Road Signs That Drive People Nuts

I came across a post by the “Travel Channel” this week that highlighted some really stupid road signs. So I decided to take a break today from my usual nonsense, which is politics, stupid people, boobs, and naked celebrities, and show you some real road signs from the “Travel Channel” and others that I managed to find on the Internet.


Another reason to stock up on car air fresheners

These are actual signs supposedly made by actual intelligent Department of Public Works employees. Makes ya wonder how the hell we make it home safely after getting in our vehicles and heading out on the highway.


I’m assuming this sign indicates this particular area of the highway is known for flying pedestrians

While this one below is for anyone suffering from allergies.



Meanwhile, if you’ve been married for a long time, love sex, but your partner does not, perhaps THIS sign would serve as a reminder that ya better forget scoring tonight.


Or whatever…..

My thinking is that if you need a warning sign like the one below you’re an idiot.


Unless you’re an American and don’t understand Japanese, Chinese and have no idea what a car going over a cliff means.

Sometimes while driving it’s very easy to get distracted when you see a sign like this one thinking to yourself, “OMG….hot babes in speedos ahead……”


Until you get pulled over for doing 80 MPH and realize they meant….”speed check.”

Did ya ever wonder why you tend to see a lot of accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks on the freeway and not on back roads.  Well, here’s why.


“Hold on Hoss…..we’re topping 120 MPH!”

Now this next one falls into the, “I don’t have a freakin’ clue category.”


And, considering it’s in France, I’m not sure I wanna know either.

Same goes for this one……….


It’s either a very ugly bug with a lot of legs, or Mayan’s crossing the road with a damn canoe

You know how sometimes when you’re out for a nice relaxing drive out in the country with the family and you come across a cute town name. Ya might wanna block the little kiddies eyes when you’re entering this town…..


“Hey…we’re not laughing. We’re just curious as to what the hell is going on in your town..”

For you cool dudes looking to score some weed…..


Yeah….like real cool man……

I like this next sign because it shows they have some compassion for lawyers….


You can spot them by their briefcases

Yes, it was only a matter of time before I got to the “boob” signs. You know there had to be at least one or two. So, here’s the first one…..


Obviously this is a “no boob grabbing” or a “no touchy feeley” area.”

And, I’m assuming this next sign is either a speed bump warning sign, or a “beware of exposed boobs” sign. OR…..”well endowed woman ahead, keep eyes on road.”


My money’s on the “well endowed women” warning

And finally, if you’re managed to survive all these signs on your travels, there’s one last one you really have to pay attention to. For the sake of all animals.


And, as most animals do not have medical coverage, this seems like a logical sign

So, there ya have it folks. Some really weird signs that actually exist.

And….my last sign, as I close off today’s blog……


Signed: The Godblogger

Just sayin.’

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One Response to Road Signs That Drive People Nuts

  1. applesauce80 says:

    My favorite: Weed next 3 exits! LMFAO!

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