The FCC Asks The Public (us) About #*^$!!^#!!# On TV


Excluding reality TV

The FCC is giving us, TV viewers, the opportunity to weigh in on indecent material. This does not include any material that you feel may be offensive, such as I do, like that stupid inane “Honey Boo Boo” television program. Although, in my opinion, it should.

Hey…..have ya seen that freakin’ family. Now THAT’S indecent AND obscene as far as I’m concerned.

However, they’re talkin’ about realllly offensive TV programming. (to me it’s still Honey Boo Boo)

But, it’s not. (sigh)

What they’re really talking about is the dreaded “F” bomb word, which we all know stands for “fooey.”  Which can be very offensive if used in a sentence on TV like, “f**kin’ fooey, this program sucks.” (I know, fooey is spelled phooey…cut me some slack here for cripes sake)  By the way, cripes sake is ok to say on TV according to the FCC.

OK…’s this way people. The FCC, (Federal Communications Commission) wants to “communicate” with us, which is why the word “communications” is part of their name. So they have decided to do just that with regard to what we all think about relaxing the rules a bit on TV when it comes to indecent stuff. Which to me, are commercials. But, alas, that’s not it either.


OMG! Such foul language.

It’s more like scrapping the bans on expletives. (really bad bad offensive bad bad words that will warp your mind and make you go blind type words) The major reason I have to wear glasses. Years of hearing a bunch of bad words. I switched to bifocals years later when I myself started to use those bad words.

BUT…, if the public agrees, it may be OK to hear those very bad words on TV if enough people (us) say that we don’t give a rats ass about what is said on TV as long as we can enjoy the program without it being censored, as in………..

“OK podner, ahm gonna take this 45 and blow yer f***in’ head off.”

OR, “But Godfadder, Louie da Snake is an a**wipe and needs to be knocked off.”

OR, “YES! YES! Thelma, I’m having an affair with your husband. Wat the f**k ya gonna do about it?”

OR, “Hey baybee, you’re really hot looking. Wanna go to my place for a quickie.” Which you can actually say on TV unless “quickie” is one word I missed on their list of banned words. Not sure.

So, if you’re all excited about all this and really want to input your two cents and perhaps sway the commission either way, (Puritans, do not bother to respond to the FCC as we outnumber you)



Here’s the info direct from the FCC:

“Comments may be filed using (1) the Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System
(ECFS), (2) the Federal Government’s eRulemaking Portal, or (3) by filing paper copies.
Comments can be filed through the Commission’s ECFS filing interface located at the following
Internet address: Generally, only one copy of an electronic
submission must be filed. In completing the transmittal screen, commenters should include their
full name, U.S. Postal Service mailing address, and the applicable docket or rulemaking number,
in this case GN Docket No. 13-86. Parties who choose to file by paper must file an original and two copies of each filing.”

I suppose if you prefer to write the FCC, you can do that as well. But e-mail is much faster. You can find their mailing address by going to the FCC website. Which, if you’re a bit slow on the uptake, obviously can be found by keying in FCC into your search browser. DUH!


Censorship in the MisfitWisdom household

Retiring FCC Chairman Julius Caesar, um, sorry, that’s not correct, (checking news release) Oh yeah, it’s Julius Genachowski, which sounds similar to Gesundheit, but is not. So the retiring chairman says that he kicked off a review of indecency on TV after the Supremes, sorry again, after the Supreme Court overturned two indecency fines last year. None of which involved Diana Ross.

The agency said it wanted to ensure that “indecency policies” and their enforcement are fully consistent with vital First Amendment principles. Which I guess is the freedom of speech amendment. Haven’t really read it. I’m waiting for the movie.


If the sex police had their way this is how Bugs Bunny would appear in cartoons

So what’s at steak here. Sorry once more. So what’s at “stake” here? The prime issue at stake is whether the commission should waive the ban on isolated expletives, (bad bad bad dirty words) and “nonsexual nudity,” (being nude without sex involved, like taking a bath or striking out on getting sex) focusing instead on enforcing the most extreme cases, (being nude and actually having sex and not striking out) such as deliberate and repetitive use of expletives. Such as the ones I’ve used so far in this blog.

The changes, according to an article by “Newsmax,” could trigger Roy Roger’s horse………Damn! Sorry once again. The changes, could trigger a new attitude of permissiveness toward swearing and nudity on television. HOLY CRAP!  Oops…sorry.

As an example of the word being used, in 2002 Cher used the dreaded “F” word during the Billboard Music Awards. Fortunately no one died as a result of hearing that word.

Then U2 lead singer Bono also used the “F” word during a Golden Globes acceptance speech. No casualties there either. AND, in 2004 Janet Jackson’s famous nipple wardrobe malfunction occurred during half time at the Super Bowl. There MAY have been one casuality there as I specifically recall lurching for the TV to get a better glimpse of Janet’s boob and tripped over one of the cats thereby injuring my foot. Otherwise there were no other reports of anyone being seriously injured.


CBS. “Censor Boobs Station”

And lastly, during the Super Bowl halftime show last year, singer M.I.A flipped off millions of viewers during a performance by Madonna. That prompted 222 complaints. Which, as we all know, is a majority of citizens in the United States and it’s possessions.

So folks, it’s up to all of you.

To be able to say f**k on TV, or not being able to say f**k on TV.

THAT….is the f**king question.

It’s f**king up to you.


But F**K You does……Just sayin.’

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