Cheerios, Racism, and Is Elmo The Muppet Going Berserk?


HEY! You write a freakin’ bog about me goin’ berserk and I’ll knock your motherf*****g head off and stuff it up Big Bird’s butt!!!!

It’s bad enough we all have to deal with all kinds of idiots in our daily lives. In fact, a lot of those dregs of the earth lurk on social media sites just waiting for an opportunity to make a stupid comment.


Muppets! Muppets! You forgot those evil Muppets!

This of course can be evidenced by the recent flack over a commercial by “Cheerios” which depicts an inter racial couple and their child doing something very drastic on television.

Eating cereal. OMFG!!!!

And of course everything in the world eventually winds up on “YouTube,” as did this ad.

So what happened? Yes….if you guessed that the dregs of the earth came out from under their rocks and made a lot of racial comments about that ad and it forced the cereal company to ask “YouTube” to pull the comments section off of their site….you guessed correctly.

Now why do ya think this happened? Because, and get a grip on yourself here, because racism STILL exists in the good ol Yew Nited States of America. But….in disguise. As in, anonymous and faceless creatures who make these comments and don’t have enough gonads to actually use their real names. Commonly referred to as “low-lifes.”


But not in your lifetime pal

Now what does all this have to do with Elmo the Muppet? I’ll tell ya. He’s turned evil. Just last year he was accused of a anti-semitic tirade in Times Square in New York and now is accused of trying to extort the Girl Scouts out of $2 million dollars in false claims.

WTF is going on here? I can see where those dregs of the earth can actually be explained. Obviously a result of those “bad sperms” that I wrote about Wednesday. But ELMO! What the hell is his problem?

Now, in defense of the actual Muppet Elmo, the Elmo charged in these incidents is actually a 49 year-old man identified as Dan Sandler who is homeless and does not, as far as we know, reside in a trash can as does Oscar the Grouch. And so far Oscar, as grouchy as he is, hasn’t made any disparagingly remarks.


Oops….apparently I spoke too soon…………

Sandler, who as I said dresses up as Elmo, began sending and leaving harassing emails and voice mails for a Girl Scout supervisor he met while working a temp job. When the supervisor told him to stop contacting her, he threatened to spread false rumors about sex abuse in the organization unless it gave him a high paying position or made him a millionaire.

Perhaps if he had just asked for a years supply of Girl Scout cookies and was made an official member of the Girl Scouts that might have satisfied him. Or, allowed to dress up in women’s clothing……….Girl Scout outfits of course.

In yet another email was a photo of an Elmo costume stuffed in the trunk of a car, titled, “Interstate Kidnapping of Elmo.”

Which may have also got him in trouble with the Mafia considering kidnapping Muppets is off-limits to Mafia hit man. They DO have an image to uphold here ya know. Only because most Mafia hit men have little children and it would be sacrilegious to knock off any Muppet character and not face the consequences from their families.


Dats right. Ya don’t mess wid da Muppets. As sure as my name is Louie da Shrimp Goombalombaboomba, I swears by dis code.

On top of all this threatening Girl scout stuff, Sandler was accused just last year of going on an anti-Semitic tirade while dressed as Elmo in Times Square as I mentioned earlier. But, listen to this. Cookie Monster stands accused of shoving a 2-year-old and Super Mario was charged with groping a woman. AND….some of them even smoke!

OMG! Don’t those Muppets know that smoking will stunt your growth.

Um….wait a sec. Scratch that last one. Most Muppets are under 3 feet tall anyhow so it really doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile the “Sesame Workshop” the organization behind “Sesame Street” said it has not authorized such uses of any of its characters in any city and is looking into what actions it can take.

So obviously what’s going on is similar to the Cheerios incident. People in disguise on the Internet using fake names and people dressed up as Muppets or other characters feel free to say and do whatever they please.


Yep….even little old ladies……

There’s not too much these social media sites can do other than to censor their comments section, but as far as the Elmos, Cookie Monsters, and Super Mario people who are dressed up in those costumes goes, the only safe thing to do is to avoid them completely.

Ya see Cookie Monster coming at you in Times Square, keep a bag of Oreos handy and if attacked, fling them at him and run like hell. Might buy you some time.

If Elmo is coming at you yelling anti-Semitic slurs, yell back at him with anti-Muppet slurs. Stuff like, “Ah yer mother is stuffed with defective sheep wool.” Or, “How many times have ya been tickled by strangers ya damn pervert.”

In conclusion, all this anti-Semitic racial stuff just drives me freakin’ berserk. Especially if you’re dressed up in a costume of a character that is supposed to bring happiness and much joy to children. If you’re gonna yell out racial and anti-Semitic stuff, dress up as other characters that nobody gives a rats ass about.

Characters like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Pat Robertson, or any member of the Westboro Baptist Church. None of whom, as far as I can determine, wear any Muppet costumes…….excluding of course whatever they do behind closed doors when they’re at home.



THEN…..when any of those clowns say or insinuate anything that can be classified as anti-Semitic or racist, you already expect it and take it with a grain of salt. Because it’s what they do for a living.

Unlike the Muppets who are supposed to be cuddly and cute and NEVER do any of that stuff.

Just sayin.’

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3 Responses to Cheerios, Racism, and Is Elmo The Muppet Going Berserk?

  1. LOL…you’re funny!

  2. swedenole13 says:

    Cripes, the world is on “tilt”! Racism is as rampant as ever, never fear! And it isn’t only in the Yew Nited States!

    • misfit120 says:

      Right on the nail Sandra. However, our balless media doesn’t have the “balls” to print it in their papers and on TV. And I personally have used up my allotment of balls.

      Click here for my daily blog.

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