Killer Bees Attack Florida Workers. Here’s The Buzz On This Stinging Story


Recent photo of a killer bee. Most likely Italian.

I’m tellin’ ya, you just can’t go anywhere these days without the fear of being attacked. Homeland Security is busy watching airlines and the people who board planes, but do ya think they’re watching rubbish piles for terrorists? NO!

Obviously terrorists, in this case swarming bees, thousands of them, know that they’re not being monitored and are free to launch an attack whenever they feel like it. Such was the case when two Pacific Island Park workers in Tampa, Florida were brazenly attacked by over 100,000 killer bees.

You can tell killer bees by the mean look on their faces and the distinctive clothing they wear. Yellow and black ninja type outfits.


Typical killer bee that works for the Mafia

So these two workers were doing what they normally do, which is work, and in this instance, at a park cleaning up rubbish and trash. When one of them turned over an old rubber tire, which is common park trash that all of us usually discard in a park, and is also an ideal bee hive location,  Thousands of these crazed honeybees began stinging the men who then ran like hell and swatted the attacking insects, to no avail.

And Gawd knows reasoning with a swarm of mad honeybees doesn’t work either. Most likely due to the fact that these particular honeybees were from Africa, which obviously explains the lack of communication between the men and the bees. Bet they weren’t in this country legally too.


Some of these African Killer Bees are also perverted

Here’s the blow-by-blow, or bite by bite comment from one of the workers, Rodney Pugh: “So I’m trying to swat, and they never say swat bees, so they were all in my face, on my back, and in my shirt. So I jumped out of the payloader and ran for my office.

All “F” and “MF” words were deleted for the sake of any little children reading this horrifying encounter.

Rodney went on to say, “My ears and right here, (I have no idea where “right here” is but if it’s where I think it is ah feel his pain) were just throbbing with pain. It’s the worst feeling because you just had so many and they wouldn’t stop.” Bastards!

I included the word “bastards” because ah felt his pain.


Mexican pinata bees have since applied for legal immigration status in Arizona

Both men involved in the attack managed to make it safely to the office some 80 feet away before becoming totally overcome by those aggressive insects. African honeybees are known to pack a lethal punch, especially to anyone with a bee-sting allergy. Compounding the sting factor, none of the bees are required to wear boxing gloves as did Mohammad Ali when he was in the ring boxing and used to say, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Although, as far as I can determine Ali had no connections to African honeybees. Go figure.


Unless it’s a killer bumblebee

A word of advice from “The Examiner” article. Don’t go looking under large objects in parks or wooded areas without proper precautions. In other words, bee careful.

I myself never go looking under large objects in woodland areas or parks. Especially if I see a rather large person sitting on a park bench and there are no restrooms around.

Just sayin’


African hijacking bees

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