While We’re At It….Lets Nail Obama For This Stuff Too.


Me thinkith this calls for another Congressional Investigation

I’ve become very suspicious of our government ever since all of these scandals have come to light. Now that there are investigations going on in Washington, I think it’s about time we have Congress delve into a lot of other things I personally think President Obama is responsible for and that there may be a lot of other cover ups going on.

Besides various Congressmen “under the covers” cover ups with various bimbos that is.

Here are some of the things you might not know that may or may not involve the President. These are all actual news reports that need further investigation.

“Milwaukee Bra Ban Overturned” (UPI)



“A historic Milwaukee bowling alley and bar almost went without the appropriate “support” after a city inspector decided that dozens of bras hanging from its ceiling were a fire hazard. The 45 year-old tradition of hanging bras from the bra ceiling came into jeopardy when an inspector said that they were a fire hazard.”

So who’s ultimately responsible for allowing those bras in Milwaukee to be displayed on a bars ceiling? Obviously Obama. I’m sure he knew those bras were up there just dangling down for everybody to ogle and did nothing about it. Knowing full well that Michelle has bras of her own should have been enough for the President to take action. But did he? No! And now, all of a sudden the ban has been overturned. Why? (Congressional investigation: “HangingBraGate.”

“Nude Bea Arthur Painting By John Currin Sells For $1.9 Million At Christie’s Auction”  (Huffington Post)


OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OM…um…..Maude….say it ain’t so!!!

A naked painting of  “Maude” and “Golden Girls” star Bea Arthur sold in an auction this week for $2.5 million dollars. The painting by artist John Currin was painted back in 1991. Yes, Obama wasn’t President back then but records indicate that he did watch episodes of the “Golden Girls” and “Maude,” so what actual connection did he have to Bea Arthur, John Currin and maybe even Betty White. Does he secretly have a painting collection of a naked “Rose,” (Betty White) “Blanche,” (Rue McClanahan) or even worse, “Sophia,” (Estelle Getty) Who knows? The mere fact that he watched these shows should prompt an immediate congressional investigation: “ObamaBoobGate.”

“Hollande Signs French Gay Marriage Law” (New York Times)


All males in favor say aye……

Yes! Now French President Francois Hollande has signed the country’s first same-sex marriage law. So if you live in France and have had the same-sex you’ve been having for years, you can now continue to have the same-sex that you’ve been having for years without anyone, including the French government telling you that you’re really boring for having the same type of sex for all those years.

Especially in France where having the same type of sex for years is in not keeping up with the French tradition of having kinky sex for a lot of years. So who’s to blame for this sweeping change? YES! President Obama. Had he not been visiting with the French President and told him that he himself had same-sex in a marriage with his wife Michelle, the French President would not have gotten the idea to pass a same-sex law. This obviously means the U.S. is involved in French politics. Huge scandal. Congressional investigation: “SacreBleuGate.”

“Showgirls Dressed As Obama: ‘Bunga bunga’ Parties Featured Obama Costumes” (The Examiner.com)

Former Italian (bunga bunga) Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi attended a party recently where some of the girls were dressed as President Obama. (part of the story below)

“Nightclub dancer “Ruby the Heartstealer” (who is at the center of the sex trial) testified in court on Friday. While on the stand, “Ruby the Heartstealer” (real name: Karima El Mahroug) told everyone about the “bunga bunga” parties — and the costumes that went along with them.”

“The showgirls dressed as Obama may or may not have had sexual relations with Berlusconi. According to the report, at least one of these showgirls stripped to her underwear at one of the parties. In that instance, however, the showgirl was dressed as a nun. It’s unknown if any of the “Obama chicks” stripped or had any sexual contact with Berlusconi. As for El Mahroug, she says that she never had sex with Berlusconi or any other “bunga bunga” guests.”


Given President Obama’s fondness for white shirts, could this censored photo be that of him bunga bungering in Berlusconi’s bunga bunga cottage?

Yah…. iss der Bunga Bunga exclusive video vid der President:



Once again another scandal involving the Obama administration. Where did the Obama stripper dancing girl masks come from? Did Obama allow these strippers to take his picture thereby allowing them to make copies and use them as masks? Does the President have a “bunga bunga” addiction? Will DNA testing by the FBI show spaghetti stains on the President’s suit? Will those stains prove he was at that party and that it wasn’t a mask on a stripper, but, the President himself? And, did Linda Tripp have anything to do with producing those spaghetti stains on Obama’s suit? Congressional investigation: “MaskedSpaghettiGate.”

And finally, a news story that affects us all. One that is so heartbreaking that there surely needs to be a congressional investigation into the Obama Administration. Only because it involves Florida once again. No hanging chads, but worse.

“One Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Florida” (KATC.com)

YES! ONE as in “ONE” winning Powerball ticket sold in Florida on Saturday! Someone in Florida has a winning ticket worth $590.5 million freakin’ dollars. Cripes, just give me the damn .5 and I’d be happy as a clam. BUT!  Does this have anything to do with yet another potential Obama scandal? Think about it. All the problems in Florida during Presidential elections. What better way to guarantee a Florida vote than to have a winning Powerball ticket sold there.

I know what you’re thinking. How could Obama be connected to a winning Powerball ticket? Well, I’ll tell ya. This is all part of the IRS scandal. (soon to be uncovered) Obviously the IRS, under orders from the President, pressured Powerball authorities to rig the game so that someone in Florida would win. THEN….Obama visits Florida, congratulates the winner, (obviously some poor destitute person barely making it residing in some small beach condo in Florida) and that person, grateful for meeting the President, makes a donation to the Democratic Party to be put toward Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for the Presidency. This plainly calls for another Congressional investigation: “PowerClintonBallGate.”


Mr. Claus at his summer retreat cottage in Orlando, Florida.

So, as you can see, Obama is responsible for EVERYTHING if you look deep enough into things. It’s obvious he’s got his hands into everything and there are scandals just waiting to be uncovered.


I just wish Obama had been President when I was in high school and never finished my homework assignments.

I could have told the teacher, “Obama ate my homework,” and I’m sure she would have bought it.


It was at that point in time Fifi the poodle used the “Obama Ate My Homework” tactic.

Just sayin.’

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