little Red Riding Hood’s” grandmother as well as the “Three Little Pigs” incident embarrassed about all this.

(There were no sexual harassment charges leveled against the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood.” I do believe the charge was homicide)


Story courtesy of Fox news

Peggy Shannon, (no relation to Del) who worked part-time in City Hall whose job it was to provide information to senior citizens, (like how to avoid Mayor Filner) said that Filner repeatedly made unwanted advances towards her over a period of several months, asking for dates, (not the kind you eat) and once, (gasp) kissing her on the mouth.

This obviously can’t be good for Filner considering 55 other women have come forward since then to accuse the 70 year-old Democrat and former congressmen of groping and other sexually inappropriate behavior.

He could be in serious trouble here folks.

I checked the arrest record of that wolf involved in that “Red Riding Hood” home invasion and he got 20 years to life in the slammer. Ya can’t screw around with senior’s who live alone in the forest and expect to get off with a slap on the tail.


And the statue of Liberty lady is 127 years-old…OMG!!!!

I suspect with all this sexual misconduct stuff making the news lately the next big story to make headlines will be an investigation to what the hell went on in that same forest with those seven short guys living alone in the woods with that “Snow White” woman. I never bought her “I’m innocent” story. I didn’t fall off of the dwarf truck yesterday ya know.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, um….no, I meant, meanwhile back at City Hall, the mayor has come under mounting scrutiny, (not a horse named “Scrutiny”) for using his city-issued credit card for questionable expenses along with other stuff. Like maybe buying wipes to clean his hands with after those groping incidents. Can’t be too overly hygienic ya know. Ya never know where someone’s been before ya groped them.


The mayor just being overly hygienic in the lady’s room at City Hall

Personally I don’t get all this groping and feeling sexual harassment stuff. You would think if you had a “groping” addiction you’d simply satisfy your “groping” addiction by going to a supermarket and feeling up a bunch of cantaloupes or something. Not as titillating, (love that word) but at least no one, other than the grocery department clerk, would get upset enough to charge you with sexual harassment.

Unless there’s some statute somewhere that protects cantaloupes from being groped, unless you buy them, take them home, and THEN grope them. Makes sense to me.

(I attempted to contact the “ACA,” (American Cantaloupe Association) to see if groping a cantaloupe in a grocery store was considered a sexual offense but received no reply)


Lame joke courtesy of the “American Cantaloupe Association.”

So what’s to become of Mayor Filner? He refuses to resign. He’s now got a bunch of women charging him with sexual harassment. And now a 67-year-old great-grandmother steps forward and also accuses him of groping.

What’s next? Him sending explicit text photos of himself groping a cantaloupe to other people from his iPhone? Maybe posting photos of himself groping himself, (during slow groping times) and posting them on “Twitter.” OMG!…..Shades of Anthony Weiner.

One can only imagine. Perhaps a special “Chuck E Cheese” playroom the mayor can go to when he feels the need to grope and feel women.


Yep….this might do the trick

In the meantime, for those of you San Diego residents who have to make a trip to City Hall, I suggest you don anti-groping clothing jusssst in case the mayor is present when you have to conduct some sort of business there. A warning to women obviously.

Suggestions: Do NOT wear any suggestive clothing that would entice the Mayor to grope you. Perhaps straight smocks might be in order. Do NOT, when visiting City Hall, bend over to get a drink of water from a water fountain. Do NOT wear any suggestive T-Shirts that say, “Grope Me.” And most important of all, if you should happen to be in an elevator with Mr. Filner and he’s eying you lasciviously, PUSH THE EMERGENCY BUTTON THEN KICK HIM IN HIS MAYORAL BALLS.


5th grade ball kicking class taught in all schools in San Diego

Just sayin,’

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2 Responses to Part 2: Filner….Are You Nucking Futs!!!!! Subtitled: But Grandpa…what big groping hands you have.

  1. swedenole13 says:

    Oh my God…laughing out loud! Too damn funny!!!

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Thanks Sandy…..I see you’re into perverted fairy tales with wolves.

      Click here for my daily blog.


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