Erectile Disfunction Takes A Dive……In Saudi Arabia*. (*this does not involve any camels)


I was rummaging around the MisfitWisdom closet full of old blogs that were shelved for one reason or another, mostly because sometimes I think that particular blog sucked. But I save it just in case I have a change of heart. Considering I originally wrote this blog in early March and NOW I’m publishing it, the only reason I had a change of heart was because I was a bit under the weather today. (stress of losing a cat that finally caught up with my emotions)

I tend to hold things in, unlike my other half who cried for three weeks over Ashley, her oldest cat, who we lost this past Wednesday. So today I’m suffering with what could be labeled as PTCSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Cat Disorder)chicken cartoon

So you’ll have to cut me some slack today until my stomach and brain return to its normal state, insanity, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be fine. Thanks.

(unpublished blog from March….which may, or may not actually suck)

Before I was smart, instead of stupid, I used to think “Erectile Dysfunction” was when you had one of those Erector sets, built something with it and it did not function…..thus, Erectile Dysfunction. Seemed kinda logical to me.

Do they still make Erector sets?

Oh yeah….but the only kind you can find today are ones that come in a little box with a prescription that says if you erect something and it lasts longer than four hours, call your doctor.

All kinds of “politically correct do not let little Johnny watch anything on TV that might fry his brain” groups are up in arms in, of all places, Saudi Arabia, over ads for “Snafi” an erectile dysfunction pill.

This has nothing to do with the original Erector sets.


TEST: Which monkey is on Viagra?

Here’s a look at the Saudi commercial. It’s in “Saudi” so ya have to read between the lines…..or, just figure out why the guy is smiling, but I explain the dialogue later on.

I don’t know what the big fuss is all about. We’ve been subjected to those ads for years ever since Viagra, Cialis and Enzyte hit the market. I’m actually tired of seeing that damn guy Bob smiling all the time and women chasing him around.

Here’s an example of that smiling Bob fool:

First of all, how the hell do those women know he’s on Enzyte? As you can see the commercial shows him in a Santa Claus suit with all kinds of women wanting to sit on his lap.  Which would be sort of uncomfortable if he’s on Enzyte. Then again in another commercial he’s shown racing a car and always has that bigggggg grin on his stupid face.  Do ya see anyone getting upset about THOSE ads?

Then again….if things go wrong…..:

But in Saudi Arabia thousands of viewers are enraged about the commercial.  And good ol Bob is not even in it.

In the offending commercial, a man enters his home while his wife sits in the living room with their three kids.

She says, “They’ve finished all of their chores, and you, Abu, don’t forget your chore.”

The husband then looks at the children, smiles, and slips into a room, apparently the bedroom along with his wife, and the commercial fades to a picture of the product and the slogan, “Snafi…..It Does The Job.” and an announcer saying, “we promise up to 36 hours of stiffness.”

36 HOURS! Cripes, don’t those Saudi’s have anything to do other than sit around for 36 hours with an erection? And who in their right mind wants to have an erection for 36 hours anyhow? (If you’re Charlie Sheen, DO NOT answer that last question)


THIS is the only place I’d be stiff for 36 hours

The ad was shown on “You Tube” but they cut it. No reason was given that I’m aware of.

Now let’s look at good ol smiling Bob’s commercial. In that commercial the announcer says, “the joy of a gift that keeps on giving,”  GIFT!  What gift? Can ya wrap it? Does it come with a fancy bow? Do ya put it under a Christmas tree?

Um….on second thought you actually CAN do all of those things. BUT……I don’t think Santa will be delivering it.

What I don’t get, and I don’t get a lot of things, is why the Saudi’s are so upset and why You Tube pulled the ad. It doesn’t seem any worse than the one we see here on American TV.


Doesn’t it just piss ya off that he’s smiling all the time….

The only thing that upsets me with our version of the ad is that stupid smiling Bob.  I just wanna smack him and wipe that damn smile off of his face. And…where the hell is Mrs. Bob when all this is going on?  You never see her anywhere smiling her fool head off. Maybe, and this is just an assumption on my part, maybe smily faced Bob has used too much of that product and Mrs. Bob is bedridden. Damn pervert.



Next time you  see that commercial, pay close attention to all the women shown in it and how they react to the news that good ol Bob is on “Enzyte.”

Are any of you guys out there on this stuff?  Viagra or Enzyte.  MisfitWisdom would be curious to know if you’ve been stalked by a bunch of smiling women, or, if you’ve played Santa Claus in some department store and had a bunch of women sitting on your…um……lap.

Just for research purposes mind you.

Hmmmmmmmmmm……………maybe that’s why a lot of women follow NASCAR……they’ve seen ol Bob.

Which raises yet another question.

If Bobby is on Enzyte just before he gets into that racing car, how the hell does he manuever himself through the race car window with a bigggggggg…….um………Erector Set.

Neverrrrr mind.

One more point guys…….you DO know you must have a physical exam before you can get any of those male enhancement prescriptions don’t ya…………and…..



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