Sen. Kerry Says It’s OK To Be Stupid. YES! Free At Last!

It's all up here. All the stupid stuff I can think of.

It’s all up here. All the stupid stuff I can think of.

Do ya wanna know how many times during my life I’ve been called stupid. Well, you’re pretty stupid if ya think I’m gonna tell you or that I ever kept track of that information.

But, now that Secretary of State John Kerry has said that it’s ok to be stupid, I don’t feel so bad.

(NOTE) If any of my ex wives are reading this, na na na na na na)

Kerry was speaking before a gathering of German students last Tuesday and was explaining freedom of thought, speech and religion in America and told them that U.S. citizens, “have the right to be stupid.”

“As a country, as a society, we live and breathe the idea of religious freedom and religious tolerance, whatever the religion, and political freedom and political tolerance, whatever the point of view,”Kerry told students in Berlin.

So basically I guess that means that I can say something stupid to anybody I wanna say something stupid to. With the exception of my other half because she’d take severe measures to make sure that I wasn’t able to walk around comfortably without grabbing my crotch after saying something stupid to her.I’m not THAT stupid ya know.

Um, well, now that stupidity is in, I just might.

It's OK to be stupid category #1: It's OK to think stupid.

It’s OK to be stupid category #1: It’s OK to think stupid.

What Kerry meant by that “It’s OK to be stupid” remark was that, “People have sometimes wondered about why our Supreme Court, (those nine old people in black robes who wear nothing under them) allows one group or another to march in a parade, (not Macys) even though it’s the most provocative thing in the world and they carry signs that are an insult to one group or another.”

Actual photo of the Supreme Court justices.

Actual photo of the Supreme Court justices.

Kinda like if Mitt Romney was in a parade carrying a sign that said, “Corporations are people too.” Or, Dick Cheney carrying a sign that says, “Water boarding is OK if you’re a surfer, so what’s the big deal.” Or, Pope Benedict, who just resigned, carrying a sign that says, “Sorry, I’m really Jewish.” Or, the KKK carrying signs that say, “Hey, what’s the difference in sleeping on white sheets or wearing them.”

I think I’m on a roll here folks.

Yes, it’s OK to be stupid. Which of course exonerates me from all the stupid things I write in this blog on a daily basis. As well as the two failed marriages I had. And the low grades I got in high school. “Take THAT Mr. Zorkendorff!” (My math teacher in High school)

Not only that, but I can now be stupid, do stupid things, and act stupid anywhere I want to without any repercussions.

And if anybody dares to say to me, “Hey Misfit, you know, you’re really stupid.” I can say, “Oh yeah, well guess what ya jerk, it’s OK cause John Kerry says that it’s OK for me to be stupid…so there!”

It's OK to be stupid category #2: It's OK if ya slip. Just DO NOT try to retrieve it.

It’s OK to be stupid category #2: It’s OK if ya slip. Just DO NOT try to retrieve it.

This of course puts very smart people who are unstupid in a very precarious position. For instance, if you do or say something stupid in front of a unstupid person and they in turn call you stupid, then, by simple logic, they are the ones who are stupid for calling you stupid, when now…..stupid is universally accepted according to John Kerry. Because, as he said, “It’s OK to be stupid.”

Have ya got that stupid? Oops….can’t say that anymore. Um, have ya got that boys and girls?

Kerry went on to add, “I think it’s something worth fighting for.” (stupidity) “The important thing is to have the tolerance to say, you know, you can have a different point of view.”

I’m not sure if this applies to Fox News or not, but considering stupid is now acceptable, I’ll cut them some slack.


It’s OK to be stupid category # 3: After making remark, run like hell.

So my fellow stupid people. Unite. Go out there in the world and say all of the stupid things you’ve always wanted to say. Fear not. Stupidity is the in thing now.

If someone calls you stupid, smile and say, “Why thank you.”

1,126 blogs I’ve written in four years, all of which fall into the stupidity category, and I too can hold my head up high.

I wear the badge of honor with much pride.

It's OK to be stupid category # 4: Immediately go into the "cute dog eyed sulk" position.

It’s OK to be stupid category # 4: Immediately go into the “cute dog eyed sulk” position.

So now, whenever I speak to anyone, especially my other half, and say something stupid like, “Hey, ya wanna go roll in the hay for a few hours,” and she says to me, “Whaddya ya stupid?”  I can simply reply, “I guess I can take that as a yes.”

Because I AM really stupid…………and proud of it.

Thanks John Kerry.

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