What Is It About “Obama” T-Shirts That Make People Want To Expose Themselves In Public?

Sooooo…..I was once again surfing the Internet for something to spark my creative mind, other than a good stiff drink, when I came across this headline:


(photo below)


Um….wait a sec….oops…this is NOT the guy the cops are looking for. My bad. This is actually a photo of former Massachusetts Congressman Scott Brown. Sorry. I get things mixed up sometimes when I hear “exposing ones self” and automatically connect it to Congressmen.


Hey….easy mistake….THIS is the real guy the cops are looking for.

This immediately caught my attention because obviously THIS is a hot breaking scandal. Maybe even more scandalous that Benghazi, the IRS thing, listening to people’s phone calls and the fact that Google and a few other Internet companies may be sharing their information with the government. Maybe even more scandalous than, (gasp) Bill Clinton teaching Monica Lewinsky how to play the Oboe in a White House closet.


Then again….maybe it wasn’t an oboe

After all, a guy wearing a Obama 2008 T-Shirt and also exposing himself could lead directly to the top. Yep, right to the White House and Obama himself. Because we all know that ANYTHING that is associated with government scandals is all Obama’s fault. Just like EVERYTHING in the Bush White House was Dubya’s fault.

So now this guy walks into a Wal-Mart in Virginia wearing a Obama T-Shirt, whips out his Johnson, (most likely the same as the President has) in front of a woman, and she goes ballistic. Most likely due to the fact that any self-respecting pervert should have enough sense to wear at least a 2013 Obama T-shirt rather than an outdated 2008 T-Shirt.

Which would freak out any Wal-Mart shopper looking for the latest in pervert flashing clothing.

“Hey…if I’m gonna spend my hard-earned money in a Wal-Mart store and I see some guy demonstrating the latest clothing lines and flashing me his doo-dad to get my attention, I at least wanna have current merchandise ya damn jerks!”

Do ya think you’d be interested, or paying ANY attention to ANY guy, or woman who, say for instance, was wearing a Calvin Coolidge T-Shirt!  Well…um….maybe if it was a woman wearing a Calvin Coolidge T-Shirt and was exposing herself.


The next time I see some damn pervert wearing ANY T-Shirt with his rod hangin’ out, I got a bigger rod for him

Soooo. I then decided to look at the comments following this story just to see how other possible Wal-Mart shoppers may have felt about this guy flashing his Woody whilst wearing a Obama T-Shirt. Because…..we all know that this story would NEVER have even made it to the last page of your community PTA flyer had it not been for the fact that he was wearing a OBAMA T-Shirt.

So, here are some of the comments:

I sense a Congressional Investigation headed by Congressman Darrell Issa (R) California is on the horizon. I would have said that Newt Gingrich might have pressed for an investigation as well, but, considering he’s had his own “Newt” exposed while having an affair while still married, he might just pass on this one.

Now the fact that this idiot had on a Obama T-shirt is the only reason this story ever made it on to the internet in the first place. Do ya think if he was wearing a Mitch McConnell T-Shirt it would get this much attention?

Um….on second thought it just might. Only because who in their right mind would ever wear a T-Shirt with a photo of Mitch McConnell on it. I mean, take a look at this guys face…..would YOU be caught dead wearing this guys face on your chest? OR….the sweater he’s wearing.mitch

Hmmm. I might be wrong on that one. Anyone wearing a Mitch McConnell T-shirt just might make it onto page one and the Internet if they were wearing it and they were caught doing ANYTHING.

I can see it now.


And it would be on page one because her husband would have suffered severe trauma from seeing her half-naked, getting all turned on, and then spotting the T-Shirt, and barfing instead.

The point to all this, if there actually is one, which I haven’t quite figured out yet, but, I’ll take a stab at it anyhow, is that if you’re caught doing anything immoral, stupid or threatening while wearing anything that either has Obama’s photo on it or his name, you’ll get attention all over the Internet and the rest of the media.

It’s as if Obama made you do it.  You know, the ol, “The Devil made me do it,” excuse.

In these instances, “Obama made me do it.”


Example of a case of:”The Devil Made Me Do it.”

“Sooooo Mr. Zoferndork. Tell the jury in your own words what possessed you to walk into a “Wendy’s” restaurant and whip out your doo dad in front of all those people?”

“Um, well yer honor. It was Obama that made me do it.”

“Hmm. You sayin’ that President Obama made you expose yourself in public.”

“Yep. That’s exactly correct. I was fine until I took off my jacket. Then people started to stare at me, including that little Wendy’s girl on my hamburger wrapper, and all of a sudden a sexual desire hit me like never before in my lifetime. I then realized it was the Obama effect.”

“The Obama effect?’

“Yep. Nobody EVER stared at me before, not even that little Wendy’s logo girl, who I personally think is really hot, and so right then and there I knew it had to be because I was wearing a Obama T-Shirt.”

“Well Mr. Zoferndork……based on the fact that I’ve personally read many stories of this occurring in public while people have committed crimes while wearing a Obama T-Shirt, I have no recourse than to set you free. Obviously you were under the influence of “Obamainitius. You’re free to go.”

So in conclusion folks, if you’re going to commit a crime, expose yourself in public, beat up your dog or cat, or just want attention for doing something really stupid, BUT, don’t wanna get blamed for it, OR just want to associate it with Obama for the hell of it, then wear a Obama T-Shirt. You’ll make the headlines every time.

I personally have several customized “MisfitWisdom” T-Shirts that I wear constantly while making an idiot out of myself. Only because, like that guy wearing the Obama T-Shirt, I want the attention and hope the Internet and other media will notice me and I wind up on page one or at least on the internet.

Do ya think that works?


The Official ex

The official “Expose Yourself In Public” MisfitWisdom T-Shirt

BUT….if I were to so much as walk into a Wal-Mart wearing my MW T-Shirt and whip out my Little Dickie you can bet the farm that the only place that story would appear would be in my local newspaper’s police log listings with the heading:


Unless, of course I altered my shirt inserting Obama’ photo in place of mine.

Considering that I’m actually NOT gonna do that, (I have an extreme phobia about prison cells and guys named Bruno sharing a cell with me) I’d be happy to send you one of my shirts to wear if you wanna pull some stupid stunt like exposing yourself.

Only because I wanna get some national attention by seeing the headline:


I said “woman” only because more people would pay attention to a woman exposing herself rather than some idiot hairy guy doing it.

Just sayn’.

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2 Responses to What Is It About “Obama” T-Shirts That Make People Want To Expose Themselves In Public?

  1. swedenole13 says:

    Ya had me at the centerfold on the Reader! 😆

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      You and 2,000,000 other women Sandra….: )

      Click here for my daily blog.https://misfit120.wordpress.com

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