Blogger Calls Cheerleader Chunky: Rah! Boo! Hiss! To Blogger.

In the open mouth insert foot department this week, yet another blogger has stepped forward to carry the banner of stupidity. Which tends to make the rest of us bloggers, myself included, look pretty stupid as well. Which is very easy for all of us bloggers to do considering no one watches over us, like editors and stuff.



But I kinda resent the fact that one blogger, namely Claire Crawford, (an alias for her real name) of CBS Sports Houston, thinks that she is the weight/diet police of bloggerdom and perhaps speaks for the rest of us blogging idiots.

Actually what I resent is a TV, radio station or any other media outlet having a blog. Like, do ya see me opening up my own television or radio station to get my opinions out there? NO! Why, because I can’t afford to get my own TV or radio station you damn idiots. So I blog, which is free, and now ya wanna put your own two cents in on my free blogging too! Bastards.

So, Claire goes on to blog on her blog site, I guess, that she thinks Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams is too chunky for a cheerleader. Now can ya see Claire reporting this on CBS? Probably not…but on her blog…well of course….because EVERYBODY, including God can have a blog and say whatever the hell they want to say.

“Moses, this is GOD. Check my blog site for my new 11th commandment….”

“Uh…ok boss, but why didn’t ya just include it on those tablets the first time?”

“No Internet or bloggers back then Mo.”

“Oh…yeah….sooooo, what’s the new addition.”

“Thou shalt not call thyself a blogger if thy already has a TV, radio station or newspaper.”


God suddenly realizes that Bill Gates hasn’t created Microsoft yet

So enter television/radio/newspaper/ whatever, blogger Claire Crawford, (no relation to Cindy) with that “chunky” comment about Kelsey.  “HEY CLAIRE! WTF is YOUR dress size?”

So here are the two comparisons of Kelsey. The pic on the left is when she was thinner, and the pic on the right as she is now.


Kelsey then and now

And, for the record, another pic of Kelsey, which any guy, including myself, will drool over and wonder, WTF is wrong with being a bit chunky?



Here’s a video from “Newsmax” on this earth shattering story:

Now, since all this flap about too much “flap” on Kelsey’s mid section, Claire, the sports blogger, has been given the ol hook by sports radio CBS in Houston apparently for making those insensitive remarks about Kelsey.


Oh, excuse me, I thought there was going to be an actual cat fight between these two but I guess there isn’t. Rats! Men love cat fights between two women.


An actual cat fight. However this photo is not that of Claire and Kelsey.

Anyhow, you’re all probably wondering what Claire looks like considering her remarks about Kelsey. Thought you’d never ask. Well, here she is:



So, there ya have it. A hot looking cheerleader and a hot looking ex sports blogger.

To me, as worthless as my opinion is when it comes to voicing an opinion on what us guys would think about all of this, but I’ll give it to you anyhow, is simply this…..CAT FIGHT!!! CAT FIGHT!!!


Now Claire’s real name is Anna-Megan Raley, and Claire Crawford is her pen name. Just as I use the pen name of William Shakespeare when writing my daily blogs. Why she uses a pen name, I haven’t a clue. Unless she doesn’t have any pencils, which is why many of us use pen names. Once it’s in ink, ya can’t erase it, so, you’re stuck with a pen name. In deference to using a pencil and being able to erase your name.


Bill! Bill! Don’t forget the # for cripes sake!

So obviously THAT was Claire’s, or Anna-Megan’s downfall….using a pen, and a pen name.

Had she used a “pencil name” instead of a “pen-name” when she called Kelsey Williams too chunky to be a cheerleader, and then outraged everyone, including Kelsey, who said to Claire, “Shame On You,” which is the equivalent of, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me,” she could have simply erased her pencil name and denied ever writing a blog about Kelsey being chunky.

But….because she had a “pen-name,” which you can’t erase because it’s in ink, she was basically screwed…… and subsequently fired by CBS sports radio in Houston.

Lest they continue to have a major outbreak of cat fights between Claire and Kelsey and have to call in the local ASPCA.

In which case, as with every cat fight between cats, the ASPCA hauls their butts, or tails, off to their ASPCA headquarters, has them spayed, obviously to prevent further cat fights, and then hopes someone will adopt them. Like another sports radio channel, for Claire, and perhaps a mascot position for Kelsey.


Claire, Kelsey…this is the ASPCA Swat Team……come out slowly with your claws raised and nobody will get hurt!

So in conclusion, as a blogger, I at least do have enough sense not to call ANY woman “chunky.”  Mainly because I am a male and males know enough not to call ANY woman chunky.

And if another woman, (Claire) calls another woman chunky, (Kelsey) it’s called, as I’ve been saying, a CAT FIGHT!

We men are not stupid ya know. We have a golden rule of survival which prevents us from being fired from a job like Claire, and, at the worst, murdered by a woman if we so much as implied that she were chunky or fat.

We males all follow that golden rule of survival. Which is:  Never respond to that trick question women always ask men.  Which is, “Honeeee, do I look fat in this dress?”


Screw it…….go with the No hablo ingles……then run like hell.

Claire…….ya should have consulted with a guy first before calling Kelsey chunky.

Just sayin.”

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One Response to Blogger Calls Cheerleader Chunky: Rah! Boo! Hiss! To Blogger.

  1. Carole. says:

    Don’t even get me going on this subject or all hell will break loose, claws drawn and everything. OMG when is a size freakin 4 “chunky?” Women are such bitches and feel the need to put down others of same gender to make them selves feel better. Oh and guys do this too!! To other men and or their fantasy of what “their” perfect woman should look like. Get over yourselves women and men and take a look around you. The real world is not even close to size 4 and you go girls. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins from what I remember from that freaky movie. Size, shape and color are what makes up the human race, love it or go to Mars with a free ticket. Oh yeah and age too!!

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