CNN’s Nancy Grace: Ballistic Reporting. Jon Stewart Was Right


It was shortly thereafter Chicken Little was fired and is now CEO of a string of Henny Penny convenience stores

Because I like my nightly news given to me in small acceptable doses, so as to not freak me out completely, I tend to finish off my night watching Jon Stewart on Comedy central and then Steven Colbert. Although, Steven is on my “s**t list for not acknowledging the fact that I spent eight bucks sending him a MisfitWisdom hat along with a nice letter.


Anyhow, Stewart did a number on CNN so-called news reporter Nancy Grace. I use the word “reporter” and “news” when referring to both CNN and Grace very cautiously. Only because CNN has turned into the “Entertainment Tonight” of news and Nancy into the “OMG of news reporting.


As in Lohan…………….

So Stewart took Nancy over the coals for her “OMG” type of sensationalism reporting. I agreed with him, but, also noticed that Nancy has taken on a strange transformance. It’s like she’s grown a pair of horns or something. And that sneer…..geez…..I’d hate to be on her s**t list.

So, lets take a look at how we first saw Nancy some time ago:


Helooooo Baybeeee……

Yes, she was kinda hot looking. Nice smile, beautiful hair, and not a frown on her face/

But, then something strange happened after this……


OMG! It’s…..It’s…..a….a…..nipple slip!

Yes, the dreaded on national TV nipple slip on “Dancing With the Idiots.” Which led us all viewing the program to scream out, “OMG, Nancy Grace has nipples!!!!!”

Which of course, none of us had ever imagined that she actually had. But, it reenforced our theory that you can have a nipple slip on national TV and STILL report the news with some credibility on CNN. After all, everybody has a pair of nipples. Yes,  know, some animals have more than two.

Then, slowly but surely the transformation began to take place…..quite subtle, and maybe not noticeable to the naked….eye, and yet there it was……


The subtle change….almsot unoticable

Yes, the subtle change. Almost on the verge of turning into a sneer. The forced smile. The not so bright eyes any more. And, no nipple slip.

Then it got even worse……


Yes….no smile anymore. The almost noticeable frown and the WTF you lookin’ at punk look

Then, finally, the complete transformation of Nancy Grace from beautiful sexy looking CNN reporter, to the Nancy Grace OMG! type of reporter using words like, “It makes me sick!” Or other personal comments during a news story. Which, of course we all want to hear when listening to news…..newscasters personal feelings.


Report the freakin’ news and shut the f**k up for cripes sake.

Now this next photo of Nancy after her complete transformation MAY be doctored. I’m can’t be 100% positive, but if it is an actual photo of her, then it reinforces my theory that she has now transformed herself into commenting on the news rather than reporting it and has sunk to the level of an entertainment show and an entertainer.


Where the hell is Dan Rather when ya need him?

Now granted, I’m from the old school of news reporting that goes back to the days of Walter Crankcase, um…sorry, that’s Walter Cronkite and Huntley & Brinkley when news was news and there was no sensationalism involved. Not to mention that you got all of your news in 15 minutes. Both local and nationally combined.

Hmmm. How the freak did they do that anyhow. Nowadays it takes an hour and a half to report the local news and a half hour on the major networks. CNN and Fox it takes the entire day.


Then again, I might wanna see a few hours of this report….

Answer me this. Why can’t a simple news story read like this:

“Man robs bank. Police capture man robbing bank. Man gets arrested. Police lock up man in jail. Man found guilty. Man sent to prison. End of story”.

Why the hell do I need to see some freakin’ reporter standing on a street corner where nothing is happening showing us the actual building where the robber robbed the damn bank. Or yet another reporter standing in the middle of an intersection where an accident occurred hours earlier showing me the intersection and a freakin’ street sign.

Now if a semi came along and mowed down that reporter during his or her broadcast, THAT might be worth the watch.

So anyhow, I’m completely turned off to Nancy Grace, um, except for that nipple slip picture, and refuse to watch her any longer. I don’t want my news to be sensationalized and I sure as hell don’t want their damn opinions. Ya wanna give your opinion during a news show, do it somewhere else rather than when you’re reporting the news. If that’s what you’re calling it these days….news.

Where the hell do the get some of these idiot news reporters anyway?


Um…ok, that answers the question I just asked………

So, as I said earlier, I personally prefer to watch Stewart on Comedy Central each night. Why? Because I know in one single half hour I can get the news, with a bit of humor thrown in, and maybe a censored “F” word here and there, which I love, and perhaps which Nancy might consider using, which may then be worth watching, and I also get to laugh when John or Stephen do their reports.

Which is what we all need a lot of lately. Laughter and at the same time being informed.

NOT Nancy Grace or CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, or whatever so-called news reporting is shoving doom and gloom down our throats each and every night.

If I wanted that every night, I’d simply go to my local bar and listen to all the guys bitch about their wives.

Now THAT’S doom and gloom… less than a half hour of reporting…….or listening in that instance.


Um, I don’t EVEN wanna know buddy, but hold on, I’ll call CNN

Just sayin.’

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