How To Be A Moron. (I’ve Qualified) Proudly.


My honorable award certificate

Remember those old moron jokes. Like:

Why can’t a moron dial 911?
He can’t find the 11 on the phone!


Not to fret Johnny…..accept it as an honor

I’ve been recently classified as being a “moron.” Yep. Certified A-1 “moron.”

Now that achievement does not come easily mind you. I had to work very hard at attaining that “moron” status. THEN…..submit my “moron” credentials to a bunch of certified “moron” experts in order to obtain that “moron” status. Which I am very proud to accept.


Thanks…it came with my award

So how did I manage to make it to the top of the “moron” list?

I foolishly asked a question on one of those Internet sites that had a news story about that government program that “EVERYONE” on the face of the Earth despises…..”Obamacare.”  I used the word, “EVERYONE” because that’s what got me to wondering about “Obamacare” in the first place.

I said to myself, after reading an article about “Obamacare,” “Mousefeet, what are the percentages of people in the U.S. that hate “Obamacare?”  I asked this to myself because I was reading some of the vile comments regarding “Obamacare” following the article that I had read, and came across a number of comments stating that a whopping 72% of Americans hate “Obamacare.”

Soooo. Me being of a curious nature, and a “moron,” I simply asked, (in the comments section) “Hey, where did ya get that 70% stat?”

Because I really wanted to know where that 70% figure came from. Being the stupid ass that I am and not knowing if for sure that 70% of Americans hate “Obamacare.”

I also asked if someone, anyone, any person with a brain, or any person with any knowledge what so ever could give me information as to where they were getting their “facts.”

Here’s my actual honest to goodness post on that web site:

You said, “Ok…..I’ve read all these posts. Now…..can someone (especially the two I replied to) tell me WHERE it states that 70% of Americans are against the ACA? Document it please. Facts…just the facts. I’m really curious where this came from.

Soooooo. What do I get?  THIS:

DW27** | Report Abuse
And to be honest about it, it’s 52% against it…For now!
DW27** | Report Abuse
Try living on planet earth for awhile and keep your head outta Obozo’s butt moron.

I was totally shocked!  Yes, shocked. I had no idea I had attained “moron” status. All these years of trying to be a moron and all I had to do was go on the internet and ask an intelligent question. Who woulda guessed that’s all it would have taken.moron6

Now this responder, “DW27,” obviously knows his Obama butt moron stuff. Otherwise how would he know I have my head in, as he put it, up “Obozo’s butt.”

I’m assuming he’s telling me that I should keep my head out of the President’s butt.

Which, I had no idea qualified one for “moron” status. Or, if you actually like “Obamacare,” you are considered a “moron.”


Of course there are also various kinds of morons too

I might add also that if any of you have a “pre-existing” medical condition and were turned down by an insurance company, you can no longer be rejected thanks to “Obamacare.” Which of course, means that you are up Obama’s butt as well, and, a “moron”…..just like me.

I’m perfectly content to being a “moron” for simply asking where those percentages of people who dislike “Obamacare” came from. BUT…..that said. I look at it this way.

If I’m a freakin’ “moron,” don’t ya think, after winning that title, I should at least have my question answered? Like, where did that 70% or, as “DW27” stated, 52% figure come from?

We “morons” like to be moronic and continually press for moronic responses to our moron questions so as to hold on to our moron status by asking those moronic questions……..which, other morons do not seem to have a response to…..other than, “Hey you moron, you have your head stuck up Obozo’s butt.”

Real intelligent.


Only use on sunny days

Then again, that guy could be a moron like me and be qualified to refer to the President as “Obozo” and possibly be schooled in the science of political butt sniffing, or butt head shoving. Not sure….but he DOES seem schooled in that area.

So, humbly I accept that classification as “moron.”

Only because if posting an intelligent question on an Internet website makes me a “moron,” then I accept that status with great honor.

Now scuse me. I really need to check out why there’s no number 11 on my telephone jusssst in case I ever have to dial 911.

Just sayin.’

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