When It Comes To Women’s Legs, THIS Woman Hit The Leg Jackpot

Yes, I’ll say it again, as I always do, men are perverts. All ya have to do is mention the word, “legs” and our ears perk up….among other things. Especially when the “Guinness Book Of World (leg) Records” has certified that 41-year-old Svetlana Pankratova, a former basketball player, (what else) definitely holds the world record for having the longest set of legs. (they come in sets….usually two)

Her legs measure 4 feet 4 inches of her 6 foot 5 inch body. (pant) Yes, as you may have guessed by now, she is Russian and is presently the assistant couch at George Mason High in Falls Church, Virginia. WHAT! You thought she was Irish!

First the photo of Svetlana and friend:


I have no idea what that white stuff is just above the little guys head but I certainly hope it has nothing to do with Sventlana being turned on by a short guy peeking up her dress.

Hmmmm. She stands 6 feet 5 inches. I’m 5 feet 4 inches, soooooo, could I have posed with her in place of that little guy? Um, probably not. My head would be buried under her dress. Damn!

The again….er….neverrrrr mind.

Her quest to be recognized as the woman with the world’s longest legs began in 2002, when a friend showed her an article about a British woman who held the record.

“It’s not like I was always on top of it. I had other things to do and just kind of let it go.” Her reply when asked why she hadn’t gone after the record earlier.

Which is understandable considering female praying mantises also have long legs.

She said that it took six years, and plenty of e-mails, calls and paperwork, along with the fact that praying mantises do not qualify, for Guinness to access the record. You know how those guys at Guinness like to take their time looking at legs. Hence, the six-year wait.

Meanwhile, as guys are reading this story, and taking their time at it while they stare at her photo, and t-t-t-those legs, here’s another pic to dwell on.


Um…..would this be considered a “lap dance?”

By the way, for those of you who are curious. The little guy is from China and is the world’s smallest man. His name is, “He Pingping.”

Yes, I can’t help myself. I certainly hope she’s not “pingping” on him in that first photo. Sorry….

I know there’s a bunch of funny one liners about this long-legged woman and the short Chinese guy but I’m not gonna go there.

Um…well……screw it….I can’t resist.

If she were to have sex with the small guy would she have to have to sign some sort of consent form just in case he accidentally gets smothered?

Could he sue if he got kneed? And who gets to be on top? Um….silly question.

Svetlana says that she was bullied when she was in high school because of her height. “It wasn’t easy because kids tease you.”

“Hey bullies, guess who’s got the last laugh now. Yeah….ya bastards…..give me any grief now and I’ll wrap your neck in a leg lock! Think I’m kiddin’….just ask the little guy here.”

All this long leg stuff got me to wondering about poor little Pingping. I mean, come on, if he’s got the hots for Svetlana, I thinkith it might be somewhat of a lost cause. Poor little guy. So, I decided to find out who the smallest woman in the world is. Just for Pinging’s sake.

And..hereeeeeeeeeee she is:


Jyoti Amge from India, the worlds smallest woman between two guys with the worlds biggest hands. Um, no it just seems that way to her.

As long as I’m on a roll here, um, how about the woman with the world’s smallest waist:


(Ethel Granger)  Her waist…her waist! You’re supposed to be looking at her waist for cripes sake!

I’m on a roll here.

Ok…..yes….you all know I just had to go here. The woman with the world’s largest boobs. I admit it, I’m shallow. Sorry.


Shelya Hershey holds the big boob record at a size 38 KKK. Even Hershey’s’ doesn’t make a candy bar that big.

Um, let’s see, what’s next. Hmmmm. Well, considering on occasion I’ve mentioned that I have one of those big Italian noses, I was wondering if someone actually holds the record for having the biggest schnaozzla. Besides the late Jimmy Durante.



Sniff….poor Mehmet Ozyurek not only has one of those alphabet names but a huge nose measuring at 4.8 inches. No one stands near him when he sneezes.

Told ya I was on a roll. Ok…one last one.

Who has the world’s longest tongue besides Gene Simmons of Kiss. Note: Aardvarks do not count.


Awww come on for cripes sake….give the Aardvark the damn award

Sorry Mr. Aardvark, the winner for the longest tongue in the male category goes to:


Uncle Festus!!  Um, no…actually it goes to Steven Taylor of the UK with his tongue measuring 3.74 inches. (calm down ladies)

And the winner in the female category goes to:


Annika Irmler from Germany with her’s measuring 2.76 inches. (calm down guys)

Ok, I’ve had enough of this big-small stuff. See, it doesn’t take much for me to go off the deep end with a story once I get on a roll. It’s a sickness…..bloggerwriteraphobia.

Sooooo…….I thought I’d finish up today’s leg blog with a wonderful tune for anyone, mainly men, who are into legs…….literally or figuratively. Enjoy.

(WARNING) MisfitWisdom accepts no responsibility for any male viewing this ZZ Top video becoming aroused due to an overabundance of legs including Sharon Stone’s legs and other body parts. (pant)

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