So How Would Benedict Arnold Be Portrayed In The News Today?


It was then that Edward Snowden realized his calling

If you’ve been following the Edward Snowden story, the guy that leaked information about various spying programs the U.S. has, you either think this guy is a super hero with a big set of balls for taking on the government and exposing those bastards for spying on all of us. Most likely when most of us were undressed at night and they were peeking into our bedrooms. The NSA gets very bored when nothing of importance is going on.

Or, you think that he’s a traitor for exposing classified information which could hurt the government in the long run because he’s revealed information about the U.S. spying on other governments who in turn spy on us, and now it’s spy vs spy and who’s watching who, and now that we know who’s watching who, are our watchers watching those people who now know we’re watching them because Snowden revealed that we are? Or were.

I know….it’s all sooooooo confusing.

(UPDATE) Russia has refused to release Snowden to U.S. officials. Perhaps this blub from the AP might give you some food for thought.


“A Kremlin decision to provide even temporary shelter and safe transit to Snowden would embarrass Washington. And despite Putin’s denial, security experts believe the Russian special services wouldn’t miss the chance to question a man who is believed to hold reams of classified U.S. documents and can shed light on how the U.S. intelligence agencies collect information.”



I’m personally not too concerned about the government spying on me because who in their right mind in the government wants to spy on a naked senior citizen who doesn’t know squat about anything, can’t remember half the time where I left my truck keys, and lives with a woman who has no idea what the hell the Federal government does anyhow.

So, we’re both pretty safe when it comes to the government spying on us. Unless, they’re a bunch of perverts running that NSA surveillance program and just like to get their jollies watching and listening to senior citizens attempt to make it through another day without killing themselves by tripping over a cat or getting run over by a semi while going out to the mailbox to fetch the mail.


However, considering this is what NSA surveillance cameras pick up when they’re watching seniors, I doubt anyone is watching us

But, with that in mind,. there are a lot of people who are up in arms and legs and other body parts about the Snowden case. Mainly because of the “spying on Americans” stuff. BUT….that said, which I just did, I began to wonder how this would all pan out if this had taken place back during the Revolutionary War.

For instance, in the case of Benedict Arnold, (no relation to the bakers of “Arnold’s Bread” or actor Tom Arnold….as far as I know)

First, a brief history of Benny’s activities.

He was originally from the Norwich, Connecticut area, (prior to Indian Casino days) and lived from 1741 to 1801. He became a General during the Revolutionary War and eventually defected to the British Army and eventually, as is the case with all of us, died in 1801 at the age of 60.

Benny was a pretty good General as generals go. Rose up through the ranks and became the head of West Point. However, he became disenchanted, (nothing to do with getting disenchanted by some evil fairy godmother or stuff) because he was passed over for promotion by the Continental Congress. And, a bunch of other guys took a lot of credit for many of his accomplishments. Apparently really pissed him off.


Benedict Arnold’s motto

Enough so that he decided to defect to the British, but didn’t do so until he took command of the fort at West Point, New York in 1780, figuring that he’d turn the fort over to the British at that point and at the same time tell the British all that he knew about what was going on in Connecticut with regard to the war, and eventually make some really good brownie points with those British guys.

However, the plan went afoul when American forces, (not seal teams) captured British Major John Andre who just happened to be carrying some papers on him that told of Benny’s plot to hand over West Point to the British. Oops.


Ok…Ok…I confess, I’m a British spy. But I was only spying part-time. Does that count?

It was at this point that Benny fled, figuring, what the hell, I’d better beat feet before they hang my ass for treason, and made it up the Hudson River in New York to a waiting British sloop, the, “Vulture,” which in  turn transported his butt to England where he eventually became a Brigadier General in the British Army.

While in that position, he returned to Connecticut and proceeded to lead various attacks on his former homeland by leading raids on Virginia and in New London and Groton, Connecticut. Knowing the area quite well having grown up there, obviously the British had an advantage.

After the war Benny opened a merchant business in 1787 with his two sons in St. John, New Brunswick, most likely selling trinkets from the war, model ships and various nautical items, my guess, and then eventually moved back to London in 1791 until his death ten years later.


Possibly something resembling The Benedict Arnold & Sons store

Soooo. We all know that to this very day that when you say the name “Benedict Arnold” you immediately associate it with someone who is a traitor. Benny revealed important strategic information to the British, then our enemy, which lead to many deaths here in America as well as in his own state of Connecticut.

My question, in light of the Edward Snowden case, was, to myself, “Geez, could this guy leaking classified information jeopardize various surveillance programs and agents to the point that their lives could be in danger as well?” Unlike Benedict Arnold who did not have Internet access and simply defected to the British, and THEN spilled the beans.

“Hey you British guys….I know EVERYTHING the Continental Government is doin’. I’ll tell ya everything and I’ll become a bigggg hero. Um, at least in Britain.”

So, being the inquisitive person that I am. I posted that question in the form of, “Edward Snowden, Patriot or Traitor,” on that wonderful social media site, “Sodahead,” and compared him to possibly being sort of a Benedict Arnold. Although not quite as “Arnoldish.” I DID ask them to research Arnold before posting an opinion.

So what did I get when I asked the question, “Edward Snowden: Traitor, Patriot, or Other.” See for yourselves:

(NOTE: Another person posed the same question, “traitor or hero” on the “Sodahead” site and I have posted some of their comments here as well. Parts of these posts (in quotes) appear in two different size fonts for some reason. Beats the font outta me why)


+1  Snowden is just what the Obama Administration deserves for being tyrants. How any self respecting Democrat can still support this man is mind boggling”



“He gave the world information about the US government’s secret activities, I think that’s a brave thing to do.”
Unsure / Other: ___


“As long as he limits information to violations of the law and the Constitution by the government against citizens, he is a whistleblower.”
“While I might not agree with the idea of collecting data on the masses – this guy worked for the National SECURITY agency. This agency is there to do whatever necessary to protect the nation’s safety. People who are even mildly intelligent know that the government does somewhat shady things in the name of national security.When he took that job he had to know that. When he decided to “leak” information on how this country protects itself – he went to a foreign nation to become a “hero”. There are enough news agencies in the US he could have “leaked” this information to – yet – he went outside the US. It does not matter if the country is an ally or not – he gave top secret information to a foreign country – that makes him a traitor!”

However, until I am satisfied that *he has not* and *will not* release additional classified information (beyond criminal activity against the American people) to save himself, I am not going to use such a label.”



“It’s a hard call with what is currently known, as americans we want and expect transparency from our government yet, disclosures that create an additional risk to national security are obviously troubling.All in all, I can’t say I really care if the Feds want to look at my call logs, I know I’m not doing anything illegal and yes, I understand it’s a slippery slope issue so there is a concern about what else they may be doing, but for now I have enough things (that I actually know about) to focus on.
My 2 cents”



“The man was employed by the U.S. Gov’t and trusted with secrets. He violated that trust.He is a traitor, and should suffer the consquences.”
irish -liberty or death!
“for some reason they try to convince us that this lab rat was born in Kenya. its obvious he wasn’t.” obama   frank marshall davis

That last post above obviously cuts right to the chase about what today’s blog was all about. Which is that some people should not be allowed to play with computers.

So, there ya have it. A few samplings of how various people feel about Edward Snowden….patriot or traitor.

Which leads me to believe that if some of these people in support of Snowden were alive back in the days of Benedict Arnold, ol Benny would be hailed as a hero.

And possibly Paul Revere, who rode through the streets of Boston yelling out, “The British Are Coming…..The British Are Coming,” would have been dragged off of his horse and tar and feathered for not only ratting out the British, but for waking up people in the middle of the night.


Or something to that effect…..whatever………..

Or Connecticut’s patriot Nathan Hale. Who was recruited for intelligence gathering during the Revolutionary War, (intelligence gathering same as the NSA does) and was captured by the British and hanged.

Would Nathan have been taken over the coals for spying in this day and age too? After all, isn’t spying all the same regardless of who you’re spying for?

Just sayin.’


Meanwhile back in England some 200 + years later. And Arnold defected for THIS!

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