The End Of Life As We Know It: When You’re Banned From “Hooters.”


You’re all looking at the cake aren’t you?

Yes, life for all male slugs would definitely not be worth living if we were banned from “Hooters” restaurants.

And, that said, I guess life is over for 70 year-old San Diego Mayor Bob (OMG! Are Those Real!) Filner) because now a few “Hooters” restaurants have now officially banned him from ever hootering in their “Hooters” restaurant ever again.

Which is kind of ironic considering “Hooters” is best known for their big hooters waitresses and the customers, mostly male, who ogle them.


AND….when it comes to “cup size” I’m pretty  sure you’re referring to those coffee cups she’s holding

You would think that the “groping and feeling” Mayor Filner would be welcome there. Unless “Hooters” was afraid that he would go beyond groping and feeling the waitresses and start groping the food….which is very unsanitary and might offend other customers. So I guess I can understand their logic.

Wouldn’t want anyone groping and feeling MY hamburger. Mayor or no mayor.

Four of the “Hooters” restaurants in the San Diego area have posted signs saying that Filner “will not be served in this establishment. We believe women should be treated with respect.”

Which is quite understandable. And is the reason why “Hooters” insists that all their waitresses only expose their cleavage and nothing else so as not to upset patrons who are expected to treat those waitresses with respect while ogling their boobs. Makes sense to me.


Filner’s last visit to a “Hooters” restaurant

These signs are the brain child of brainless talk show host Glenn Beck, who obviously has nothing better to do than worry about Filner going to a “Hooters” restaurant and ogling women with their boobs hanging out.

“Hey, ah think it’s ok if any other red-blooded American male goes to a “Hooters” and ogles them there big boobed women, but not Filner…the damn prevert. Um, unless he does take-out and doesn’t hang around the drive thru window.”

So what’s Beck’s logic? Well, he’s cited the Filner scandal as one of several high-profile cases of sexual misconduct by Democratic congressmen. (we all know ONLY Democrats engage in sexual misconduct don’t we)


Were you ever a pilot on the “Enola Gay?”

He cited New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, in contesting the assertion that the Republican Party is waging a “war on women.” (Refer to “Vagina’s Banned By Republican Party”)  Um, you actually can’t refer to that, but it sounded pretty good to me personally. And….Sandra Fluke.

Beck stated: “I made the signs for all the people of San Diego and all businesses.”

Gawd….such a patriot. (sniff)


Because he’s “nuts.”

“Hooters,” of course, says that they support their girls. Again, this coming from a restaurant chain that promotes a waitress staff that promotes “Hooters girls” who dress in cleavage-revealing tops and shorts.

Hmmmm. Is this like a strip club saying that we support our naked girls right to dance naked on a stage or do sexually suggestive things on a pole while pole dancing, but, we don’t want guys coming in and ogling them and having sexual thoughts……….like Filner?


Might cure Filner’s groping addiction

Ok…then I guess I must be missing something here.

Beck went on to say with great wisdom” “At the top of the show (his) I told you California is creating a new society without any common sense, but at least the girls of “Hooters” are standing up against the mayor of San Diego. This is a sweet moment.”

Scuse me….I’m STILL attempting to figure out the logic in all this.


Hmmm. Ok….I think I’ve got it. It’s ok for scantily clad boob cleavage voluptuous women waitresses to prance around serving customers at “Hooters” and have all kinds of guys forget what the hell they’re ordering because they’re ogling those boobs and other body parts, BUT, not for Mayor Filner, BECAUSE he was involved in groping and feeling in other places…..namely city hall…….where they do not serve hamburgers or have scantily clad women.

Um….could this be a political ploy by Beck?

Nah….he wouldn’t do that would he?


Um….can I choose another lower rear body part?

Now personally I thinkith that Beck would have a solid case if he had gone to an “Olive Garden,” “Applebees,” “TGIF,” “Chili’s,” or a local food pantry. After all, there are no, as far as I can determine, scantily clad women in those places. Other than a few stray female customers now and then attempting to pick up a guy ordering a lobster or something.

You KNOW that if a guy in a food pantry orders a lobster he’s gotta have bucks.

But “HOOTERS!”  Nope. I think he’s on a quest to make something out of nothing. Which is to make something out of that nothing show he has that’s faltering. So to increase his ratings, he jumps all over the Filner story, as well as the “Hooters” boobs.

Ok….so a few San Diego “Hooters,” (the restaurant and not some waitress with boobs) has banned Filner from going there. I’m sure this will be devastating to Filner. Might even make him go off the deep end and have to go to a McDonald’s or Burger King. OMG! The deprivation of it all.

Then again, I myself go to McDonald’s and Burger King and never see anything the equivalent to a “Hooters” type waitress displaying her boobs whilst ordering my usual fish filet sandwich. So I would assume there is no danger of those establishments following Beck’s call and issue a ban to Mayor Filner.


Except for this one time at Wendys

So Mayor Filner. Do not fret this “Hooters” ban. There are plenty of other fish o’ filet fish to fry. Like dining at “Legal Seafood” for one. OR……just going to one of those strip clubs I mentioned earlier, ordering up a plate of ribs, or a hamburger, and ogling the women with no one in there EVER going to complain about your ogling.

BUT…..just a word of caution Mayor Filner.

The ONLY thing you better be groping or feeling while you’re there is your food.

Just sayin.’

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