Once Upon A Time There Was This Cat And…………………….

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As a cat owner myself, (5 free loading fur balls) I can completely understand at least part of this cat story today. Although it does have a few twists and turns depending on whom you believe.

The headline from the “Softpedia” web site read, “Man Sues Cat Owner Over Vicious Attack.” Of course this immediately caught my attention because at various times I suspect if my own cats attempt any kind of revolt within my household, I would be dead in seconds and unable to file a law suit of my own.

I base this on the fact that of the five cats I own, one weighs 17 pounds while the smallest only weighs 7 pounds and, combined, one would obviously be contracted out by the other cats to attack me while the smallest would be the brains behind the so-called, “hit.”


How to tell if you have an “alleged” vicious cat that’s out to get you

But first, the details on this vicious kitty who attacked a guy in Chicago who is now suing the cat owner for $100,000.

William Baxter was allegedly cat sitting the suspect cat when he was “viciously” attacked by the cat in question, a cat allegedly know to have attacked before. You’ll notice that the word “allegedly” is used quite frequently in this story due to the fact that the cat, or the “perp” as they usually refer to suspects in crimes, has not been officially found guilty of the charges.

Mr. Baxter “allegedly” sustained a bite to his ring finger as well as scratches to his arms when the feline “viciously” attacked, bit and clawed him in April of 2011 which prompted him to file the lawsuit. (I guess we used the word “allegedly” again because the cat, as I stated, is still innocent till proven guilty by a court of his peers. Which I assume would be cats……unless, cats aren’t allowed to participate in court proceedings. Which of course would be allegedly unfair to the cat who is being charged with the crime.

Lot of allegedly type stuff going on here.


“Your Honor, do I really look like a vicious cat?”

The twist to this story is that a local news outlet spotted an interesting connection between the man suing the “allegedly” terrorist cat and it’s owner, Christine Bobak Baxter, (no relation to Meredith Birney Baxter)

A Facebook profile for a Billy Baxter indicates he is married to a Christine ‘Bobak’ Baxter, both of Homer Glen, Illinois. AH HA!  I think.

But, it was uncertain whether the Baxter and Bobak involved in the lawsuit are the same couple or whether they are married. When asked about this, Michael Shammas, an attorney for the man suing the cat owner dodged the question, (most likely dodged the cat too) and stated, “That’s not something I really want to get into and talk about. I’d rather keep it in the courthouse.”

Neither Bobak or Baxter would comment on it either.

Which leads me to thinkith…WTF!

So, questions arise here. Are Bobak and Baxter a couple and is this an “alleged” plot to make a quick $100,000?  If so, is the cat innocent of all charges because it may have “allegedly” sensed it was being set up to take the fall? Should the cat be charged in this “alleged” attack if there is any evidence of a cat conspiracy? Should all cats be wary of potential false lawsuits simply because they have claws? And most importantly, if the cat is found guilty and sentenced by a judge to life in prison, does that only mean one life or all nine? Thin line there if ya ask me.cats11

The case goes before a jury on July 10th. There was no mention as to if anyone who owns a cat will or will not be allowed to be on that jury. Obviously if the majority of jurors are cat owners, the odds would be stacked against Baxter. Because most cat owners tend to sympathize with cats, picturing them as soft cuddly little lovable creatures.

However, on the other hand, if the jury is stacked with dog owners, then it would be to the benefit of Baxter. And, on top of that, if the jury is divided equally among cat and dog owners, it could result in a hung jury.


Why dogs should not be allowed on a jury………the sniff the other juror factor

The only way I think Baxter, Bobak, and the cat could get a fair trial is if all pet owners were disqualified from being members of the jury.

Personally I think selecting jurors for this trial will be quite difficult.

The only solution I can come up with is to have the “allegedly” vicious cat plead guilty in a plea deal, agree to have its claws removed, and being required to perform 30 days of community service in Homer Glen working with the local police department by helping law enforcement officials capture errant mice.

That obviously would be the humane thing to do. Awarding $100,000 to Baxter for “allegedly” getting clawed by a cat, who may or may not be related to him, by reason of his relationship to Bobak, seems kinda fishy to me. And considering the “alleged” vicious cat really can not speak in its own defense, to me, letting it off and not rewarding Baxter the $100,000 would be a logical paws down decision.

I personally polled my own five cats with regard to how they would rule on this lawsuit. All voted in favor of an acquittal based on the facts. I, of course agreed with them.

Based on the fact that if I disagreed with them I might be “allegedly” clawed and scratched to death.

I’m not stupid ya know.


Today’s blog is dedicated to the memory of our beloved cat Ashley. Over “The Rainbow Bridge.” 8/26/98–4/3/2013

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  1. ehmmmm… if they are married, won’t just one party have to pay the other the money, and then, wouldn’t they in fact have the same sum of money combined anyway? This is why I think Americans as a people are crazy (some exceptions apply)… imagine spending valuable lawyer and court time on a scratch and a bite. purrrlease.

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