The Trayvon Martin Case. Huh?

Yes folks…..the next big television event of the season, a court hearing to determine how Trayvon Martin should be portrayed to a jury when a neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman goes on trial for killing the teenager last year.


Um….soooo why have a trial?

Now I personally have not formed any opinions on this case. Why? I’m kinda stupid when it comes to things like this. Like wanting to know all the facts in the case rather than tar and feather Zimmerman before I have all the facts. You know how it is. Facts tend to cloud up the issues, but, I’m kinda addicted to facts ever since watching Sgt. Joe Friday on “Dragnet” many years ago and he always said, “I just want the facts ma’am, just the facts.”dragnet 2

So I became “fact addicted.” Now whenever something in the news happens I run off on some wild goose hunt searching for stupid facts. In fact, I’m so “fact addicted” I even check facts when someone presents facts to me and says that it’s a “fact.” And THAT’s a fact.

Now first of all, with regard to the Martin case, I personally think this case does NOT deserve the media attention it’s been getting since Moses came down from the mount with his own set of facts. Which, by the way, I’m still checking on.

Why you ask? Because as tragic as the shooting was, it’s one of a gazillion shootings that take place day in and day out in this gun crazed society of ours. Is it getting the attention because, as some imply, there seems to be racial overtones? Possibly. BUT….that said, and I just did, there are a lot of shootings that may have racial overtones. As well as a lot of shootings that DO NOT have racial overtones. Or, no tones at all. In which case, authorities are usually tone-deaf. Or just plain ignorant.


GREAT! I’ll take a 2013 Trayvon-Zimmerman 8 cylinder Knee Jerk coupe

But, as in the case of a few other TV media shows, such as the Jodi Arias trial, a “Lifetime” movie entitled, “Jodi Arias: Dirty little Secret,” (oh joy) scheduled for broadcast on June 22nd and THEN followed by an hour-long documentary, “Jodi Arias: Beyond The Headlines,” it’s getting way outta hand. Ask me if I give a bigggggg rats ass about watching any of that stuff on TV.

The answer to that questions is obviously a big fat no. This is due to the fact that, as I said, gazillions of murders and shootings take place each and every day across America. Mostly on TV. But the ones that aren’t on TV that are just as emotional for all the families involved do not get the same attention the Martin case is getting. Why is that?

Again. Is it because it has racial overtones? Um…..WAIT!  Sorry, I forgot. There’s no racism in America today. That all ended when Obama was elected President. Sorry….I forgot.


Cripes…EVERY President gets THIS treatment

Then….if you really wanna split threads, which is very difficult unless you have a magnifying glass, the cat and mouse attorney/judge game is added to the mix.

For instance. Should pieces of evidence that suggest that 17 year-old Martin used marijuana at an undetermined time and had also been suspended from school shortly prior to his death along with text messages and social media posts that indicate that he was street wise be admissible in court?

That of course is for the judge to decide. BUT…that said, does the judge in this case, or the attorney think that we, ordinary common everyday idiots who read the news, haven’t already read the news and know that they want that evidence suppressed. Or anyone who will ultimately serve on the jury in this case.


Then again…………………..

It’s like when you’re on a jury and the prosecutor says, “Marvin Fernbush, the accused sitting over there in that chair smirking and chewing gum, who is now on trial for assaulting a battery, which of course is a case of assault and battery, was once accused of ripping off a gumball machine in a Wal-Mart. He’s obviously guilty.”

So  Marvin’s defense screams out, “Objection! The fact that my client ripped off a gumball machine has nothing to do with this case.”

So the judge, in his infinite wisdom, as we know all judges have, tells the court stenographer to strike that from the record and the jury to ignore that statement.”

BUT…..the jury has already heard it. So, WTF! If you’re on a jury are ya gonna say to yourself, “Geez, I never heard that, so if I didn’t actually hear that, because it was not actually allowed in court, and the judge struck it down, then obviously I should make a decision based on the fact that Mr. Furnbush may have ripped off a gumball machine even if he is now presently sitting there chewing gum, which, may or may not be from said gumball machine. So um, I can think in my mind he once ripped off a gumball machine but it won’t influence my perception of Mr. Furnbush at all. Nope…never heard it. Think it maybe….but never heard it.”


“Oh sorry your honor.” (thinking: The judge is an a**hole) Oops….he can see that….damn.

So how are jurors in the Martin case supposed to ignore all the recent stuff that’s been in the news about him? Do they like waterboard the jurors before they’re in court? Maybe hire a hypnotist who wipes their brains clean. Or do they import jurors from some backwoods town in say, Kentucky or Tennessee who don’t have TV and don’t have a freakin’ clue as to who Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman is.

Hey….I watch “Justified” on TV and I KNOW there are places in Kentucky and Tennessee that don’t have any TV’s… there! (I fact checked)

And that’s only because some places in Kentucky and Tennessee don’t have electricity. So, they may actually have TV’s but no place to plug them into.


Unless they’ve found a way to generate electricity from poop

My point to all this is that this, along with the Arias trial are all media hyped circus events. Yes, both cases are tragic. Any time someone is murdered is tragic. Our troops are in harm’s way and some are murdered just as tragically. Do ya see a movie being made about each and every soldier killed in action?

But take stories such as the Martin and Arias murder trials and the public and media go hog-wild. It’s actually a reality show, and, you know how much America loves reality shows. Especially shows that portray other people’s lives where there is heartbreak and misery. Great TV.  Great for the sponsors too. And the networks.

In conclusion, both cases are tragic. But do they require constant TV coverage? If you said…”yes,” you desperately need to get yourself a life.

Or… off a gumball machine at a Wal-Mart in grand fashion so that you too can become the next reality show on mindless TV.

Just sayin.’

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