Justin Bieber: Hey Kid….Give Me A Freakin’ Break Will Ya!!!!


Today’s MW gnawing blog subject

Fellow blogger J. Roycroft recently commented on his blog about Justin Bieber’s meltdown which required him to check himself into a hospital for a photo shoot with his underwear exposed and his hand inching down towards his crotch. (photo below)


“Hey….ya wanna knock before you come into the freakin’ room….cripes!!!!”

Here’s what Roycroft had to say:



J. Roycroft

“March 9, 2013 – I rarely waste my time on Hollywood types and the entertainment industry, but this one caught my attention. Justin Bieber seems to have gotten just a little pissed off at some photographer recently and decided to throw a tantrum threatening to kick the photographers ass. Yea, like that could ever happen. Bieber would have a tough time kicking anyone’s ass while his pants are down below his ass. The ghetto thug appearance must be the in look for little boy toys in the pop world today. What a slob.

I think it’s safe to say that the little Bieber boy is beginning to shows classic signs of a young, spoiled little brat pop star losing touch with reality. He thinks he’s so big now that the world apparently revolves around him. It does not. Whether this was just a typical entertainer trying to get media attention or not, this little punk seems to be headed down that path of self-destruction.

This punk is following the typical path of all night partying, fast cars and hanging out with the Hollywood loser crowd. Lets sit back and see how long it takes before this spoiled little brat checks into a rehab facility.” -JRoycroft



Further proof that Zombies do exist

Yes little Justin Bieber crazed fans. I realize that Roycroft and I are apparently out of the Bieber loop. Somehow seeing the kid lying in his hospital bed severely suffering from whatever it was he was suffering from while exposing his manly chest and “Fruit of the Looms” doesn’t do anything for us. Um, except make us want to barf.

You can almost equate Bieber’s antics with that of another spoiled brat. Lindsay Lohan. You know where the hell I’d be if I did half the things Lohan did. In the freakin’ slammer with some 250 pound guy named Bruno making eyes at me.

(UPDATE) No sooner had I wrote this blog, this news item appeared:

Lindsay Lohan has been cut yet another break in the criminal justice system — prosecutors are offering house arrest to end her lying-to-cops and probation violation cases, but we’re told she’s NOT biting.

Multiple sources connected with the case tell TMZ … the Santa Monica City Attorney and the L.A. City Attorney have both softened their position from lockdown rehab to 90-DAY HOUSE ARREST.


Come to think of it. Hey Justin!  Ya better be careful with your Lohan type antics. So far you haven’t been arrested but if that occasion arises and you wind up like Lohan and you DO get locked up in a cell with Bruno, um, ya just better hope he hasn’t seen that photo of you with your abs and tattoos. You just might have a new friend. Kinda like a new “boyfriend” if ya catch my drift.

Now little Beiber fans, don’t go getting all bent outta shape because Roycroft and I are slamming him. We totally understand your fixation with seeing him lying in a hospital bed in such pain. As well as your compassion for him when he went after that paparazzi guy with a karate chop. (photo below)


“Hey! WTF is wrong with ya kid. I’m only tryin’ to tell you your pants are fallin’ down!”

Here’s my take on celebrities and their attitudes. For what it’s worth.

Simply put. If you can’t take the heat….get out of the freakin’ frying pan. (old Julia Child quote I think)

Look folks. I personally like my solitude. Unless it’s in a cell with that guy Bruno. So I wouldn’t be able to cut it as a celebrity. My motto: Leave me the “F” alone. BUT…..if I was a celebrity, obviously I know the pitfalls of being one. Besides raking in gazillions of dollars. Which isn’t a pitfall, but a windfall. But that said, which I just did, if you’re a celebrity you’ve got to expect that you’re NEWS! Yes….NEWS!


Example of a “tabloid” celebrity news magazine

(NOTE: I do NOT consider celebrities “NEWS” as in “OMG! North Korea Wants To Bomb Us” type news. I consider it “gossip.”  Which is what venues such as “People Magazine” and “Entertainment Tonight” do. Just wanted to clear that up for ya.)

So if you’re a celebrity, you’ve got to understand that you’re “GOSSIP!” If you fart….it makes it on the lead story on those entertainment networks and in those magazines.

“Justin Bieber Farts On Stage….Millions Of Fans Swoon!”


Anybody got any Febreze?

So get with the program kid. Whatever you do you’re going to have paparazzi follow you and perhaps even stand next to you in the men’s room as you whip the Bieber out and take a leak. Unless it’s a female paparazzi. Then again, you know how determined those paparazzi’s are. So anything’s possible.

Since the days of Cleopatra when paparazzi followed her around just to get a photo of her ass, um, no, sorry, I meant “asp” celebrities have had to deal with paparazzi. It comes with the territory.

So if you think that Roycroft and I are being unfair to Bieberboob, better cut us some slack. Unless you’re totally brainwashed and can’t see the “Fruit of the Looms” beyond the sheets ploy.

“Oooooh I’m soooo sick and in pain and here I am lying in this hospital bed with my underwear soiled and nothing to cover up my manly chest to keep me warm, and all because those stinkin’ paparazzi were chasing me around to take my stinkin’ photo. Those bastards!  How dare them try and take my photo. I need my privacy damn it.”

“Um Justin.”

“Yes what the “f**k” is it?”

“Your publicist is here to take your photo of you lying here ailing in your hospital bed.”

“Um…ok..um….wait….let me get rid of this hospital johnny, pull my pants down a bit to show off my underwear, and place my hand strategically in a provocative pose…..there….how’s this look?”

“GREAT!  It’ll be all over the news tomorrow.”

Am I missing something here?

Nope…..I’m not missing a damn thing…………….

Just sayin.’

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  1. J Roycroft says:

    Reblogged this on THE ROYCROFT REPORT and commented:
    I’m in good company when it comes to these celebrity types. My pal over at MisfitWisdom couldn’t have done a better job at highlighting that spoiled little Bieber brat. I must add something though…Should Bieber ever find herself in the company of a cell mate, she should be aware of the history of why thugs where their pants low. When in prison, that’s considered a signal to fellow inmates that your back door is always open for visitation. So Bieber has it known to the public that his “Welcome” mat has been left at the back door, so to speak. Now ya’ll go visit my pal and buy his book. Hit that donation button too while you’re over there. -JRoycroft

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