HEY! Report The Damn News and Shut The F**K Up!


It’s come to my attention that too much is coming to my attention. Mainly the change in broadcast news. If I could choose one word to describe how news reporters report the news it would be, “sensationalism.”

Hmmm. How can I make my point?


Yep, I think the first part of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart’s bit on CNN’s Nancy Grace does it for me. Especially her line, “It makes me sick, it makes me sick.”

NANCY!  YOU make me sick for cripes sake. Report the freakin’ news and shut the F**K up!

Ya see folks, yes, I admit, I am a news dinosaur. Meaning that I am from the old school, so to speak, of the days when news “reporting” was just that, “news reporting.” Not news, “It makes me sick,” reporting.

News is now considered entertainment. With a few exceptions from a few news reporters who still believe it is their job to “report” the news and not entertain us at the same time.


Truly a match made in Heaven

Now CNN isn’t the only violator in their difficult ability to separate news from entertainment.

For instance, this next video should sum it all up:


Are ya in a state of panic yet?

Now just imagine yourself in a locked room watching those so-called news reporters stuffing that stuff down your throat and up your butt 24 hours a day. And ya wonder why America is so divided.fox

A simple news story can be turned into a screaming diatribe in mere seconds by a screaming news reporter.

“OMG! Can ya believe it folks. A man in Arizona has ants in his pants. YES. Ants in his pants which obviously can be connected to some sort of terrorism activity by radical members of the “Ants In Everyone’s Pants Movement.”  You heard it here first on CNN. Now, Nancy Grace live in Arizona at the site of the actual anthill where Ralph Beeferndork discovered he had ants in his pants…..Nancy….”

“Thank you Wolf. OMG! Yes, it’s right here, (pointing) the actual ant hill where this poor innocent man was savagely attacked by terrorist ants. Sick I tell you, it makes me absolutely sick!”

Regardless of the content of stories in the news today it tends to get blown way out of proportion. Here it is 38 months, (3 years 2 months) later and we’re STILL voting on repealing Obamacare. Yes, I know it was tragic for those who hate the President and are outraged that insurance companies can no longer refuse to insure you if you have a pre-existing condition, but for cripes sake, do we need to hear that every week there’s a vote to repeal it? When, and IF you repeal it, THEN stick it up your….um….sorry, THEN report it on the news. But, as hard as it is to believe, life DOES go on. As does Obamacare right at this moment.

Politicians can continue to vote on repealing Obamacare over and over again, but, do we really need to hear it? (if you’re a Republican or hate the President, don’t answer that question….we already know the answer)


Yes….you guys are freakin’ #%$&%#%^#@! holes!!!!

“Today on Fox News our cameras go to the halls of Congress where congressmen are about to vote for the 100th time to repeal Obamacare.  As this marks a milestone, which is Congressmen unable to pass legislation to repeal Obamacare, the President himself will attend this historic vote, and in honor of this significant moment, vote against Obamacare himself.

Now I completely understand that there are a lot of news junkies out there. They require 24/7 news information and can’t live without knowing what the hell is going on at any given moment. So news networks have to appease those addicts. Gawd knows how they survived in the days when local and national news were combined into a half hour segment and was only broadcast once per day.

The rest of the time we never knew what the hell was going on. AND….nobody gave a rats ass.tvnews

Today local news, mine in particular, is an hour and a half long, and national news on the three major networks, excluding Fox, are one half hour-long. And they STILL have to find news stories to fill up most of that half hour.

Basically news is part news and part entertainment with human interest stories taking up the slack. So, in actuality, news programs would only need 15 minutes to report the days’ top stories, say goodnight, and get the f**k off the air. Think I’m kidding……watch tonight’s news and tell me if I’m wrong. Count the actual “news” stories in deference to the “non news” stories.


Now, all that said, which I just did, I will say this about news. Foist…um….first, news network reporting is a business. Yes….shocking as that may sound to you, its true. The more people who watch a networks news programs, the more sponsors. The more sponsors, the more money a network makes. Hence and forsooth why news networks need to make their news reporting not only news, but entertainment.


Commonly referred to as network news

So, in conclusion, if you’re a news junkie and need your daily dose of gloom and doom along with “entertainment,” why not just watch Jon Stewart on “Comedy Central” every night and get all of it in one big bundle. News, comedy, and entertainment. How simple is THAT! AND…he does it in….OMG!…..a half hour!

(NOTE) MisfitWisdom received no compensation for promoting Jon Stewart but would be extremely happy if compensation were offered in the form of a bribe.

So, instead of watching Nancy Grace say, “It makes me sick, just absolutely sick,” you can watch real news with comedy thrown in that possibly won’t make you sick or Nancy Grace either.

Unless she sees that photo of her that was in the video I posted with Stewart.

Which made ME me sick………just absolutely sick.

Only because in a few short years of being sick and absolutely sick, Nancy Grace has morphed from a really good-looking hot woman to a woman you’d expect to find in the movie in the “Wizard of Oz, and it’s Nancy Grace that’s saying, “Come here my little sweeties.”


Oops….sorry, this is actually Christine O’Donnell…..and we all know she’s NOT a witch.


THIS is more like it. Nancy Grace on a bad day

Which, would make me sick I tell ya, absolutely sick.

Just sayin.

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4 Responses to HEY! Report The Damn News and Shut The F**K Up!

  1. swedenole13 says:

    I quit watching the news….it’s all bad, sensationalized, and depressing!

    • misfit120 says:

      Try Comedy Central with Jon Stewart….not so depressing…… : ) Click here for my daily blog.https://misfit120.wordpress.com


      • swedenole13 says:

        Nah, I’ll just keep reading your blog, it’s hilarious! In my old age I’m not hearing so good anymore so I read! Some closed captioning is as good as comedy too!!!!

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