In The “Intercourse” of Life, WTF Is Going ON?

Yes, “intercourse.” Which as we all know means having sexual relations. BUT….did ya ever notice that it’s completely ok to use the word “intercourse” in deference to using the word “f**k.” In fact, there’s even a town in Pennsylvania named after f**king. Well, not actually named after f**king, but after the town folk got together and decided that, “Hey, this is a really great f**king place to live.” But decided that naming the town “f**king” wasn’t such a great idea. Hence, Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Only because it might encourage a lot of residents to do just that.


Formally known as, “F**king, Pennsylvania

According to “Wikipedia” this is how “Intercourse” got its name:”

“Intercourse was founded in 1754. The community was originally named Cross Keys, after a local tavern. Intercourse became the name in 1814. The village website gives several theories for the origins of the name.

“Another theory concerns two famous roads that crossed here. The Old King’s highway from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (now the Old Philadelphia Pike) ran east and west through the center of the town. The road from Wilmington to Erie intersected in the middle. The joining of these two roads is claimed by some to be the basis for the town ‘Cross Keys’ or eventually ‘Intercourse’.[1] A final idea comes from the use of language during the early days of the Village. The word ‘intercourse’ was commonly used to describe the ‘fellowship’ and ‘social interaction and support’ shared in the community of faith, which was much a part of a rural village like this one.”


Then again, if you’re not into intercourse, there’s always this town in Newfoundland (bring batteries)

But…it doesn’t help matters either that nearby towns around Intercourse are named, “Bird In Hand,” which as we all know can be a bit messy. “Blue Ball,” which is an affliction one gets when travelling through Intercourse, getting all turned on, and not being able to find a woman with which to have intercourse with. And, “Paradise,” which is what one feels they are in if they travel through Intercourse and  DO find a woman with which to have intercourse with.bird-in-the-hand

All that said, it still amazes me that in this day and age we have to use the word “intercourse” rather than the word, “f**k. I mean, damn, it’s only a freakin’ word for cripes sake. If it were spelled fcuk people wouldn’t mind. But switch those two letters around, the “c” and the “u” and all hell breaks loose. What the heck is the problem here?

If I say that I want to have intercourse with you. Nooooo problem. But….if I say, “Hey I wanna f**k your brains out,” several thousand politically correct nut jobs will be jumping all over me for saying that. Well, not literally jumping all over me because then THAT would be possibly considered having intercourse. Then I would be literally “f**ked.


Not to be mistaken for having intercourse

I don’t get it. I mean, when ya think about it, f**k or saying f**k never killed anyone. It’s such a nice pleasurable word when you think of the pleasure associated with it. Except when it’s used in various other terms. Like…….

“OK Guido, the Gadfadder says you ain’t nothin’ but a stinkin’ rat….you’re gonna get f**ked big time now.”

Now, considering getting *f**ked is, as I said, pleasurable, why is getting “f**ked” by the Gadfadder such a bad thing?  Providing the Gadfadder is a Gadmother that is. That word should not be used to imply you’re gonna get beaten to a pulp and wind up swimming with the fishes.


Um…does it involve intercourse?

Or, when you’re mad at someone and in the heat of the moment say to them, “F**k You!” Now to me, that would imply that you want to have intercourse with them. Again, due to  the lovable connotation associated with f**k and or *f**king.”

So in those instances I absolutely take no offense what so ever when someone says, “F**k You” to me. Even though they might not be my type, or it’s some 350 pound guy named Bruno, I still take that saying affectionately. Then beat feet. Jusssssst in case Bruno does mean that literally.

It just bothers me that after all these years the word f**k has not gained any respectability. I don’t even think it’s allowed in many dictionaries. Not that it actually might be in a dictionary, but I personally haven’t seen it in one yet. Only because I do a lot of crossword puzzles and occasionally look it up just in case it may be a word that fits into my puzzle.

Like, “A four letter word men use when hearing, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.”

Or, “A four letter word mostly used on graffiti wall scribblings.”dictionary_department_244325

Now you can say various options of the word f**k, such as “screw,” like in “Screw You,” or if you’ve flunked spelling, “Fuc You,” or as my other half likes to refer to it as, “Boh-de-oh-doe,” which is kinda lame if ya ask me. Besides, how much weight does, “Boh-de-oh-doe” carry if you really are pissed off and wanna tell someone to “Go f**k themselves.”

“Hey buddy, go “boh-de-oh-doe” yourself!”

All in all the word f**k needs to be given a pardon by the President, Congress, the FCC, all politically correct people and Websters Dictionary.  Come on guys, give that word a f**king break for cripes sake!

It’s not like anybody on the face of the earth doesn’t know what that word means. Except for Pat Robertson that is.


Um…are f**king Italians like me in there too?

And the people of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Incidentally, that Intercourse, Pennsylvania town sign is one of the most stolen signs in the country.

Which just goes to prove one thing.

When it comes to the town highway budget in Intercourse, Pennsylvania there’s a lot of money being spent on replacing that f**king sign.

By the way, if I offended anyone by using the “F” word a number of times in today’s blog…….

“F**K you!

Affectionately of course.mmousefinger

Just sayin.’

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7 Responses to In The “Intercourse” of Life, WTF Is Going ON?

  1. Doc says:

    I live in Mianus, Connecticut

  2. Sven says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA So Doc–what are the pimples–er, people–like in Mianus?

  3. Doc says:

    We’re totally surrounded by a dark forest, with only one way in and out of town.

  4. Sven says:

    Yea, and I bet you have a log hauling company on the other side of the woods–hahahahaha

  5. Doc says:

    It’s a very safe community too–our back doors are always open.

    The town of Intercourse, as Dick mentioned above, at first wanted our name. So we sent our mayor, Jack, and he started talking to them, saying he was talking out of Mianus,, and they replied “You’re a Mianus man. better get back before we kick you in Mianus”

    So glad we have Jack up here in Mianus.

  6. Svwn says:

    Too bad, Doc…seems to me you need more Intercourse in Mianus.

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