Jeopardie….um…. Jeoppardy…er….. Jeoperdy…Damn!! Jeopardy….YES!! Um…did I win Alex?


DAMN! I would have said all politicians…..

Jeapoardy…um…oh….sorry, I spelled it wrong….that’s “Jeopardy.” Damn!

Anyhow, on the TV quiz show “Jeopardy” last week a 12 year-old kid, Thomas Hurley III, was cheated out of $3,000 dallars…oops…I meant “dollars” after he misspelled the word “Emancimpation Proclamation”…um…..sorry, spelled it wrong, that should be, “Emancipation Proclamation.”

Cripes, I’d never make it as a contestant on that program. Unless they had a senior edition.


Hey! How about an erectile dysfunction category Alex

Now the kid had the answer to the question correct. Which was, “Abraham Zapruder”…, sorry, that’s not right. It was, “Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, “a fit and necessary war measure.”

Of course the answer was, “The Empantion Proculator.” No….damn! The correct answer was “The Emancipation Proclamation.”

Which, to avoid all of this confusion, and misspelling, Abe should have called it, “The I’m Freeing All Those Slaves Proclamation.” (TIFATSP for short) Much easier to spell for a 12 year-old don’t ya think.

So the kid stuck an extra “T” in there. WTF! He got the answer right. Who gives a rats ass if he stuck in an extra “T” when spelling “emanciptation.” Oops….I mean “emancipation.”

Emanciptation, emanciptation, whatever. We all got it. Except for Alex Trebek and his smart ass we can spell anything staff. Who went ballistic because a 12 year-old kid misspelled a freakin’ word.

“Hey Alex….did ya ever misspell a damn word in your life?”


Jeopardy Answer: What did a judge say to Alex Trebek in court?

So to further add insult to injury, another contestant, little Skyler Hornback, responded with the correct spelling and he was declared the winner. Hornback was probably thinking in the back of his mind, “Na Na Na Na Na Na. Or, “Your mother wears combat boots.”

However, alert viewers saw this grievous despicable ruling and responded en masse to Alex calling him a ratfink. Well, they really didn’t call him a ratfink, but they did respond. Here’s a few posts from “Twotter.” Opps…..sorry, I meant “Twitter.”


Example of a Ratfink

Rod G  •

I’m 68 and can remember when every kid wasn’t a winner, there was no T-ball, no participation trophies, no reward for doing something incorrectly. I lost, as a fourth grader, the school district spelling bee for spelling “national” as “natonal”. I wasn’t cheated, didn’t feel cheated. I knew immediately what I had done, but the rule was you couldn’t change the spelling after you repeated the word after you spelled it. I didn’t get a runner up award.
It wasn’t the end of the world. I didn’t let it ruin my life. But of course now, if this kid from Connecticut grows up to be a serial killer, they can blame Alex Trebek and Jeopardy for scarring him for life.

Yes Rod…..exactly my point. Now this kid will take his frustration out on dictionaries by becoming a dictionary serial killer. Stalking librarians carrying dictionaries and ripping those books outta their hands and destroying them. What next? Will he be burning dictionaries as an adult.


Jeopardy Answer: How do you ask for a coffee at the Oxford English Dictionary Profanity Department

On the other sign of the coyn….I mean coin:

Harold  •  

What is this country coming to? The rules are rules. It’s getting so anytime someone doesn’t like the rules (laws) they cry foul and start a stink about changing them.
This has been one of the cleanest shows on TV and Alex Trebek helped make it that way.
Suck it up kid if that is the only “shaft” you get in life consider yourself lucky. You are acting like a whiny little brat.
As far as your old man, he needs to get a life too.

Geesh! Was Harold pissed off at this kid or what! Cripes, cut him some slack Harry. Maybe that’s the way his father spelled “Emancipation.” Or, Harold himself flunked spelling in school and that’s why he’s pissed off. Missed out on that gold star on his spelling test. Which is enough to piss anyone off for life.


Jeopardy Answer: How would you draw a picture of getting the shaft slowly?

And my absolute favorite….

Autonomous  • 

Let’s say the kid grows up to be a surgeon. Along the way, though, every quiz and test he has to take is treated with the same latitude that he’s asking for here. Would you want him removing YOUR kidney?

Hmmm. Geez, Good point Autonomous, Um….did you happen to spell “Autonomous” correctly? (checking dictionary)

Yep, he spelled it correctly. Might wanna apply for a spot on Jeopardy Auto whatever. If ya can spell that word, which I had trouble with, you’re a shoe in.


Jeopardy Answer: Who do you not want performing your kidney transplant?

Oh….what does that guys “Twitter” name “Autonomous” mean?  In the form of a Jeopardy question: “What is neither a Democrat or a Republican?”

Answer: An Inddependennt.

Oops….sorry Misfit. You’re automatically disqualified for spelling “Independent incorrectly.” Tooooo bad. Now get lost.

Hurley’s father was ticked off at Alex, stating, “Alex Trebek was really sort of callous and smug, kind of condensation……oops, , that should read, “kind of condescending” towards my son.”

Gimme a break here. I flunked spelling and totally rely on spell check. And….I might add, would NEVER try to appear on Jeopardy. I ain’t stoopid ya know. Um…well, when it comes to spelling I am stupid, but I have enough brains to know that I wouldn’t go on national TV and make an ass outta myself.


Misfit at Our Lady of Continuing Agony Catholic School

I’m NOT inferring that the kid made an ass out of himself. Cripes, he’s only 12. I’m referring to the fact that “I,” at my age would make an ass out of myself. As evidenced by the fact that I still can’t spell “linoleum” correctly. And you know that would be one of the questions I’d have to come up with if asked……

Jeopardy answer: Linoleum?

Misfit question’s answer:

“Linoleuimm. What do Mafia type hit men use to roll up bodies when they want to carry them out to their car trunks and drive them somewhere and get rid of them without making a mess?”

“Oops….sorry Misfit….your spelling is wrong. ”

“Mr. Guido Bomboomlata, do you have the correct answer?”

“Yeah, I gots da correcta answer Alex. The correcta answer is linoleum”

“Congratulations Mr. Bomboomlata. You’re our Jeopardy winner and….

“Cana I justa correct something here Alex.”

“Oh, sure go right ahead.”

“Wella, nowadays we donta use linoleum anymore causea itsa too hard to get into the trunk of a Lincoln and it stains easily, so wea usea dat stain guard rug, ya know what I’m talkin’ about and……….”

“Oh sure, but that’s way too much information….but thanks anyhow.”


So much for that stain master rug too

The flap about Alex was that many felt he was downing the kid and making him look stupid. Which accounts for the varied opinions on Twatter….um….Twitter.

Trebek hasn’t spoken out about Hurley’s treatment, but “Jeopardy” producers defended their decision in an e-mail to the media:

“If Jeopardy were to give credit for an incorrect response, (however minor) the show would effectively penalize the other players. We love presenting young people as contestants on our show and make every effort to be fair and consistent in their treatment.”

So in conclusion, it’s up to you to decide if Alex was insensitive or just doing his job.

Poisonally, I feld that he wuz jsut doing his job considerink the producers were the ones who made the final decfison. Perhaps he cold haf being more tackful in his rresponse, but, who the hell am I to decide when I candt efen spell a word correctfly.

Juist sayion.’

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  1. Charlie says:

    Entertaining and educational as well. Wonder what I will learn tomorrow.

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