Ann Romney Blames Media For Mitt’s Loss. ANN! Say It Ain’t So!

mitt 2

At first glance I thought Ann perhaps was referring to their cat Mitt and blamed the media for not putting in lost and found ads. BUT…as it turns out, I was mistaken once again. Really got to get a new set of bifocals.

I don’t think they have a cat named Mitt either. A dog named Seamus, who suffers a lot from riding-on-the-car-roof-nausea, but no cat.

So, what she actually meant was that her husband Mitt lost the election because of the media and the way they portrayed Mitt. The liberal main stream media in deference to the other media outlets that are not in the main stream but usually in lakes and ponds.

She said that we never got to see what a great guy Mitt was. Well, um, he really never accepted my invitation to come over one night for Sloppy Joe Manwich sandwiches so how in the world could I tell if he was a great guy or not. Like I always say, nothing like a good conversation and a sandwich to find out what someone is really like.

Then she went on to say, “I don’t think we were aware of the passion that was coming from the other side. I think we were a little blindsided by that.”

Well yeah Ann. Passion is the name of the game. If ya don’t have any passion you just as well may give up. Cripes. If there wasn’t any passion in my relationship at home I’d probably lose an election too. You just can’t go around campaigning and kissing little babies without any passion. Their mothers would know if you actually had any passion when you kissed that kid. And if they spotted that lack of passion, forget it, none of those moms are gonna vote for a guy that doesn’t have any passion. Duh!

Now THIS is passion

Now THIS is passion

In an interview with Fox New’s Chris Wallace she went on to say that the U.S. never got to see the man that she knows. Compassionate, (as in corporations are people) real, (as in I love my dog Seamus but thought riding on the roof of the family car would be a treat for him being able to really have a nice view) and so forth.  She said they instead saw a caricature of a plutocrat. Meaning of course, Walt Disney’s dog Pluto who we all know has no compassion and obviously is not real.

As far as that 47% remark went, Romney stated that it was very unfortunate. But, perhaps, Romney being an actual real guy, he may have flunked math and meant to say 10 or 20 percent perhaps. My guess anyhow. You all know how easy it is to screw up on percentages without a calculator handy.


Yes folks…The REAL Mitt we didn’t get to see.

Minority outreach was another thing that was cited for his loss. “The weakness that our campaign had and that I had is that we weren’t effective in taking my message primarily to the minority voters…Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans and other minorities.”

Most likely because Mitt went looking for those minorities at dressage events, Hilton Hotels, on golf courses and kayak events. Mitt! Mitt! If ya wanna find minorities, such as myself, ya have to go where they hang out. Wal-Mart in the discount aisles, Family Dollar stores, two for one senior days at Chilis Restaurants and instead of dressage events, perhaps a local cock-fight.  Um…no….maybe not there. We can’t afford to go to cock fights…..only eat them. The female versions, what we normal everyday people call chickens.


Usually a corporation

Personally I think Romney’s image may have been hurt by the fact that he used much too much starch in his shirts. I always noticed that he couldn’t move his head in either direction too well. Which is why my other half never uses starch in my underwear. Can’t really put on a good debate argument if your crotch can’t breathe. Makes ya look stuffy.

Mitt says that he won’t run again and that he only wishes he were in the White House now to take care of things like the sequester problem.

You tell em Mitt. You’d have that ol sequester problem solved in a minute.

Which one definition of sequester in the dictionary sates as:”To confiscate and control (enemy property) by preemption.” Like perhaps that White House vegetable garden. Yeah, lets sequester THAT for gawds sake!  What the hell do we need a vegetable garden at the White House for anyhow. And, of course, Obama IS the enemy. So Mitt would be well in his rights to sequester it. If only to get rid of broccoli, Yuk!

Then again, if Mitt were in the White House with Ann’s love for horses, there could be all sorts of horses tramping around the White House lawn pooping all over that nice lawn and visitors would be stepping in that s**t and really get pissed off.  Not a pretty sight.

But, no use in crying over spilled martinis Mitt. What’s done is done. The election is history. Um, and so are you. Sorry. AND….I would have said the same thing to Obama had he lost the election and spilled beer.milk

But, take some solace in the fact that it’s only another three and a half years before another election. Obama can’t run. You can get out there and help some other guy from your party win the Presidential election. Give him some tips on how to be less stiff and more of a really nice guy, kinda like you were. What could possibly throw a monkey wrench into that plan?

No more Obama. No more Michelle. Geez….with all of the talent your party has it would have to be somebody with connections to God himself to beat you guys.

OMG!!!! It IS a halo!!!

OMG!!!! It IS a halo!!!

Oops…….is that a halo I see…..OMG!!!

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