Good News. Study Shows Going Braless Prevents Sagging Boobs.


FINALLY!  A researcher that doesn’t fall into the mad scientist category. FINALLY! A study that doesn’t involve the sex life of  snail, fruit fly or some other low life creature. FINALLY!  Money well spent researching boobs and gravity.  And FINALLY…….a study all men will greatly appreciate. Thank Gawd.

Now if you’ve ever considered becoming a researcher/scientist, consider this. Researchers spent fifteen years studying the breasts of over 330 French women, and concluded that wearing a bra does not prevent sagging or ease back pain as commonly thought.

FIFTEEN YEARS!  Fifteen years to determine that wearing a bra does not prevent sagging or ease back pain? Yeah sure. FIFTEEN YEARS!


French scientists and why it took them 15 years to conduct this bra study

“Pierre, how long has it been now that you and your other researchers have been studying women’s breasts?”

“Eh bein, (well) vee been doing our research now for just over two months Henri.”

“And you have how many women participating in your study?”

“Oh, just about 300 or so.”

“So you should be able to wrap up this sagging boob research soon….no?”

“Scre bleu! No, no, it veel take around 15 years or so Henri.”

“Fifteen years!!! Oh mon dieu! Why so long Pierre?”

“Henri…..Henri….are vee not Frenchmen?”

“Ah, oui….Good point.”

Makes sense to me. Who better to do a study on boobs than the French. Kinda like hiring a wolf to guard the sheep. Hmmmm, I suppose if I were a French researcher assigned to do a study involving 300 or more women where I had to study their boobs it might take me fifteen years as well. Or more. Hey, why rush things….my motto.


Then there was the one about the guy who wanted to come back as a stud. Last we heard he was on a steel belted radial tire

In this story from “Healthy Living”  and “Yahoo Shine,” they point out that even Marilyn Monroe slept in a bra to, “keep her assets, (boobs) firm and perky” according to Hollywood lore. (lore most likely being those that actually saw her sleeping with her bra on) My guess.

But this study suggests that it might have been more effective for her to go “au natural” instead. I do believe that most men would agree and would have, if given the opportunity, urged her to do just that. Me included.

“Medically, physiologically anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity.” So says Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Besancon. He also added, “On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

Bless you Jean.

So how exactly did these perver…, researchers determine that not wearing a bra is much better? By taking measurements with a caliper.

Um……….. WAIT! A caliper?


Hmmm. OK….I suppose it’s almost boob size depending on your “point” of view

Ok, onward, now that I’ve cleared that up.

The researchers found that by not wearing a bra, muscles around the breast actually strengthened and the nipple raised 7mm per year toward the shoulder. (which explains why it took 15 years…..watching the nipple raise towards the shoulder)

However, (there’s ALWAYS a “however”) the scientists did not recommend that all women abandon their bras since their muscles had probably already degraded.

I’m assuming they’re talking about women who have worn bras for many years. However, (again, there’s ALWAYS a “however”) MisfitWisdom says that if you still wanna go braless, it’s ok with me……and every other red-blooded male.


No French dogs were included in this bra study

Another reason to go braless, the woman’s intimates industry generates over $11 billion a year in revenues. Yet another reason why I, along with every other red-blooded male thinks women should go braless.

HEY! We’re just thinking about your looks, health and saving you money here for cripes sake!

“The results of the study may be intriguing, but it’s doubtful that droves of American women are going to ditch their bras anytime soon.”


For one thing, a study by the “Center For Talent Innovation” found that women who jiggle around the workplace are deemed less worthy to become executives by both men and other women.

The “Center For Talent Innovation” obviously polled an office full of nerds. Like any guy is gonna say, “Yeah, I don’t wanna see any woman executive jiggling around the office.”

They just included the men in that poll so the women polled wouldn’t look bad. OR…..they were in the same workplace as their wives. Bet the women lied too, figuring if they said, “Yeah, I’d like to go without a bra.” They’d be called bimbos.

The study focused on women’s ages 18 to 35. (you didn’t think Frenchmen were gonna spend 15 years studying boobs of any women over 35 did ya)

One 28 year-old participant reported multiple benefits. “I breathe more easily, I can carry myself better, and I have no back pain.”


What further proof, other than a bunch of very happy and contented Frenchmen verifying this study do ya need that all women should go braless.


At your age granny nobody gives a rats ass

There may have been one of these same type of braless studies done in Italy a while ago with over 3 participants. It only took researchers 10 minutes to complete their study.

This was due to the fact that the 30 Italian women who volunteered to be in the braless study were well into their 60’s and the researchers kept getting nauseous.

Vive la France!

Just sayin.’ (for the “bouncy” efffect)

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