Harry Reems. Every Man’s Idol Passes On.


Linda Lovelace along with Harry Reems in a scene from “Deep Throat” waving a flag in honor of discovering Linda’s deep throat secret.


Is it me or does Reems look like a very contented Steve Martin…one wild and crazy guy

Yes folks. It’s a sad day for mankind. Because all men wanted to “kind” of be a “man” with the “kind” of luck THAT “man” had. Which was to star in a porno movie with Linda Lovelace in the movie “Deeeeeeeeeeep Throat.”

Harry passed away this past week at the age of 65.

Harry’s life was kind of amazing considering he never really started out to be a porn star. Like many of us men aspire to becoming. Well, at least in our own versions of being a porn star….home movies. Which, never happens for most of us because, as we men all know, the greatest deterrent to becoming a porn star in your own home movies is…….marriage.

But here’s how Harry lucked out. When they were making the movie “Deep Throat,” (which has nothing to do with sword swallowing) he was initially hired to handle the lighting for the movie. Which, to me, would have been a great job considering the things you had to shine lights on. (various body parts)

BUT….the guy hired to play the lead part didn’t show up and Harry was “thrust” into the job. As various thrusting goes in this story.

My question is, who the hell was the freakin’ idiot who turned down THAT job?

So Harry got the role in “Deep Throat” which was the very first adult film that was made for the wide-screen. Yep, ya needed a lot of screen to catch all the thrusting action going on in that movie. Verrrrrry wide-screen. (pant)


Unlike Mark Felt, supposedly the “deep throat” in the Watergate scandal, there was no deep throat “sex” involved in that story

Um, for those of you who have never seen the film, I’ll attempt, (delicately) to explain the premise of the movie.

I said…..I’ll TRY.

Linda Lovelace plays a woman who for some reason cannot achieve a orgasm. (no connection to not being able to play the organ at a church) Somewhere along the way, after many sexual encounters, she discovers that her trigger for reaching an orgasm is not in her…um…..down below area, but located in her, um……hmmmm…..how do I put this…um………..oh……located like where your tonsils would be.

Which, when you think about it, if God had designed a woman’s anatomy that way it would be like killing two birds with one stone. (sorry God)

Soooo. When she meets up with Harry, (unlike when Harry met Sally) and they engage in oral sex, (not talking about it) she discovers that she can finally have a climax. Hence the movie’s title, “Deep Tonsils.”  Um…no…I meant “Deep Throat.”  Hence also, the need for a very wide screen. I think.


Say ahhhhhhhhh.

In 1974, Reems became the first and only actor to have charges brought against him by the (puritan) Federal Government for appearing in a movie. I believe back then the Federal Government had no knowledge of what the movie “Deep Throat” was about, thinking that it had to do with a surgical procedure involving ENT doctors and when they found out it did not, after watching the movie several times on a wide screen in their federal offices, and at home, just to be sure, they brought those charges against Harry.

He was convicted of conspiracy to distribute obscenity across state lines but the charges were eventually dropped in a retrial. Many celebrities who were initially outraged by the potential precedent, supported Reems both verbally, (I know, there’s a joke in here somewhere) and financially during the trial.

Yes, I could have used the line, “supported Reems “orally” but I didn’t want to go there.

Rats….I already did. Damn!


Trixie had seen the movie “Deep Throat” way too many times.

According to the story in the “Gawker,” “Reems paved the way for other porn stars to practice their profession without fear of prosecution, but he never got to enjoy the fruits of his harrowing ordeal himself.”


Ohhhhhhhh. I thought they were talking about what Linda Lovelace did to him in the movie. Cripes…if that were the case I’d be looking to get in on some fruits and harrowing ordeal stuff myself.

Later on in life Reems, after a bout with alcohol, sobered up and turned his life around. He found faith, a wife and became a very prosperous real estate broker in Park City, Utah.

In an interview in 2005 he said, “I’m 16 and a half years clean and sober and as happy as I could ever be. In fact, my life today is better than anything I could’ve thought it would be when I was younger.”

Which most likely would have been my exact thoughts. Although, had I been in Harry’s position earlier in life and Linda Lovelace was doing to me what she did to him, I doubt very seriously if I’d be thinking about going into real estate at that particular moment.

Even NOW, at my age, given the opportunity to star in a remake of “Deep Throat” (fat chance) I thinkith a career in real estate would be the last thing on my mind..

Having a massive heart attack during the filming maybe…..but not real estate.

Just sayin.’


In your dreams grandpa

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