Animals Now Have Their Own Social Network Site. Um…..the four legged kind of animals.


Yes, we all know that presently two-legged animals are on social media websites.  As evidenced by some of the lame brain posts one finds on a lot of those sites. For example, just to prove my point, this post on a social media website which posed the question: “Should Obesity Be Considered A Disease.”

legalamericanwoman     17 hours ago



Is Michel Obama diseased?

Besides the misspells, further proof that maybe allowing four-legged animals to have their own social media website we might have more of an intelligent response when we post questions such as the one above. Might have to cut animals some slack on the spelling however.dog15

Well now there is an actual website for cats and dogs to express their feelings. It’s called, “yummypets,” whose main goal is to bring pet owners together and become the social network, or, as the article by “” and reporter Cherlynn Low says, “”petwork” for pets.


I let our cat Olivia log on to “” but she immediately went to the “Purina” website, ordered several cases of “Fancy Feast” cat food, which cost me a fortune, so I then deleted her account. There’s also a problem with some Tomcat wanting to be her friend.

Presently you, or your dog or cat, depending on who’s the more intelligent, can access the website in the UK. However, expected launch of the site is expected here in the U.S and Canada within the next twelve months. Until then, pets either have to use the standard land line, snail mail, or meowing and barking on fences to communicate with each other.

Until that happens though, you can still go on the Internet and set up your pet’s profile, or have your pet set it up, your choice, and start using the existing free functions like classified ads.

Something like: “Tom cat, single. Loves sitting on fences at night and belting out a few Sinatra tunes. Fine dining at high-class trash cans. Promise to give you the time of your nine lives.”

Also pet memorials: “In memory of our beloved Morris. He used up his nine lives in one week chasing semis. Until he finally caught one and couldn’t let go.”

As well as a place to list missing pets: “Missing – Horace the cat. Black and white tuxedo, went missing 15 years ago after a night out of mousing. He would be 105 years old by now and most likely retired and not wearing a tuxedo anymore but possibly a Angora sweater.

It’s pretty simple setting up an account for Fluffy or Rover. You can use your Facebook account as long as you trust your pet not to reveal your log in information. Lest some unruly neighborhood cats or dogs tap into your FB account and before you know it you’re getting photos of naked dogs and cats from some porno site. Or some Rottweiler wants to befriend you.


Why you should give a lot of thought before you let your pet have its own social media account

The site will ask you some very personal questions about your pet. So be prepared. Questions such as, “Is your pet neutered.” “Does he or she have any bad habits.”dog16

You’ll find in discussions with your pet that they would prefer if that personal information were not posted all over the Internet.

Other questions however are quite acceptable. Such as what is your pets favorite toy? What is its funniest habit? And, of course the basic question, name, type and sex. Meaning your pet’s name, the kind of pet it is, cat or dog I would assume, and sex. Which obviously means if your pet can have sex and would be open to any relationships.


Yet another reason not to let your pet have a social media account

The site also has photos and a place where you can vote on what pets you think are, as they put it, “Hot or Not.”

There was no mention in the article as to if clothing is optional for pets in the “Hot or Not” competition. Although in searching this site on the Internet I did come across one really hot looking French poodle. And you know those French when it comes to posing. Need I say more.

You can also post your pet’s profile which would make it a lot easier as far as pet dating and matchups are concerned.

Like maybe: German Shepherd, formally from Stuttgart, Germany and presently residing in Germantown, Pennsylvania, age 22, and single, as well as speaking fluent English, desires to meet his petmate. My interests are sharing a quiet evening on the rug sharing a ham bone. Re-runs of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. An occasional night out on the town sniffing strange fire hydrants, and intimate moments in front of a fireplace sniffing one another’s private parts. Seeking long-term relationship. No Beagles need apply.cat2

Presently “yummypets” has 170,000 members, but, the article states that many may have signed up out of curiosity and then quickly lost interest. Most likely because once pet owners turn over their computers to their pets, their computer keyboards get ruined from various pets slobbering all over the keyboards. This has been evident in the cases of St. Bernard’s using computers.

However there is hope for this website. If they can streamline their functions, it could very well be the go-to for pet owners everywhere.

Not to mention pets themselves who for so long have had to endure the heartbreak of not finding their purrrfect match or woofmate.

Remember, as that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said: “Dogs and cats are people too.”


Mitt Romney’s dog “Seamus” enjoys a drink out with the boys after a grueling trip to Massachusetts on the roof of the family car.

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  1. Cherlynn Low says:

    Hilarious! Love your take on this =)

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