Secret Messages In Strange Places. Like Bathrooms….Which ARE Strange To Begin With.


Kinda makes you feel sorry for the little guy doesn’t it

Yes, we’ve all been to that strange place called the bathroom. Although “bathroom” should NOT be the term for “restrooms” when you’re out and about and need to….um….er…..go. Because there are no “baths” in “restrooms” just toilets and sinks. So, hence, why restrooms are called restrooms and bathrooms are called “bathrooms.”

Good. Now that I’ve cleared that up, on to what the hell point I’m making.

Which is a hotel and restroom graffiti artist, (I use that term artist loosely) who leaves secret funny messages mostly in restrooms. You know, like the ones you see scribbled on the walls of the stall you’re sitting in that says, “For a good time call Monica.” And then her number is scribbled in under her name. Most of the time Monica turns out to be Marvin or Martin.

But this guy who writes funny messages, British comedian and “artist” David Bussell, writes them on a lot of different places. For instance, this mirror message:


Anthony Weiner’s defense plea

Soooo, David, who obviously does not have a life beyond hanging out in restrooms and writing on walls, has been doing this stuff since 2006. Three years longer than I’ve been writing this stupid blog,                   and HE gets notoriety all over the Internet from Yahoo’s “Shine” Go Figure.

If I’d have known all it would take to get noticed is to write on bathroom walls I would have done that instead of writing this blog. Actually I did write on a few bathroom walls saying, “For a good time call Misfit.” But all I got were calls from Marvin and Martin.

Damn perverts.

Do ya think I’d get famous for writing this one on a roll of toilet paper…..


An anorexic restroom

Nope….but David gets noticed. #!^*@*%$%^#

So how does Dave explain his mental behaviour? Cause ya have to be a bit strange to go around hanging out in hotel bathrooms and restrooms scribbling stiff on toilet paper, mirrors and Gawd knows what else.

Well, he says that, “When I was a kid I remember my parents redecorated their house and let me draw cartoons on the plaster before they put up fresh paper. I was fascinated by the idea of the next tenant stripping it off one day and seeing the pictures I’d left them.”

He also mentioned that he once left a fake suicide note under the floorboards as a teenager, but is less proud of that.

(Note to Britain’s Scotland Yard. Ya can call off that cold case search for a missing teenagers body)

But, I’m seriously beginning to wonder about you Dave. Especially after this shot:


If you’re ever in a British restroom, always look up first before you pull your pants down. Oh….Hi Dave!

Dave usually hides his messages behind mirrors and pictures, to be found by the extremely curious. If he leaves a note out in the open, it’s always something that can be easily wiped clean or disposed of.  Says that he has some compassion for those room service people having to clean up after him.

He’s talking about the graffiti and NOT that he forgot to flush a toilet.

AND…he does have some that good old-time religion………..


Looks like Dave and I are gonna meet each other in Hell

Ah screw it Dave. As long as we’ve jumped all over Christians, might as well go full hog and guarantee us both a seat in Hell…..


Damn! And I had my heart set on being baptised “John in a “John.”

Shall we do one more just as a sort of a guarantee we both make it down below…..


Michelangelo would be proud

I mentioned that Dave is British, but he does get around a bit. He’s left his mark in England, Scotland, Guatemala, Cuba, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium, British Columbia and even here in the United States. Me thinkith this next one might be from a hotel in Cuba…….


OR….perhaps at a motel next to the Bronx Zoo

Dave told Yahoo’s “Shine” reporter Sarah B. Weir that he has squirreled other messages away in other places too, but those will only be revealed when someone offers him a book deal and prints the whole set.

Hey Dave! You and me both. Offer ME a book deal and ya can have all my freakin’ blogs since 2009. Some even have toilet photos in them. And lots of boob pics.

Hmmm. Let’s drink to that!


Whaddya figure Dave? “MO” for money and a book deal?

Oh well. I missed MY calling by not thinking of leaving messages in hotels and restrooms like Dave has done. (sigh)

However……check next month’s “Playboy” magazine under “Readers Letters.” I DID manage to make my “graffiti” mark there bunko. (see comment about Sean Hannity’s Playboy interview)

Next…..a book deal.

Or…most likely…..a message from Playboy to renew my subscription……

Which….is kinda like a book deal.

I think.

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