Carrie Fisher To Reprise Role Of Princess Leia…Or is It Senior Leia?

I don’t get it. Is Hollywood running out of princesses? I mean, come on now, I can understand cartoon princesses not aging for cripes sake, but Carrie Fisher playing Princess Leia AGAIN!!!

Might as well cast Betty White as Betty Page. Hey….if it works for Carrie, why not for Betty?

B-b-b-b-betty Page

B-B-B-B-Betty Page

First some comparisons:

Carrie Fisher in Star Wars as Princess Leia then.

Carrie Fisher in Star Wars as Princess Leia then

Carrie Fisher today.

Carrie Fisher as Carrie Fisher NOW

NOW do ya get my drift? And I’m sure at Fisher’s age, 56, there’s more “drift” than in the first photo. If, that is, if you get my drift, or hers. Ok, Ok,….BOOBS!

So let me see if I understand this correctly. When Fisher first starred in Star Wars as Princess Leia she was 20 years old. Now she’s 56.


So when Betty White played “The Happy Homemaker” on the old “Mary Tyler Moore” show back in 1973 she was 51. Now she’s 91. Soooooo, if my math is correct, Fisher is now 36 years older and Betty is 41 years older.

GREAT! Betty CAN play Betty Page. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so to speak, as ganders and geese go. Let’s take a look at now and then:

Betty White then.

Betty White then

Obviously Betty, as in Carrie has some drift as well but, hey, it just might work.

Betty White now…with…um….a bit of a major drift

I guess Hollywood figures that if it works for the guys, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Pacino, Arkin, Jones and Ford, what the hell, lets try it with the girls. Then again, the guys don’t have to worry about cleavage. Just sagging butts.

On the other hand, being a senior myself, young women don’t turn me on. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing a “Victoria’s Secret” ad on TV or the “boobamania” on those awards shows, but I’m realistic enough to know that other than drooling over boobs, that’s as far as it will go. So I except my age and lust over old TV and movie stars. Ya just have to look a lot lower to catch a boob shot, that’s all.

I mean, look, can you imagine having a conversation with someone you’re hitting on in a bar, (in my case a senior bingo or ER) and she’s 30 years younger than you. And it goes something like this:

“Heyyyyy babeee. Boy are you the cats meow.”

“You hear a cat meowing?”

“No, no….it’s an old saying meaning that you’re really hot.”

“Hot, like it’s hot in here and you’re about to pass out. Want me to call the nurse?”

“Um, no, I’m ok. I just thought you and I could get outta this place and perhaps you could come over to my place for some hot cocoa and maybe afterwards we could fool around a little.”

“Hey buster, the only fooling around that’s gonna happen is you making a “fool” out of yourself. Now get your damn scooter outta my way.”

So what the hell is Princess Leia gonna do in the new episode of Star Wars that’s going to be released in 2015? YES….2015. By that time she’ll be 50 freakin’ 3!  WHAT! Is she gonna help Luke Scooterwalker catch Darth Vader with an afghan? Maybe take his depends and cholesterol pills away from him to slow him down. Even worse, take away his AARP discount card and he’ll starve to death.

And it even gets worse. Disney, who will produce the new Star Wars film is said to be courting Mark Hamill, 61, and Harrison Ford, 70, to come back as the characters Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

NOTE: I always thought it should have been “Hans Solo.” But, what the freak do I know.


Mark Hamill..OMG!


Harrison Ford. Double OMG!!!

Frankly I’ve been waiting for the producers of “The Incredible Hulk” to come out with a new movie starring Larry King as the Hulk. Go ahead, laugh. But if all those aging stars above can do it, I give a thumbs up to whatever studio casts Larry as the Hulk.



If only to see if he can transform himself from a mild-mannered suspender wearing Larry King to the Incredible Hulk without farting.

As will be the problem with all of those other aging seniors being cast in current movies.

One tip for Carrie, Harrison and Mark……….

Carry some “Beano” in your pocket. Lest the movie remake be laughingly referred to as “Fart Wars.”

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to Carrie Fisher To Reprise Role Of Princess Leia…Or is It Senior Leia?

  1. Lesley says:

    Hey, who are you calling old? Some of us are a similar age and we are doing just fine thankyou. I for one would like to see her in that role but with a comedic twist.

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