TV Suck on The Weekend? A MW Movie Review To Unsuck Your Weekend.


But please stand by: A special cable presentation of “Lassie Goes Berserk” is next.

If you’re anything like me, bored outta your tree on the weekends because regular TV sucks and you can’t afford, or simply refuse to pay for either “on demand” or those premium channels because you’re not going to let those TV executives suck one more dime outta you, then perhaps you might consider renting a DVD to catch a really enjoyable movie that you may have missed.

(sports nuts just ignore today’s blog because if there’s anything on the tube resembling sports, you’re all set. Stuff like football classics, baseball training games from Florida, basketball finals or bull chasing in Mexico, you’re all set)


Nothing left to do but end it all

I caught a review of a movie on PBS that stars veteran actor Frank Langella that might be right up your alley. Providing you like hanging out in alleys.

The name of the movie is, “Robot & Frank,” which was released in 2012 and didn’t get much notice except for a few reviews here and there.robot `1

The premise of the movie is that Langella is up in years and bordering on dementia. To help him through everyday things, his son who is a realist, played by James Marsden decides to get Frank a robot to help him out. Further proof that your kids will try to kill you when you get older.

Now Frank, in his younger years, was a jewel thief, (not Jewel the singer) and decides that as long as he’s going to have this robot, a big white gleaming machine that stands about five feet tall hanging around helping him do odds and ends, he might as well teach it (the robot) some of his habits. Like pulling a heist. Just like the old days.

Which seems like a good concept to me, considering if you and the robot get caught robbing a jewelry store you could always claim you were forced into robbing the store by the crazed robot and perhaps the police would buy that alibi. Personally I’d program the robot to confess to everything.

Take a look at the movie trailer and I think, if you have any sense of humor and aren’t already brain-dead from watching reality shows like Honey Freakin Boo Boo, that you’ll like the movie:

In a review written by Manohla Dargis, which also sounds like a robot’s name, he states that, “Robot & Frank isn’t especially funny, though it tries hard to make you laugh, particularly with a belabored subplot involving Frank’s former bad habits, which he tries to revive with the help of the robot.”  (for me that would be chasing young women around……although I have no idea what a robot would do if it actually caught one)

Get into some serious nuts and bolts sex I guess.

But, the concept of the movie may appeal to those who think that eventually robots may be an integral part of our lives in the near future. It’s happening now right before our eyes in various forms. Such as that cute little robot vacuum cleaner that you just let loose in your house to do your vacuuming for you as you go off to do other stuff.

Which is a great invention. I’ve tried it and, excluding a few minor glitches, like the time it sucked up one of my cats in the vacuuming process, it could eventually be in every home.



And I’m sure many of you have seen the movie, “I Robot” starring Will Smith. If that’s not enough to make you paranoid about robots eventually taking over, nothing will. Then again, if they can perfect those giant inflatable dolls that resemble Marilyn Monroe, I’m all for it.

Um, just to have a robot that looks like Marilyn Monroe that would clean my house. Absolutely for no other reason. Really! Honest! Well, maybe a few other reasons, none of which you need to know.

There are of course a lot of scenes in the movie which relate to everyday problems that all of us face. Like how to respond to that age-old question asked by your spouse, “Do I look fat in this dress?”  Which the robot could answer for you thereby absolving you from actually being blamed for any stupid response like, “Maybeeeee just a little.”

Actually, that’s not in the movie, but personally I thought it would have been a nice touch. Might be worth considering though, You know, like programming a robot to respond to stupid women questions like, “Why were you out so late last night and is that lipstick on your underwear?” That type of stuff.

See guys. Robots are kinda looking like a really good deal now aren’t they. As taking a look at this movie is as well. Otherwise it’s back to the same old same old…(see example below)


Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…..

So, if you’re into robots, movies, bored with TV, and don’t care about sports, this movie might be worth a watch.

Or, if you’re a real lonely person looking for that special someone and so far have been rejected by eHarmony, Christian Singles and street hookers even reject you, a robot may be just the thing.

Just sit back in your easy chair with your robot, a bag of Cheetos and some 3 in 1 oil and you’re in for a great night.

AND…….you’ll never hear, “Not tonight dear I have a headache.”

Maybe just, “OK dear, but would ya oil my joints first.”

Just sayin.’

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  1. There is also “Lars and the real girl” and Matrix… Personally I really liked the first Matrix movie. At the time when it came out. The idea that humans can ‘scorche the sky to block the sunlight’ though still doesn’t make sense to me.

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