Ah F**K…….Another #!#!!^%#! Bieber Idiot Blog.


Ohhhh Justin….Justin…..cough up a biggg one for me….PLEASE!!!!!

I hate myself. Why? Because I allowed myself to get sucked into writing yet another Justin Bieber motherf*****g blog. I should have more sense. This is just what Bieber wants me and several gazillion other media outlets to do. And we fell for it.

BUT. I’m only going to mention this idiot immature brat asswipe for a sentence more. And that’s it!

So what did he do? Spit out of a window in Toronto while people were watching below and laughing his butt off.

(final Bieber sentence) When this kid hits bottom for being stupid and something drastic happens to him like other “stars,” remember, I told ya so.

Stupid idiotic actions of the rich and stupid are nothing new. Apparently money, stardom, and lack of a functional brain go along with being famous. So do the consequences.

Lets take a look at how being famous, and being an idiot pays off:

Lindsay (*hic) Lohan

Lindsay (*hic) Lohan

Ah yes. The female version of the spit kid above. Um, let’s see the examples she sets. Crashing cars. Arrested a number of times. Into heavy partying. And the eventual rehab stint. (you are not considered a bona fide star unless you have at least one rehab stint under your belt…or skirt)

Next on the list of “I’m rich and famous so it’s ok if I f**k up,” Britney Spears.


Oh….soreeee….did I barf on you?

To her credit: Charged with a hit and run. (no baseball involved) Acted nutso for a while and was committed to a psychiatric facility. (money does that to ya…..counting all those one dollar bills) And also, like Lohan, did a stint in rehab. As long as I mentioned baseball, you can equate Spears rehab stint to being on the 15 day DL list.

Moving on. Some of you may recall “Partridge Family” star Danny Bonaduce.


Danny Bonaduce

Like the brat at the beginning of this blog he also let his temporary stardom go to his head….or penis. Considering he was once arrested for assaulting a transvestite hooker. OMG! What would Mrs. Partridge think!


Mrs. Partridge was played by Shirley Jones who, at age 79, just released a new book, “The Naked Truth” revealing all kinds of sexual stuff in her life. OMG! Say it ain’t so Mrs. Partridge.

Hmmm. Might have to cut Danny some slack here. Even though he did cocaine, lived in his car for a while and was charged with assaulting a battery. Um…no….that should read, “charged with assault and battery”. Sorry.

Then there was Plato, that Greek philosopher guy, and..um…………

(checking notes)

Sorry…..I meant Dana Plato, (“Different Strokes”) who was NOT an philosopher. Her claim to idiotic fame, besides starring in Different Strokes, drugs, starring in “strokes” of a different kind, (soft porn) and forging a prescription for Valium. She died at age 35 from, and…you guessed it….an overdose.

Dana Plato

Dana Plato (not a celebrity photo shoot pic)

“Our Gang” (also known as “The Little Rascals”) was a series of short films that depicted young children acting in a normal way back in the 20’s. Unfortunately our next “star” from those films made up for being “relatively normal” during that show later on in his life.


Scotty Beckett

Scotty Beckett, (“Our Gang”) who probably wished he had been beamed up before he was arrested on weapons charges, got involved with a shoot out with the police, passed bad checks, got a DUI while in a wheelchair, and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. THEN…..at age 39, died. Yep, you guessed right again, from an overdose.

In the, “need I say more” category……..


Nope….don’t EVEN have to say anymore

Well, um…I could mention that tryst between Lassie and that tramp of a dog from “Lady and the Tramp,” but, what the hell, why drag animals into this.

Then again…..I think I just wrote an entire blog about animals.

Go figure………

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