A Horse Is A Horse, of Course of Course. But….this one’s NOT Mr. Ed.


Not associated with AARP

Yes, today’s blog is about horsies. You know, the kind “The Lone Ranger and Tonto” used to ride. I specifically mentioned the Lone Ranger and Tonto because there’s a new movie coming out starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp and I figured you’d most likely see that movie and understand just what a horse is.

Look, I’m not implying that there are a lot of stupid people out there who have no idea what a horse is, but, I’m implying that there are a lot of stupid people out there who have no freakin’ idea what a horse is.


He ain’t heavy…he’s my brother….um….horse

So let me enlighten you. But first, what prompted me to write about horses today. I mean, it’s not like I just wake up one morning and say to myself, “Hey….I think I’ll do a blog about horses.”

No…it’s inspiration that triggers my mind. Usually a good shot of Southern Comfort whiskey. But, not having any, I opted to leave the house yesterday in search of something that would spark my creative mind. Unfortunately the guy selling weed down the street was busted by the fuzz and I had to go with my second option.

Which was take a trip to a horse farm. To learn all about these horses who all are in retirement. For instance, how do horses actually sleep?


OK…..that answers my question……

Actually, it was my other half’s idea. Do you actually think that “I’D” come up with the idea to go to a horse farm?

And the main reason she wanted to go to that farm was not only to see the horses, but because they were having a tag sale to raise funds to support the upkeep of the horses that live on that farm.

(a tag sale is similar to playing the game of “tag” except instead of just tagging the person you catch and saying, “You’re it,” you catch a good deal on a bunch of stuff that’s put out in kind of a yard sale fashion, grab what you want, then tag your spouse so that she has to pay for what you want)

So let me explain why a horse farm was having a tag sale. The Mitchell Farm is located in Salem, Connecticut, (no relation to Salem, Massachusetts where they have tag sales on used witch clothing and such) and the farm’s main purpose is to, in their words, “Provide a safe and comfortable retirement alternative for aged and infirm horses to live out their lives and to offer educational opportunities to the public on senior horse care and management.”


Such as providing hip replacements for horses

And, as we all know, senior horses are not eligible for Medicare and Medicare or even food stamps. Bummer.

So, these kind-hearted people who have a huge farm in Salem take these horses in from various people and care for them.  Presently there are about 29 horses who reside at the farm. None of which belong to the Lone Ranger or Tonto….as far as I could determine.

So, my other half and I walked through the stables and said hi to each horse, gave them a few pats on the neck, and inhaled the wonderful aroma of horse. Which actually smells quite pleasant in comparison to visiting a chicken farm and inhaling chicken shit. Just sayin.’

And, don’t ask. I have no idea if there is a farm that takes care of retired chickens.


Retired horses, as do retired seniors, still have sex

The farm was founded in 2004 by Dee Doolittle. Yes, I know what you’re thinking once again. DEE DOOLITTLE!!! OMG!   Any relation to Dr. Doolittle?

Get a life will ya. Dr. Doolittle doesn’t live in Salem, Connecticut and besides that, is no relation to Dee Doolittle. I think.

Now I know that most of you reading today’s horse blog are most likely too far away from Connecticut to visit the Mitchell Farm. But, you can help these horses continue to get the care they need in their old age by making a donation to the Mitchell Farm. In fact, if you could actually visit the farm I’m sure you’d become emotional by just seeing these beautiful animals and the care that they receive and want to make a donation.


Donations also help the farm provide shoes for female horses. Male horses need shoes too, but not as many as females, which any human male can attest to.

Unlike making a donation to the MisfitWisdom blog which nobody EVER gets emotional over. And I’m retired too! Cept I’m not a horse. Hmmmm. Maybe THAT’s the reason nobody ever donates to my blog.

But, that said, the Mitchell Farm is much more deserving than I.

While we were there, one guy whipped out one hundred dollars and presented it to one of the owners. He said that he was so taken by the care these animals receive, their beauty, and what the farm was doing, that he felt he needed to make that donation. But, it doesn’t have to be $100 dollars. Every little bit helps these wonderful people keep providing care for all of the horses.

You can mail in a donation to: MFER, Mitchell farm Equine Retirement, 300 East Haddam Road, Salem, Connecticut, 06420.


Every perverted male horses dream

And, if you just happen to live within travelling distance and visit the farm, perhaps you can ask Dee if Dr. Doolittle may indeed be a distant relative.

And if by chance there is a relation, ask if she can talk to the horses too. Like Dr. Doolittle and Wilber in Mr. Ed.

Um…..I forgot to ask her that question, but if you do, and she CAN talk to those horses, give me a call.

Only because if those horses CAN communicate, I wanna know if they have an inside tip on next years Kentucky Derby.

Hey….ya never know.


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2 Responses to A Horse Is A Horse, of Course of Course. But….this one’s NOT Mr. Ed.

  1. in2indigo says:

    As I have always said “you have missed your calling”. That was great and I forwarded it to Dee. Glad you guys came by.

    Luv ya!!


  2. nachergryl says:

    Still laughing at this and most likely will as I wander down the road today where live two horses, a black and a white/grey. Horses are verrrrryyyy smart and can be quite persnickity and won’t even look twice at you if you don’t have the carrots with you. If you do, well then whatcha waiting for fork them over……. Very fickle minded wouldn’t you say? Best friends one day (when there’s carrots in a bag) up yours lady the next time if stupid lady forgets carrots at home in the fridge. Better leave a note on counter about the carrots today, or I won’t be able to make eye contact with Raven and Smoki, that’ll be their names.
    Keep writing, love your blogs.

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